Tuesday, December 24, 2019


Well, the cat's been out of the bag for a while re: the house name.  I put it on my Facebook a while ago.

So I better tell you what it is.

ABOVE: There ya go. 

It's called that after all my 'rusty bits' in the garden, and our rusty letterbox.

Not anything else that might be 'rusty', thank you very much! Keep you mind out of the gutter... STEVE!

It's Christmas Eve.   I hope everyone is ready?
Food sorted. Gifts sorted.  Friends and Family lined up to visit, or already visiting.

Tonight Stew finishes work and has 20 days holiday.
He will have the next few days 'off', then it will be back into getting the pool area ready, then putting the pool up.

With it being so damn hot now... it's going to be wonderful once we can get in it.
I might be in it more than I'm out of it!

And that's 'it' for now.  Catch ya later on in the day.


10 am:  Stinking hot and Steve's outside getting ready to level the lawn. 

 ABOVE: The before photo...

 ABOVE:  Steve hammering in the first peg... 

ABOVE: His nifty little laser level.

ABOVE: And it really starts now!

So exciting.

A bit funny.  Steve just got mail HERE.   LOL
OLD MOO... your Xmas Card arrived.

ABOVE: I just hung the first replacement curtain in the family room. They are from the lounge in our Cambridge house. We took them down before we put the house on the market, and put up the original ones that were in the house when we bought it.

And I have just enough to do the family room here. BOOM! A saving for us.

I am going to replace the lounge curtains too... but not sure what will go there yet. Maybe if I can get the exact same curtains I will put them there too. I can't remember where I got them though! *sigh* I THINK they might have been from Spotlight.

Lacy and Bex have gone to the supermarket... crikey ya need all sorts of extras for Christmas!

edit:  I don't have to buy curtains for the lounge!  I've got 6 drops from Cambridge, 4 for the family room and 2 for the lounge.  Awesome!

It's 3 pm and Steve's done for the day.  It's gotten too hot to be out there now.  He's knackered.
He's getting 2 days off now, and he deserves it. 

 ABOVE:  About 1/4 of the topsoil taken off... good progress for the day.  

8.08 pm:  Well... I'm thrilled to say I got all the curtains shortened to fit our windows, and hung them all!
Another job crossed off the list.
I cooked Macaroni Cheese for dinner, that went down very well.

After dinner, Amanda and her big boys, Huston and Joel visited Stew and I.  It was lovely to see them. The boys are growing so big now!  

Steve and co. were out and about during that time.

It  is now wind down time.  I'm going to watch Coronation Street, a Christmas Special.
Stew and Steve and spewing.  They will have to watch something else in the lounge.  *SIGH*... OR I could tape it and watch it at a later date I suppose.  

We will see.

Time to sign off.  Catch you all tomorrow... SANTA IS ON HIS WAY!


  1. Xmas Eve. Let the fun begin. Glad you got your tree and some decos up. You've been working so darn hard with the new house you deserve time to sit and enjoy it.
    Merry Xmas to you and all your great family. Kronia polla

  2. Fabulous name Chris and I love the letters.

    We have a few more hours to go before we get to Christmas Eve but I will be glad when it's here.

    I hope you have an amazing Christmas in your new home.

  3. Steve is a bloody machine!!! Fantastic having that laser level too - pretty important to have a level pool. How exciting but wow, such a lot of work to do.

  4. Exciting to get the pool going in.

  5. Sadly we have decided against getting the pool going this year..i priced the gunk to clean it plus the extra power to run the filter we well when i say we i mean i decided 1000$ not gonna happen.
    Bex and Lacy game going to the shops. House is staged for Christmas... it really is staged cause im only one here and not having Christmas food but dressed the table, put up a tree and the merry Christmas mat is at the door. I didnt go as mad this year as ive got big 60 birthday in couple weeks that im celebrating.

  6. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Have a wonderful Christmas together. How awesome to have the kids there too.

  7. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Have a lovely Christmas Day Chris Stew Steve Bex and boys, thank you for another year of blogging. Jo

  8. Merry Xmas family,do have a nice day.Hope Santa brings you lots of nice goodies.Looki g forward to sharing your blog friends,they are lovely and encouraging.THE OLD MOO.

  9. Steve is a work horse! I need a motivated male around my house haha


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