Wednesday, December 11, 2019


I've decided to have a day 'off' from the unpacking today.

Everything aches, and I'm getting really horrendous cramps in weird places.
Sweating too much and not drinking enough obviously.

Last night I drank a glass of salty water to try and head off the night cramps I've been having.

I got home from Cards last night, stepped out of the car and got a really bad cramp in the back of my left thigh... it was excruciating.  AND I also got one in my left forearm of all places, it made my hand all twisted.  

If these cramps keep happening I might go to the doctor to see if there's anything I can take to stop them.

They are horrible.

Talking of Doctors, we will have to find a new one.  There's a couple of choices over here... Either Flagstaff, a 10 minute walk up the road), or at the Rototuna Shops.  I like the look of both of them.
I might ask on Facebook which one people recommend.

ABOVE:  The OLD MOO sent me this photo last night (text'd so shit quality)... showing me their face masks.  All set for smokey air... the fires in Australia make masks kinda necessary I'd say.
I think the nearest fires to them are out now, but I'm not sure.?  They are all still on HIGH ALERT though.

At Card Night last night, we all took along a Christmas Gift, and we played 'pass the parcel'.  I ended up with something PERFECT for me!  It's a hand stamped necklace:

ABOVE:  I like to think I'm a 'Wise Woman' ... ha ha ha!
One of our Card Night ladies has a home based business selling Hand Stamped Jewelry, this is one of her Creations.  

And now ... I'm going to roll over and try to grab a few more Zzzzzz's.  Catch ya later.


9.40 am:  And I've been outta bed for about 30 minutes!  Done nothing yet but feed the fish.
While out there feeding said fish, a lady walked by and she stopped to say 'Hello'.
She's at Number 19... so a few houses down from us.

She runs the street's Neighbourhood Watch... which is a community 'watch' group, where neighbour's keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour, break ins and so on.

Lovely lady named Delia.  She told me we have moved into a really lovely area, and as there's 5 police officers living in the street or just one 'over'... we should feel pretty safe!

That was a lovely way to start the day I must say.
Now... I'm going to think about what to do... something easy.

FELICITY:  Babe, you know me too darn well!  Of course I will end up doing something. lol

Right.  Does anyone know anything about Goldfish?

Cos we have a few, and some look a bit weird.

ABOVE:  See this one?  It's got weird blobs all over it's body.  And then there's one with a HUGE belly... is it having babies, or is it going to EXPLODE??? 

I have no idea.

Can I just say I want to *squeal* with how GORGEOUS my kitchen is looking?   I've got my blue glass up above the cabinets and a few other things dotted around... it's starting to look and feel like HOME.

Photos once it's 'done'.

ABOVE: Fluffing around.  It's fun.

ABOVE: Today's mission, return 90% of Allied Pickford's boxes.  So glad they are out of my lounge.

Lacy and I also got some stuff for the pond to help stop any more goldfish catching the virus a couple already have.

We then went down to a little lake off Forest Lake road to try and get a couple of water lily plants, but Lacy couldn't reach down far enough to get the roots.  So we came home with a couple of ... LEAVES.  *shaking my head*
That will have to do for now.

After that we did a quick visit to the supermarket for Magnesium and essentials.  

Now home, had lunch and... I'm gunna have a nap!

Well... it's 5.25 pm.  And the nap didn't happen.  I lay down in the lounge and tried to sleep.  But phone calls, and other stuff kept interrupting me, so yeah.   No nap.  But I did just lie there and relax for quite a while, so a rest is as good as a nap I'm sure.

Today has flown by!  I need to start making dinner, tonight we are having Spaghetti Bolognese.  

OH I forgot to say, Lacy and I also dropped a really big bunch of woolen blankets and a duvet off to the Salvation Army Op Shop this morning too.  So much less clutter in the linen cupboards now, I've only kept what I feel we need for our own use, and visitors.

9.10 pm:  And another day done and dusted.  Dinner was lovely.
Stew got home and had to do a couple of jobs... poor man.

Time to end the day and relax till bedtime.


  1. Anonymous7:15 AM

    Love that necklace. So perfect for a lot of people. Have you tried magnesium for your cramp. Works well and also helps you sleep. I was getting cramp in my hand which made myfingers rigid and hurt like hell. None for 2 weeks now.

  2. Magnesium is good for preventing cramps. Don't get the dose too high to start though 🤢. Look after yourself ☺

  3. Yes agree magnesium helps stop cramps Chris and water lots of water I know i know u dont like the shit but u gotta replace the fluid u sweating off...i wonder how long the day off from unpacking will last lol

  4. I am on the magnesium boat too, our Doctor gave it to Siobhan when she kept getting cramps & she swears by it (actually she swears a lot).

    1. Well she'd fit in here really GOOD, we all swear like troopers. OK OK... not everyone. Just me. *SIGH*

    2. Anonymous2:38 PM

      and blood me, I'm really really bad at it, I actually have a really bad potty mouth 🙁 I must f***** stop lol
      #Lacy 💙

    3. I of course have no clue where Sio may have gotten her language skills from, never torn in me f*#@ing life :-).

  5. I would have to say that pendant is absolutely meant for you! As for the fish, no idea. Muscle cramps - bananas!

  6. When you said you had to feed the fish, I was confused for a moment - until I remembered the KOI POND! My husband would be so jealous. He loves Koi. We had one that we bought at Walmart for 29 cents. It was a hardy fish. One time our wood stove died out and 2/3 of the fish water froze. Here our little fish was swimming around in about 2 inches of water. He survived and lived to grow about 1 foot long! He moved from a big jar to a big aquarium!

  7. Take magnesium for the cramps. That and drink plenty of water is about all you can do.

  8. I get bad cramps - thigh, calf, feet... you name it. I also take a high dose of Magnesium but that doesn't seem to help me. Re the fires? My son had to have the day off work yesterday due to smoke inhalation while walking. It's horrendous in Sydney - they've had to seal all their windows up with plastic even.

  9. Anonymous1:15 PM

    It took no time at all for you to have your kitchen looking amazing, we have to much stuff but unlike you we lived in the same home for 33 years. Take care Chris, Jo

  10. Anonymous4:23 AM

    We live in south Florida, and as odd as it sounds, the pro football players drink pickle juice for muscle cramps. Works almost instantly

  11. Congratulations on the move and the new home. Good to hear everything went relatively smooth. Looks like you are getting everything sorted out. All the best in your new place.

  12. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Yes, Magnesium!! Like everything the better quality the better it works, but don't try double dosing or it may give you the runs. Normal dosing totally fine!!! I like this one:

    You home is starting to look like yours!!!!


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