Monday, December 09, 2019


Oi Lacy... get your butt over here  (but not too early!).  We got work to do...

ABOVE:  Just a few to do today.  I hope and pray there's no more hiding in the garage or Studio with KITCHEN on them.  

So, last night I was sitting in the family room and there was this weird noise coming from 'somewhere'.
I got up to see what it was...

ABOVE:  And there ya go.  The noise was me pot of potatoes!!!   I might have to get a new big pot, one with a flat bottom!

Stew bought that pot a couple of years before he met me, so it's about 37 years old!  I reckon it owes us NOTHING.  

And that's me for now... I'm going to get up and start the day.


For years I've woken so many times during the night, I never get into the deep sleep mode where you actually DREAM.
Last few nights?

DREAMS.  Crazy dreams.  I can vividly remember 3 from last night.   It's a novel feeling.

I've woken up with a head cold too.  Sore throat, sniffly nose, headache.  Just wonderful, when I have so much to do ... last thing I needed was to feel like shit.

11.20 am:  Progress... we are making inroads into the kitchen stuff.  I think we will have the bulk of the kitchen ware in cupboards in an hour or so!
Lacy is being invaluable.

Brylee is out doing errands... she's off to Animates to get the dog door bits either now, or ordered.  Still can't believe all the parts were not in the box.

ABOVE:  Unexpected, but most welcome visitors arrived with cake.
Susan D, 'Z',  and Sue T from the FBG's and Card Night.  
My first real 'visitors'.... and we couldn't find a coffee table for them!  lol
Never mind.
I managed to off load a few things onto them ... which was awesome.  *smiles*

They have just left, so I'm actually taking an hour long lunch break.

ABOVE:  Stew and I popped into The Base late yesterday afternoon to grab a couple of things.
And saw Brylee at her new job.
She is a Casual Christmas employee at Farmers.  The Men's Wear Department.  She LOVED IT.

5.08 pm:  And I'm not sure if I've found all the kitchen ware or not!  If I have, I've got cupboards to spare!

Brylee and I tackled a huge pile of linen this afternoon, and then I did two ornament boxes.

I'm exhausted.  Utterly exhausted.

Geoff the pool guy arrived and sussed out what pool would fit in our limited space.
Looks like we won't have a pool till at least late February... cos it won't be delivered till late January/early February.  

But then, we have a huge amount of trees and foliage to clear, and the ground has to be leveled too.  So... lots to keep us busy till the actual pool arrives.

I'm not disappointed, I knew this would be the case.  Patience ... I've learnt to have that living with Stew and 8 kids.

9.06 pm:  I tried unpacking more boxes after dinner, but nope, JUST.  TOO.  TIRED.
Everything aches.

Signing off for the day, it will be another long one tomorrow.


  1. Wow looks like you are just about sorted. Well done.

  2. Congrats on the move and everything going well. So happy for you. Hugs all round xx

  3. Anonymous9:27 AM

    lol you woman you said come over at 10am so I'm waiting till 10am lol 😂
    #Lacy 💙

  4. Hope cold passes quickly as ya say last thing u need

  5. Hopefully Brylee's Christmas job will become permanent. Glad she's doing something she loves.

  6. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Awesome progress Chris. So pleased Brylee has got a job she loves.

  7. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Hope you feel better Chris, your home is coming along beautifully. Jo

  8. Too funny on the pot! My daughter got sick the day she moved out too.

  9. Doing well, nice that Brylee
    Likes her job.


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