Sunday, December 08, 2019


Well... I'm 'spoiled' for choice today on what to do.


 ABOVE:  I think it will be Kitchen ware, followed by linen ... then our room.  
After that it will be EVERYTHING in the Studio.

Steve didn't unload his van yesterday afternoon (the guys needed a break), so the Studio is actually going to have a heap more added to it later on this morning!

In fact though, I'm going shopping.  Just for a change of scene.  It's been MOVING MOVING MOVING for a full week!

So, I'm going to get some curtains for Bedroom #3 (it has none, not even a curtain track), and some net curtains for Bedrooms 2 and 3.

I have a few other things on my list  ... so it should be a nice shopping trip.  Actually, any shopping is fun, except groceries.

While I'm doing that, the guys will unload the van, then get on with making the dog's run, garage 'pen' and a few other jobs around the house.


10 am, and I've been working on clearing up our bedroom so far.  It's going well!  I'm almost done there.  

Then it will be KITCHEN.  God help me.

Bedroom 1 (Brylee's room), already had curtains and net curtains.  

Bedrooms 2 had curtains but not net curtains.  It now has net curtains.

Bedroom 3 didn't have curtains, a curtain rod or net curtains.  I have bought a curtain rod and curtains for it, Stew can hang them later.  It now has net curtains.

Thanks Lacy for hanging the net curtains.  *smiles*

So... I go into Brylee's room to check out the window at the dogs... they were locked outside while their inside pen was being built.

And bugger me!  Her net is ripped and in a disgusting state, so I go back to Spotlight and buy net curtains for her room too.

While I was out the guys finished off these things:

 ABOVE: Steve attached our Number 5 to the house.  It looks wonderful.

 ABOVE:  The dog's run is FINISHED... now Coco (The Escape-ologist), can't get out and run away.

 ABOVE: The dog's 'bedroom' is done too.

ABOVE:  Steve is now putting the dog door on the internal garage door so the dogs can come and go when they are 'free ranging' around the house.

Steve had just finished cutting the hole for the dog door ... and he stood up and exclaimed:

"Oh hell no!  I have cut the hole in the TOP of the door!  Oh well.. I can just flip it up the other way right?"

I was standing there like... What The Hell?  All alarmed...

And Steve just laughed at me. Yeah, the bugger was joking.  The holes at the right end.  Of course.

VICKIE:  These are net curtains:

ABOVE:  Maybe you call them Sheer Curtains?  

5.42 pm:  And I've not unpacked a single kitchen box.  It will have to wait until tomorrow.  I've got enough stuff from our last minute boxes to cook dinner with.
We are having Chicken Schnitzel, mashed potatoes and veges.  So glad it's not another takeaway.  *shudder*

ABOVE:  Got it off the bench just in time for cooking tonight's dinner.

Well I'm proud to say I managed to use the elements and oven in the new house successfully.
Dinner was lovely, home cooked beats takeaways any day.

Signing off for the day, it's time to just relax for a few hours before bed.


  1. Wow you're moving in fast. I know you've still got loads of 'stuff' but I'm amazed how fast you got the basics done. I suppose that's the joy of a moving company.
    Looking good!!

    1. LOL... the moving company men were absolutely wonderful! They got all the bulk furniture and outdoor stuff unloaded in one day! Now the itty bitty, 'guts' of the home has to be sorted out. SO MANY BOXES!!! *sigh*

  2. Anonymous1:05 PM

    algds Ma *smiles* 😊 see you in the morning 😊
    #Lacy 💙

  3. Net curtains? A fancy lace thing? Bug/Mosquito netting? Something to do with the sun?

    1. LOL... have a look on the blog... I've shown you.

    2. Yep, sheers. 👍

  4. Anonymous2:18 PM

    oml Steve stop messing with Ma, she will blinken bury you lol 😂
    #Lacy 💙 😂🤣

  5. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Steve's comment made me laugh...I can imagine the shocked look on your is looking good...


  6. You actually don't need net curtains for privacy - if you look at that photo you took (of the number 5) you have reflective glass so no one can see a thing into your place during the daytime :) My windows are the same - obviously no good at night but then nets are no good at night either.

  7. Ok, on second thoughts, maybe looking at other photos of your place the windows aren't reflective as I thought.

    1. I think just some of the windows have reflective glass. Certainly not the three bedrooms facing our neighbour's. They saw me measuring bedroom 3's window on Friday and closed their curtains!

  8. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Steve being a "Should have gone to Specsavers" guy!! So funny - don't sons like winding their mums up, lol.

  9. You've made awesome progress Team Harvey!!! Good stuff. I knew Steve had to be teasing... a builder ALWAYS measures twice & cuts once!!! They know to double check that kinda detail. But his humour is never wasted on you!!! LOL!

  10. That boy of yours is a hard worker you have all done amazing job

  11. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Your house is turning into a home very quickly! Steve is amazing, so talented and so very helpful! He is a credit to you, and Lacy too is amazing. It is so lovely to see the love the two of them have for you. I know your love is unconditional and you’ve always been there for all of your family but the two of them are always there for you ready to help! Oh and I love their sense of humour and fun ways.

  12. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Bob the Builder can he sort it.. he f*** can't lol but Steve can lol 😂
    Microwave 😊
    #Lacy 💙

  13. I need a Steve with a tool belt around here ;)


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