Wednesday, December 04, 2019


ABOVE:  At some point today, we will own our new home.

We don't expect to get the keys to our new home until mid 
 late afternoon.

I simply can't wait!

Once we are up and dressed, we will go over to our 'old' home and load up the trailer with a few things and the cars with our last minute stuff.

Then we will head off to Hamilton.

We can book into our next motel at about 2 pm I think, so we will probably kill some time at the mall.  And with any luck we can pick up our new trailer cage sometime today.

Mitre 10 said it would arrive today.  Fingers crossed it does.

Right now though, we better get a move on, there is still that stuff to do at our Cambridge home, before we leave it for good.


ABOVE: The estate agent in Hamilton gave us this gorgeous salad bowl yesterday!

So lovely if her. 

BREAKFAST just arrived...Stew went and got it... so I will have that before we leave the motor camp.

8.45 am:  And we are back at the house.  Time to clear the fridge, put all our stuff in the cars and trailer and get outta here ... probably by lunchtime.

We just heard from our lawyer re: the final state of the Hamilton house.  They are legally required to give us 'VACANT POSSESSION'... which means the house and section are empty of their belongings.  They do not (by law) have to leave it clean or weeded.

Yep.  So, we just have to hope that they are nice people and do a decent clean and tidy up of the section.

WE will ALL know how that goes by the end of the day.  

Sorry about the 'cliff hanger' yesterday re: the Moving Company.

They underestimated the quantity of stuff we had.  So they emailed us late yesterday and told us we had to pay $500+ more to cover the amount over and above what they calculated we had.

And we have to pay it by TODAY.

So we were rather floored, because we got a FIXED PRICE QUOTE from them and paid it bang on time.

It's not OUR FAULT they underestimated the quantity of our furniture and effects is it!

So, we emailed them back pointing out we had a fixed price quote, and it wasn't our fault they had got it wrong. And then we said we WOULD PAY by the end of today if we had no choice, because they now have all our stuff and kinda have us over a barrel.

I am now stressing out over that.  Of course! Who wouldn't?

If we have to pay the EXTRA $500+ we will be going to a lawyer about it as soon as we can.  Or Fair Go.  AND bad mouthing them on every social media platform we can.  It's just NOT ON what they are doing.  It's blackmail.

ABOVE:  It took me 5 LONG days, and over $100 worth of chemicals to get the pool clear again!
OMG Algae is the pits.

But, I'm very happy that I got it clear for the new owners.

BEST NEWS EVER TODAY...  all my blood test results came back NEGATIVE.  That's the 6 month follow up blood test after my needle stick injury at the Rest Home.  I was getting pretty sick with worry when they hadn't come back after 10 days.  But, that incident can finally be put behind me.  Thank God.

Lacy did a drive by of the Hamilton house, and it's all go there.  Allied Pickfords are there loading them up... that's the moving company we are using as well.  Hmmmm, I hope the Hamilton people don't get stung like us.

Stew and Brylee have gone into Hamilton to pick up the Trailer Cage.  That's going to make things so much easier for us on the weekend, when we unload everything from the Tamahere Storage Units.  

It's a beautiful day here today, nice cool wind, but a clear sky.  It's so weird sitting here, on me camp chair, with NOTHING in the house. I walk around and it echo's when you talk!  *smiles*

So thankful my computer is still up and running.  In a couple of hours I will have to pack it up too.
Then I don't know how long it will be before I can use it again.
If there's no internet connection set up at the new house for a few days I will have to use my freakin' phone.

THEN you can expect shitty, short blog posts!

And as of around 12.30 today we no longer own our Cambridge home.

We are loading up all out last minute things and heading off to Hamilton.

We just have to wait for the phone call this afternoon from the estate agent saying we can pick up the keys to our new home.

There's an update on the extra costs from the moving company. They have discounted it by $200... so we have paid it to ensure they do our delivery tomorrow.

I'm pretty sure Stew will be taking it up with them later.

 ABOVE: Saying bye to our beautiful Cambridge home.

ABOVE: Putting the new crate on the trailer... just in time for today's move.

ABOVE: All ready to leave.

ABOVE: Safely in our Hamilton motel, which is absolutely gorgeous.

Now we await the phone call saying we can pick up the new house keys. It's nearly 3 pm, so all going well that will be in an hour or so.

NERVOUS about what state it will be in.

WELL... we still hadn't heard from the solicitors by 5 pm so we rang the estate agent.

We had paid for the house at midday so technically we should have been given the keys not long after that.

But no. They were not finished moving out until 5.45 pm!

I went into town and got the key at 5.30 and we went over to the house moments after they had left.

It was CLEAN!  Not bad at all. I was gobsmacked. The only thing I had to do was all the windowsills!  And they had done SOME weeding... good enough that I didnt feel like hiring a gardening company tomorrow.

Stew went around and sprayed weed killer on the worst places.

We unpacked the trailer and cars... Lacy came over and gave us a hand.

I took some photos and a couple of videos. Hopefully you can see one little video tonight.  In NO particular order...

 ABOVE: Just for now... Brylee gets to put her car in the garage. After tomorrow  she never will again.  *smiles*

 ABOVE: Empty sunroom and gym room.

 ABOVE: Empty family room.

 ABOVE: Empty lounge.


 ABOVE: Empty sewing studio.

 ABOVE: The second plant to go. Our really big pot is going here.

ABOVE: THIS was the very first plant TO GO! Lacy pulled it out for me.

ABOVE: Lacy getting the first plant to go OUT. Lol

And now we are back at the Hamilton motel for the night. Tired as.


  1. Good Luck with your day. Hope everything goes smoothly. Yahoo the day is here to get the keys.

  2. So excited for you! Can't wait to see your beautiful touch on the new home. Congratulations!

  3. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Woohoo! Michelle from Oz.

  4. So excited for you Chris.

  5. Good luck! Enjoy!

  6. Happy moving. I’m sure you’ll transform your new home and give it lots of love. Take care, you’ve been through a lot lately. Cheers Glenys

  7. Anonymous9:55 AM

    yea Kewl Ma regarding the bloods, and as for the moving company how bloody rude of them, grrrrr.
    just do what ya gota do, get into your new place and give it your touch then we will sort the nastyz out lol πŸ˜‚ πŸ’™

  8. Can understand your anger with the over charge and state of new home.

  9. Good news and bad news.
    Like you said the moving company did a written quote and they do have your furniture but I hope that once you pay you are able to get your money back

  10. Sandy in the USA10:07 AM

    Well, that really sucks that the moving company pulled a grift like that. A fixed quote surely means just that, otherwise they would be lowballing everyone and then adjusting the price while holding people's stuff hostage. Some business model. Yes, be sure to write negative reviews and warn other people. Otherwise, be happy that you didn't contract some horrible disease from that needle stick. Perspective :) You guys have worked so hard, can't wait to see your new house.

  11. Send the movers the bill for the food and drinks you supplied their boys too!

  12. So happy for you that the blood tests came back all Ok!!
    Not cool about the moving company , not your fault they didn't do there job correctly when working out the amount of stuff they were taking. Fair go would be a good place to go to if you have to pay.

  13. Bummer, about the moving company. If you end up having to pay at least it's only $500 and not thousands more like the other company. But - like you said. You have a fixed quote. And they ARE kind of black mailing you. I mean, they could just as easily say $5000 instead of $500. It is still wrong. I think they have to eat the loss, and call it a business expense. Go over your paper work and see if there is any clause saying they can charge more half way through the move!

    HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY about the needle prick issue being resolved!

  14. How rude of the moving company to do this at such a stressful time.. Hope it all falls into place..

  15. Great to hear your bloods came back all clear!! The moving company deserve to be complained about, fixed price, is fixed price!!

  16. Never mind about the messy house and gardens, at least its yours.plenty of time to do the tidy up,a little bit each day.will hear from me tonight.THE OLD MOO.

  17. Eeeeeeeee!! So excited for you πŸ˜…

  18. Anonymous4:19 PM

    All set for the next chapter in your life guys. Great news about your blood results Chris. Cant wait to see your next posts. Kj

  19. OMG -What is happening? Will you look at the "state it is in" today, once you get the keys? I hope it is alright! I am fairly certain they didn't patch and paint nail holes in the walls though! Can't wait for your next update!

  20. Penny7:45 PM

    I have been nervously checking all afternoon! Hope all is okay x

  21. Put us out of our misery!!! What was the new house like? I hope it wasn't too bad but after our experiences with buying properties I won't be surprised if it's a bit grim. I thought this place had a gas leak .... it was the kitchen drain :(

  22. I wonder how many of us have been checking in today waiting with baited breath for you to get the keys to your new house. I hope that vendors have made a bit of an effort today to leave the place clean and tidy for you.

  23. Waiting waiting for another duck in the row guys

  24. Thank goodness they made a last minute effort to do some cleaning and gardening. Maybe they hired one of those cleaning companies to come in today before they handed over the keys. Well done Lacy for getting the first plant out. Wishing you many happy times ahead in your new home. Hopefully you all get a good night's sleep tonight.

    1. Anonymous9:27 PM

      Thanks Paula x I had a good go at the second tree aswell lol πŸ˜‚ well dad gave it a hair cut then I wanted a go...hehe now it's just a stump...less for my Parents to do aye 😊
      #Lacy πŸ’™
      see ya in the Am πŸ’œ

  25. Yay. So happy for you. Can't wait to see how you make this place your home. xxxx

  26. Anonymous9:26 PM

    What a long wait for you I was waiting for the worst, so glad it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be

  27. Janene10:09 PM

    Phew, so glad they cleaned up for you! YAY for finally owning your new house!

  28. Yay looking forward to watching you make your house into your home x

  29. I love your new home. So much natural light!

  30. The rooms were empty! Thats a good thing. I hope they were clean as well and you can just start putting stuff where it will go! Now, how do take care of a Koi pond? You just mastered Swimming Pools!

  31. Sandy in the USA5:41 AM

    Congratulations on a successful house sale and house purchase. I am liking the look and feel of the floor plan of your new home!


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