Sunday, August 30, 2015


Ikkk, it's wet today.
And we have our 6th Open Home this afternoon... to be followed by an appointment with the Real Estate Agents to discuss 'where to go to from here'. 

We are going to put a 'Fixed Price' on our house, instead of 'By Negotiation'.  Hopefully that will give buyers a clear indication of what we want for the house.

And that might help to sell it.

We have quite a bit of dusting and polishing to do this morning after the sanding/painting yesterday.

My house looks so weird without all my pictures on the walls and flowers/ornaments.  I have THREE ornaments in my lounge... THREE!
And one container of flowers on the credenza.
Stew said it's stark, not like our home at all.
I agree.  But, it's also quite calming.

Maybe I won't be putting so much out in our next home?  Clutter that is.  I did have far too much going on in the lounge!

I can see more trips to the Hospice Shop once we move... to take more stuff back!

Right, yakkity yak over.  On to the dusting.
And vacuming/washing floors bla bla bla.


3.09 pm:

And we had 6 groups through today, and it is pissing down with rain, so a good turn out considering that.
The Agents are coming back at 4 to discuss changing the price marketing.

Until then.... relax time.  I've got a cracker of a  headache again.  Grrrr.  Wish I knew why.

End of Day:  fixed price has been set, Stew is all packed for 3 days in Hamilton, starting tomorrow.  Yes Sparklikng, it's no doubt a stress headache!
Time for bed.
nite nite


  1. Much better - I'm all about no clutter and simplicity. I also wonder if you should have made up a dining area (inside) and made the outside room exactly what most people would expect ie, a sun room for relaxing. People need to see what each room is used for, just my opinion :)

    I do hope that today will go well - here's hoping for a sale, it's dragging on way longer than I would have expected. Good luck.

  2. Good luck with today's open home! :)

  3. Hope you get a positive outcome from todays viewing….and that dratted headache has gone

  4. Ummmm .... hate to state the bleeding obvious, but could your headache be stress related? Just saying .... xxxx


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