Friday, December 20, 2019


Well... I finally got the quote back from the Curtain Company.
And nearly fell off me chair in shock!

$1,169 for FOUR blinds.


That ain't gunna happen.

I will go to Spotlight and get some cheap ones which will do the job just fine, thank you very much.

$1,169 is daylight robbery, considering they were going to be very plain blinds.  Nothing fancy at all.

I forgot ... (ran outta time), to post a little video of the new tap/insinkerator yesterday:

ABOVE: So there it is.  I'm pretty happy with it, and really relieved we can now put scraps down the sink again.

Weigh in last night ... I lost 1.4 kilos.  Happy with that.

At the social function last night we all brought along a wrapped up Christmas Bauble, which were all put into a box. 

Then we played 'Pass The Parcel'.  

You got to choose a parcel and unwrap it, and show it to everyone ... then the next person could choose to 'steal' yours,  or choose a new one.  

There was lots of hilarity as baubles were stolen left, right and centre.  At the end of the game everyone had a bauble to take home.

This was mine:

ABOVE:  A bauble could only be stolen three times, then whoever got it for the 3rd time got to keep it.  I was so lucky to get this one.  It's so pretty.

Today I've got the Hospice Shop truck coming to pick up various surplus items.  Shelves, exercycle, chair and ottoman, bla bla bla.
It will be awesome, I can then get my car back in the garage.

That sure would have helped the other day, when it was pissing down with rain and we had to get the groceries inside.
But never mind.  It will be back inside by the end of today.

SUPER EXCITED!!!! The pool arrives later on this afternoon.  Which means the guys can work on getting it installed over the next few weeks.
We have to clear the land first of course, which is a big job in itself.
But Steve is determined to get it done. 
WHOOP  WHOOP... the long, hot summer will be that much more bearable being able to cool off in the pool.

Steve, Bex and the boys, (and rabbits), are due to arrive this afternoon.  The house is going to feel full.  *smiles*.
We are putting the rabbits in The Pot Shed.  They should be safe enough in there.

So.. I think that's all that's happening today.
Catch ya later.


1.22 pm:  And... it's been a busy morning.

 ABOVE:  The Hospice shop guys arrived and took most of our surplus stuff.
And my car is now back in the garage.

Then just before midday, Steve, Bex and the boys arrived.

ABOVE: Rabbits... have gone into the Pot Shed, where they will be perfectly safe.

 ABOVE:  Sorry Darling, but your son kinda went nuts.  And chopped down some of the trees!

ABOVE:  And yeah, he found two enormous rocks!  God knows how we will move them, and where we will put them!

I made him stop after that effort.

He's now putting up my clothes line!  Among other things on 'The List'.  *sigh*

He better know he does not have to slog away doing jobs every day.  We don't expect that of him at all.

So this afternoon Bex put up the Christmas Tree, and Steve put up the lights.  I will show you tomorrow.
I'm thrilled with them, it really looks wonderful in the Sun Room.

We are now having dinner, then watching Christmas Movies.

And sipping wine.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. House is beautiful so open. I love it. So glad you are getting settled. Marry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  2. Geeze louise that a dreadful price for the be very surpised if cost u more than 400 to make yourself.

  3. Well done on the weight-loss!!! Yay!!! awesome effort Chris! Proud of you.

  4. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Spotlight blinds are pretty good and can be cut to size using quilting rulers and rotary cutters

    Congratulations on the weight loss.

    Was Steve using a reciprocating saw for pruning ?


    1. Yes he was using a reciprocating saw. And I will be going to Spotlight for blinds.

    2. Loving all the home and garden information your blog supplies. I have now decided I need a reciprocating saw for Christmas, my sons are off to Bunnings now to do some present shopping so will drop lots of hints.

  5. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Hi is the pool going where Steve has been pruning? bit annoying about the rocks they look big and heavy....

  6. Well done on the weight loss Chris. I have Spotlight blinds in my bedroom and I've got no complaints with them. Steve didn't waste anytime before getting into the garden. Love the shots of him comtemplating the rock-can just imagine what he was thinking, and probably saying !!!

  7. Anonymous6:44 PM

    hahah he just kunda went nuts lol 😂 Steve Is Nuts Full Stop lol 😂 🤣
    Rip Shit And Bust Harvey Style lol
    #Lacy 💙

  8. OMG - am I losing my mind? Didn't I post a comment about blinds? And now my rock comment has disappeared before I could submit it. Anyhow, can the rocks stay where they are? I love big rocks! Or are they in the way of the pool?

    1. I don't know what's happening to your comments Chick! But anyway, this one got through. Yes, we will have to move the big rocks... up against the house, in a garden running parallel to the pool.

  9. Hope those rabbits r in the pot shed not the pot
    That boy of yours is a machine like his mumma


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