Friday, August 21, 2015


Three days ago our gas fireplace in the lounge stopped working.  It keeps turning itself off.
Can you imagine how upset I was?  It was like... "What the hell will happen next?"

So, I rang the company that overhauled it a couple of years ago to come and fix it.

It took me two days to get to actually TALK to someone there... and she told me that the EARLIEST someone could come to look at it was mid to end of September!

I burst into tears when she said that.... I was just so over all the crap that's been happening with everything!

So, once I had calmed down,  I told her that our home was on the market,  and having a broken fireplace was just not an option.

She said leave it with her and she would see what she could do.

4 hours later she rang me and said there would be a service man at my house at 8 am this morning!  AND they were not charging me a call out fee either. 

Some days my faith in people's kindness is restored.  

So, I better make sure I'm up and dressed before the man arrives eh?  

Once he's been and fixed it (I hope he can!)... I am going over to Botany to pick up my new umbrella.  While over there I'm going to pop into Early Settler too... it's an awesome shop.  I drool every time I go in there.

I'm going to make sure I walk heaps while out, park as far away from the shops as I can... get back to doing everything I can to increase my steps!

Right, catch ya later.


Yaaaa!   The fireplace guy arrived bright and early and YES, it was an easy fix!  He stayed for quite a while to make sure it was indeed fixed.  Nice guy.

 ABOVE:  The man fixing me fireplace.  The dogs had to be locked up while he was here cos they kept sniffing him.

 ABOVE:  My new brolly.  I was expecting it to be totally BLUE, but it's not.  It's black with blue accents.  That's OK I suppose.  I can't be bothered taking it back for an exchange.

ABOVE: I found this in RAPT too... so pretty and it was on SALE for half price.  It makes me think of Spring, which is coming soon I'm sure.

After getting those two things I walked across the road to The Hub and had a browse around Early Settler.  It was a nice little walk.

So far today I've done 4,788 steps.  I'm really happy with that!  I'm loving my FitBit, it is certainly motivating me to get off me bum.

My mood has lifted too... I found myself singing along to the radio in the car today... that ain't happened in ages.

Nearly lunchtime, I've got leftovers from the other night ... chicken rice risotto.  YUM.

5.46 pm:  I've spent part of the afternoon napping, and part reading blogs.
For every blog I open, only 2 out of 10 are 'active'.  That's sad.
I suppose it makes it fast for me to read all the updated ones though.

Stew is due home soon.  I've asked him to bring home chocolate.  And Jelly Beans.  I've missed jelly beans.  Time to have a few and nope, I ain't gunna feel guilty.  I'm just so happy I feel like something to eat.  

I've not coughed and thrown up today, first day in nearly two weeks that's happened.

Yaaa, I have done more than 5,000 steps today.  So pleased.  Tomorrow I'm going to aim for 6,000.

End of Day: Another good day, they are starting to add up!
Chocolate wasn't that nice.  Just feel ikkk now!
nite nite


  1. when a girl starts crying, mosst guys will do anything to get her to stop. Hope it gets sorted quickly and painlessly!

  2. The fireplace probably just needs the lines blown out... Hopefully something simple like that.
    That fitbit is motivating, eh? :)

  3. u go girl Im sure all the crap u had to deal with lately just exploded out your eyes I hope by now the guy has been and all is fixed and job was a simple one hugs xxx

  4. Thank GOD something went right for once and someone came by. Sheesh. :/

  5. Way to go mum.....

  6. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Ya poor bugger - I kinda know how you feel - our hydronic panel in the lounge/living area sprung a leak a month back & the kitchen tap has started to drip!!! They just cant wait until you move out to break can they LOL. Glad the heater was a quick fix!!!

  7. Yay - sounds like a good day for you today - long may it last.

  8. hey Chris.... thanks for commenting on my blog!! It's not too risky to buy expensive boots online - the company offers a fully money back guarantee and 100% happiness guarantee. I'd prefer to go to a proper shop but "wide calf" boots simply don't exist around here! It's crazy! We did have one great company, in Melbourne that I ordered knee boots from years ago, but they folded for some reason.... I feel I should open a wide calf boots shop myself and make a bloody FORTUNE !!! XXXX

    1. I would need 'wide calf boots' too... but I usually stick to ankle boots, they always fit! Have you tried boots from City Chic? They have wide calf ones, so do TS14+ I think.

  9. well done on the 5000 steps mum so proud...

  10. Wow, tears work huh? Well done on your steps. Today I clocked 12,730 steps but that's because I went for a run. I'm on a streak. This step tracking app really works. I keep wanting to do better.

  11. Thanks for coming to read my blog, I have like 3 commenters now lol


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