Sunday, August 23, 2015


Todays' Open Home is at 2 pm, so we have plenty of time to get ready today.

Which is just as well because neither Stew or I have that much energy after the flu.
I can't believe how nasty the flu is!  Having never had it before, I sure appreciate how it can actually kill people!

Next winter I'm getting me a flu injection... and that is saying something, cos I hate injections!

I will make sure Stew has one too.

All going well I should get to 6,000 steps today.  I am going to keep going until I do in fact.  I am sure I can do it!

Does anyone know if you clock up 'steps' on an Exercycle?  Cos I'd really like to get on the Exercycle today too.  I like to mix up me exercise, it's good for ya.

Right, I better go and make a start on the housework... got to do quite a bit today... vacuming, wash floors, dusting... gawd.  I hate Open Homes.  *sigh*


11.54 am:   all going well.
Russell, Ange and her some Caleb arrived on their way to Maraetai, so we had a quick visit with them and their puppy.

 ABOVE:  Russ and Ange have a chocolate lab named 'Mika'... she is very cute.  She is 4 months old.  Tallulah did NOT like her at all, but she didn't growl at her.

ABOVE:  That's Tallulah hiding under Russell.

ABOVE:  all three dogs... look at the face on Tallulah!  She was not happy at all!  At one point she tried snapping at the puppy which quickly got her reprimanded.

ABOVE:  Coco and Mika.  Coco liked the puppy, but I think Mika is a bit too boisterous and BIG for our girls.  *smiles*

I was thrilled when they left because... they took Brylee and Griffin with them!  SCORE!  I hope they have a nice outing with them at the beach.

Stew and I have almost finished getting the house ready for the Open Home now.

4.57 pm:  4 groups through today... all made positive comments.  Fingers crossed someone has fallen in love with our home.  If not... we have another Open Home next sunday.  *sigh*

Steve, Bex and the boys have arrived, I've got a roast of pork in the oven... looking forward to a nice dinner.

End of Day: a lovely evening, dinner was delicious and much appreciated by everyone.  It was the first sunday roast I'd done in a while I must say.
nite nite


  1. Take it easy on your exercise Chris. The only way to get rid of that flu is rest! A lot of people have got bronchitis and pnuemonia from it down here. I had my flu injections every year but its the first year I haven't had bronchitis since I moved down here. Touch wood!!

  2. Good luck with your open home today.

  3. Fingers crossed for an unconditional offer on home xx

  4. Anonymous6:30 PM


    I and my family have been in your shoes for the past 3 weeks trying to get my mothers house on the market after 58 years, full of stuff etc...we have been going crazy as the garden was overgrown and the house full of "stuff". We had the first open house yesterday and 26 groups came is going up for auction, it is basically a renovators delight or a rebuild. We painted and put in new carpet etc...very my mother has moved into care....


    1. I wish you the best with the sale mate, I hope you don't have to have too many Open Homes like us and you sell at Auction.

  5. Oh cute cute puppies here's hoping for positive feedback from today fingers crossed....

  6. Your yard looks nice and green! Nice to have a little break from the kids :) I hope you get some offers from this group!

  7. I'm sure the treadmill steps will count as steps too. My fit bit counts them.


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