Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I got a knock on the front door yesterday afternoon... and look what had arrived...

ABOVE:  Some gorgeous flowers from my girlfriends down in Palmerston North!
They know I'm a bit stressed out right now so sent them to cheer me up.
How lovely is that?
Thanks girls ♥♥♥

Stew is home today, he's accompanying me to an appointment I have.  More on that later.

After the appointment I think we shall be doing a small grocery shop and having lunch out.  Might as well make the most of having him home after all.  *smiles*

Right.  ON with the day.


10.43 am:
Stressful time is over!
My mammogram results came back with an 'area of concern' in my left breast.  I had to go back today for another mammogram, an ultrasound and physical examination.

After literally a dozen more mammogram photos.... and the ultrasound/physical examination I was cleared of having a 'problem'.

We are just so relieved, and thankful that Breastscreen Aotearoa are so thorough and careful.  

This has been the most stressful two days of my life lately I can tell you! You can't help imagining the very worst can you?

I'm just so thankful I don't have to give away all my fabric and sewing machines!  lol  (the things you think of, it's a bit weird!)

Karen Jones, if the worst ever happens, my Brother Dreamweaver and fabric is all yours!  *smiles*

Stew is going back to work as he's dreadfully busy, and I'm off to get some groceries on my own, then have lunch with Bex and the boys.

5.35 pm:  Groceries... done.  Lunch with Bex and boys... done.
Home, unloaded groceries,  then sat down to think.

Funny how having the possibility of losing your health can make you so thankful for the little things in life!

I'm not going to stress about the house selling, it will happen eventually.
I'm just so happy to  enjoy what I do have... my loving family and my health.  Even if I am unfit and overweight.  I'm working on it!

The huge weight on my shoulders is gone...the stomach churning fear is gone... I feel so, so lucky.

I'm making a lovely dinner of beef spare ribs in marinade with garlic bread.  Everyone will enjoy that.

End of Day:  well today started with DREAD, and ended with a much happier state of mind.
So grateful.
nite nite


  1. oh beautiful flowers --- no orange!!!! xxx

  2. YIPPEE, Go and enjoy the sunshine xxx

  3. Wunderful news - very, very happy for you!!!

  4. hurrah!!!... and yay for technology!!! xxx

  5. Great news what a relief!!! Gosh they are fast and efficient thank goodness nice flowers look after yourself.

  6. Thank goodness! Stronger words are in my head but I'll keep it PG ;-) So relieved for you. Penny xo

  7. Glad the new is good and that you didn't have to wait too long to find out (though I'm sure it seemed like forever to you).

  8. Wonderful news. Breathe easy again. Gorgeous flowers.

  9. Woohoo :-). Back to concentrating on selling that house now.

  10. Great news Chris :)

  11. Thank God for that!!!! Lovely flowers!!!! You can enjoy the rest of your day to the max :-)

  12. So good to hear!!! The flowers are beautiful!! Thank goodness for wonderful friends!

  13. Thank goodness! Stronger words are in my head but I'll keep it PG ;-) So relieved for you. Penny xo

  14. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Great news!!!!! So stressful but you got through it. Hope you have a great rest of the week :)
    ~Nicole in CA

  15. Awesome news beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady xxx

  16. Yah, that's great news Chris :) I had my thyroid biopsy done today, have to wait 10 days for the results.

    1. Good luck with that Chick, I hope all is well. {{{HUGS}}}

  17. So happy to hear the good news. What a relief!

  18. That's the very best news. So pleased for you x

  19. Such good news😊

  20. Awesome news, was thinking about you at work today. Having gone through a scan recall I do the horrible stomach churning fear you had.

  21. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Haha we had beef sparmribs as well but with yummy veges :) xxxx were so greatfull for the great news xxxxxx bex

  22. Aim so glad it worked out ok for you Chris. Marvellous service. We are so lucky. I was so pleased you felt you could lean on me, anytime Chris. And as much as I'd love your beautiful machine and all your fabric it ain't gonna happen not in your lifetime. Hugs Chris. So so awesome.

  23. Happy for you Chris. I had to have an ultrasound once, years ago. Also, an area of concern. During the ultrasound, 2 doctors kept talking to each other but wouldn't answer any of my questions. Basically they were wondering if I needed a biopsy. Finally, after the test, I went for an "interview" where the doctor told me I had some lumps that may or may not need further examination. So I was given another ultrasound date, several months later. Can you imagine how I went thru' those months? After I went for the second ultrasound, I was told to go home and wait for a letter. I waited and waited. No letter came. Called and called. No one could tell me my results. Finally I was able to track down the doctor who was at my "interview". She was of course very surprised I had not received my results. She went to get hold of my case and told me in a very off-hand manner. You're fine. You just have very lumpy breasts! I was so freaking pissed with the whole ordeal but happy my results were negative.

  24. So happy your ok. CALL ME next time as i hadnt havent been online reading blog so didnt know till I checked mail. Hope your ok now and yes the house will sell alll in good time. Love Sis

  25. Whoops my last sentence should read " not in MY lifetimes"

  26. Happy to hear you received the ``All Clear``. Take care, good luck with the house.

  27. Oh Chris...I suspected it might have something to do with your mammogram. Good News!!! So very happy for you that it is no longer a concern. That sort of thing does make you put every area of your life into proper perspective. Hope you have a good rest of the week.


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