Saturday, August 22, 2015


In pictures:

 ABOVE:  Tallulah and Coco staying out of the kitchen.

ABOVE:  And ignoring me.... tarts!

 ABOVE:  My fireplace... WORKING.  It's so pretty.

 ABOVE: My funky jug surrounded by pretty lights. 

 ABOVE:  My reflection.  Gettting smaller. THAT makes me very happy.

ABOVE: That pretty Spring Heart in my bedroom.
I love making my home pretty.

We are having a sleep in this morning.  I am going to post this early and go back to bed.  
Later on... I reckon a nice walk in the park/gardens might be nice.
We need some fresh air and light exercise to blow the germs out of our systems.

This afternoon Stew will be mowing the lawns in readiness for Open Home tomorrow.

I shall be doing the washing and usual housework.


1.25 pm:  We decided to do the 'right' thing and return that bloody heat controller to the plumbers.  I checked online to make sure they were open, and their website said they were open today, 7 am - 8 pm in fact.
So we drove over there and found.... LOCKED GATE, NO ONE THERE.  And we couldn't even put it in their letterbox cos it was behind the locked gate.

So, I rang the 0800 number and let them know that I had tried to return it, but now it would be in my letterbox waiting for THEM to pick it up.  I'm done with EURO PLUMBING, St Johns, Auckland.  I would NEVER EVER recommend them to anyone.

After that we went to pick up my fabric from The Ribbon Rose ... that took 4 months to arrive.  The owner gave me half a metre for free as a 'sorry' it took so long gesture, which was much appreciated.

We also did some clothes shopping, just a couple of tracksuit tops.  Stew is going as a Jogger to the dress up party too now.  

Did you know at Rebel Sports they do not have a single thing for WOMEN,  in their Woman's section,  above a size 16?  Seriously, Women don't get bigger than a size 16 it would appear!

That surprised and annoyed me I must say.

*sigh*.  We are home now and I've done about 4,600 steps so far today.  Shopping is good for ya step count! 

End of Day: Well.. I didn't get to 6,000 steps today, only 5,563.... but I'm getting there!  It might take me a couple of weeks to get to 10,000 steps a day, but I will get there.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Your dogs are cutie pies! Now, fwiw, and not wishing to be hurtful ... but a big tip I've learned from watching real estate shows is that when you're doing open homes for a house sale, you need to make the environment fairly neutral. Clean and spiffy but toned way down with the personal touches. This is because many many people struggle to see past existing decor in a house. They don't like the decorations or the knick knacks or the colour schemes so they say I couldn't live in this house. Which is beyond stupid and short sighed but hey. People. So, just looking at the photos you've put here, you've got some pretty big personal statements going on and maybe, just maybe, people are having trouble seeing past that. Like I said, not dissing you or your tastes in any way, just saying -- less is better when it comes to enticing someone to buy your place. I wish you all the luck in the world.

  2. Rebel is the same here on Australia, they only have a range for stick figures. It's funny that a place that promotes fitness doesn't cater to people trying to get fit…

  3. Well done on the fit bit fitness, what a shitty run you having with those plumbing people. Dogs look great trimmed up. I love the spring heart very nice. Enjoy your Sunday .

  4. I think I would have tied a note to it and thrown it over the fence lol


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