Wednesday, August 05, 2015


I'm not so sure I've lost the .600 grams necessary to be able to wear my new boots.
Bugger.  But I am keeping my fingers crossed anyway.
Ya never know, their scales might take off more than mine!  

First up this morning, the builder is coming back to check on the start of the repair we did last night.  He has to be happy to 'sign it off' before we continue.  
I'm hoping like hell we can get it fixed and back to 'normal' before our next Open Home on Sunday.  
If not, maybe we will not have an Open Home this weekend?  We will see.

Stew is back in Auckland for the rest of the week... so back to normal in the house.  I really miss him when he's not here.  Silly I know, cos Hamilton isn't that far away.

Right... I better go get dressed, I really shouldn't have the builder arrive and find me in me nightie eh?  *smiles*


Argh... the builder is delayed.   I am hoping I can still get to my WW meeting in time to weigh in.

It's pissing down outside, so I drove the kids to school.   Today I shall be buying them umbrella's, and hoping like hell they don't end up losing them like last time.
Getting them a raincoat is 'not cool'... in case anyone suggests it.  They won't wear a raincoat.  Typical teenagers.

10.48 am: 

The good news:  I LOST . 400 grams this week.
The bad news:  Not enough to wear me new boots by .200 grams.
Maybe if I can squeeze out a piddle???

Nah... I will wait till next week.  I WILL wear them to weigh in!  lol

Off out now to get a few things we need... breakfast cereal/umbrellas... bla bla bla.

I just had the worst experience of my life in a LONG TIME.

On my way down to the mall I was travelling in the rain, went to get onto the motorway at Hill Road and as I turned onto the on ramp my  car lost all traction and slid sideways down the road!   I do believe I said 'OH FUCK' rather loudly.... but I remembered to steer into the direction of the slide and luckily came to rest without hitting anything!

I parked on the side of the road and checked me tyres and all around the car, thinking I might have blown a tyre.  NOPE.

So, best bet was grease/oil on the road, no other explanation for it really.  I wasn't going fast AT ALL and wasn't braking either.

It was bloody frightening I can tell you... what with sliding down the road and alarms going off in the car!  I got the shakes pretty bad too.  

So, I got my shopping done and came home and reported the suspected slippery patch to the City Council, who are sending out a road crew to check it out as I type this.  I'd hate to think someone else will have an accident there!

3.50 pm:  it looks like Dante wants to help Mummy with the baby:

ABOVE:  I wonder how far he got before giving up?  lol

For various reasons, one late tonight... it's been an utterly SHIT DAY.

Now I'm going to be all riled up and upset thanks to a family issue.  OMG I am so mad.  Incredulous that someone in my family is so ..... oh fuck I can't say more.  It might UPSET someone even more.

*huge sigh*  It never ends.

End of Day:  shit.
Have a good night cos I won't.  For sure.


  1. Why are umbrellas cool but not raincoats? Rather the opposite here (sorry).

  2. Siobhan is the same - won't wear a raincoat.

    Here is a link you don't want to read lol :-). Not sure I believe it all but still.

    1. There is always going to be articles like this. I read one where it said Diet Coke would dissolve tar on the road/ a metal nail etc etc.... so I put a small nail in a jar with diet coke and waited... and waited.... for weeks. NOTHING HAPPENED. I reckon it's an amazing preservative... cos I'm still here! lol

    2. Too true - and you don't look anywhere near your age so maybe diet coke is the elixir of youth. Congrats on the loss by the way, good work - sooo close to being able to wear those boots.

  3. That road slide sounds terrifying. I'm glad you weren't hurt.

  4. That would have been scarey sliding down the road, glad you are okay ! Did you weigh yourself when you got home ? you may have lost that extra 200gms

  5. That sounds a scary experience. Glad you, and the car weren't hurt. Your weight loss is great after the stressful week you have had. Bring on those purple boots next week!

  6. Ha and yet my boy wears A BANANA YELLOW raincoat and matching pants!!!! Definite umbrella/coat weather that's for sure....

  7. DEE: Yep. Took your comment away so as not to UPSET anyone.

    1. I did as you suggested though.

    2. Hey you ok Sis. Call me aye. Glad to hear your ok after that slip on the road. Shit getting the shakes is nothing but a natural body reaction. Just glad your ok.

  8. Congrats on the weigh in. Hopefully things will get better on the family front.

  9. How scary on the road! That happens around here since it doesn't rain very often and there is a lot of oil built up on the road when it does.


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