Tuesday, August 18, 2015


First up, I'm taking the dogs over to Mt Wellington to Animates on Lunn Ave for grooming.  It was the closest place I could get them in at the earliest.   Tallulah looks like a bloody sheep, she's that shaggy.

While over there, it's just around the corner from the plumbing place I got the underfloor heating controls from.

So I might just pop in there and see if I can find out why that bloody arsehole DOES NOT ANSWER HIS DAMN PHONE?  All I want is for him to get me another controller and take back the faulty one... how fucking hard is that?

I will have to try and contain my TEMPER I suppose, or I won't be getting it replaced I suppose.  Shame that, cos the way I'm feeling I would love to ram his bloody phone up his arse.
It's completely and utterly RUDE not to answer your messages or a direct phone call.

*Big Breath*.... after dropping in there, I will be backtracking just a little to visit Bex and the boys.  I'm not sure if Steve is still home sick or not?  I suppose I'll find out when I get there.  With me camera.  Bex told me I had to bring me camera!  Can't think why.

Depending on how long the dogs are expected to be, I'll either stay at Bex's till they are ready, or go home and go back for them later.


12.05 pm:   I took the dogs to the groomers bright and early.  Tallulah slipped her collar in the shop and she had a right fun time running around in the shop till I caught her!

After leaving them there, I went to the plumbing place, determined to have a face to face with Troy, the ignorant prick who's been dicking us around for days.

He wasn't there, but his BOSS was.   His boss had been away last week with the flu, he looked dreadful!  Anyway, I talked to him about Troy, how he has totally ignored all our phone calls, messages, texts etc and how upset I was over it.

The boss was NOT HAPPY with Troy AT ALL... and said he would get it sorted  TODAY.

I told the boss that I really would have liked to stay and see Troy so I could shove his bloody phone up his ignorant bum!  The boss got it.  I think HE might be shoving it up his bum for me!

So, I left there feeling like it would be sorted out.
I popped into Bex's to see them, Dante was sick, but not too bad.
I got some adorable photos:

 ABOVE: Thank goodness Bex and Archer are not sick (yet).  Steve went back to work today, even though I'm sure he isn't really 100% yet.

 ABOVE: Spider Man... almost finished.  Bex doesn't get as much time to crochet right now, but she can still get some done obviously.

ABOVE:  Dante 'posing' for the camera.  He's such a dag.

I had only been at Bex's for 10 minutes when my phone rang... it was TROY! 
Wow... his boss must has given him a bollocking!  He started telling me he hadn't got my messages! What a liar.  I told him I was now dealing with his BOSS and hung up on him. (OH how RUDE of me!)

Then I get a text from TROY... asking for my address so he can drop off the new controller TODAY!   So I text it to him, giving him a time when I will be home.

Yaaaa.   I can put a face to the name and tell him what I think of him to his face.  FREAKIN' AWESOME.

2.50 pm:  so frustrated!   I had to go and pick up the dogs, so left a message at the plumbers that I would be home by 3 pm.
Troy turned up while I was out and left the controller in the letterbox.  So, I don't get to give him a piece of my mind after all.
I just hope his Boss did.

The dogs look lovely, so that's a plus for the day.

I'm hoping Stew is having a better day today.  He's had blood in his phlegm, so was thinking about going to the Dr.  I hope he did.

7.44 pm:  Stew did go to the Dr, who said his chest was clear.  The blood is coming from his throat being irritated with all the coughing.  He's got antibiotics to take in a couple of days if he doesn't improve.  Glad he went, better to be safe than sorry.

End of Day:  well another day done and dusted.  nite nite


  1. Those boys are so gorgeous!!!!!

    Lets hope Troy turns up with the new controller and has also learned a bit of customer service into the bargain.

  2. Ha I bet he hid down the road until he saw you leaving - the pussy!!

  3. I agree Tracy-I'm sure he staged it to miss you Chris!! Hope you are starting to feel better. Cute photos of the boys.

  4. so horrible to be so unwell. Take care of yourself and yer man. PS: I re-organised Corby's room and re-hung my gorgeous Corbin wall hanging. It's on a recent post if you want to take a look xxxxx

  5. Ohhhh boy if I was Troy I'd be certainly sharpening up on my customer service. Such nice photos of the boys. Glad to see some are on the mend in your family..

  6. Sounds like a terrible flu. Hopefully the worst is over. Take care and get better soon.

  7. Troy was like TG she's not home haha


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