Friday, August 14, 2015


While you never get your hopes up too high, with every viewing you have.... you hope that 'The Buyer' is going to come through your front door.

Because we have been let down twice now by buyers... I sure in hell ain't getting me hopes up today.

I really don't have too much to do this morning... make the beds with fresh linens, bathrooms cleaned etc... dog poop picked up, rubbish bins emptied... in fact most of it is done apart from that.   

As Griffin is still home, he can keep the dogs in check while I do those few things.

The viewings are at 12.30 ... so I've got plenty of time to get ready.

Catch you later.


Well the house is ready... and I feel like utter shit. I almost cried trying to make the beds, it took that much outta me

I really thought I was starting to get  better but nope. One step forwarded and two back today.

I'm going to have a milky milo and hope it gives me some energy.

12.42 pm:  We spend the morning getting the house all ready, get the dogs in the car.. and leave the house to Paul, the Real Estate man.

10 minutes later... he rings me.  They are going to be a 'NO SHOW'.  "Oh sorry .... we forgot".
BULLSHIT.  Paul rang them this morning to confirm they were coming!

Another wasted effort.  And I'm shattered.  So tired.  Going back to bed.  PISSED OFF.

4.25 pm:  Brylee didn't get home by 4 pm ... the normal time.  So, I jump in the car and go looking for her.  I tend to panic if a kid's late home.  I can't help it.

Anyway, I fully expected to come across her just up the road.  NOPE.  No school kids on the footpaths anywhere.  I'm really panicking when I get to her school and there's still no sign of her.  Then.... thank god... there she is.  Just leaving the school.
I literally screamed at her 'Where the hell have you been"? out the window.

She had been on a school trip and they got stuck in traffic.
I was so riled up I nearly took the head off the teacher in charge.  Told him the least he could have done is let parents know before we got worried.  He apologised, so I suppose that's OK then?  NOT.
Super angry.  Last thing I felt like doing, going out in this shitty weather and getting all upset.

8.08 pm:  For the first time since last Sunday, I'M HUNGRY!  Stew got home safe and sound from Wellington and has gone out to get us some pizza, cos that's all I can think of.
Chicken pizza.  My mouth is drooling just thinking about it!
I must be getting better.  Thank God.

End of Day:  dinner went down well!   Now I have to hope it stays down.  Heading off to bed soon... Stew is exhausted and so am I.
nite nite


  1. Oh Chris, I hope you start to feel better soon. Really feel for you struggling through this nasty bout of illness. Good luck for the house viewers today.

  2. Gary makes me have good old fashioned Lucozade when I am that sick. I hope you all feel better soon. Good luck with todays viewings.

  3. That really sucks that "they forgot". Weren't there three lots coming through today? Are the other 2 lots still coming?

    1. The other two are coming on Sunday now, and had the decency to let Paul know.

    2. That's good to hear! Fingers crossed for a good turn out and a lot of interest on Sunday.

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  5. Not a good day for you:-( Good luck with the viewers on Sunday.

  6. yummm! enjoy your pizza and feel better soon xxx

  7. After a crappy start a nice end to the day ...…

  8. Happy you're hungry! That's a good sign you're on the mend. Good luck and fingers crossed for Sunday. :)

  9. I would have blasted the teacher too!!! My two would text me when the bus was close to school and if they were running late they were all told to let parents know and if they didn't have a phone then they used the teachers ones.

    I hope you get a nice restful day tomorrow.

  10. Sorry to hear you had a no show. How disrespectful is that! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  11. Fingers crossed next week is better!

  12. Well wanting pizza sure is a good sign!


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