Monday, August 10, 2015


A few photos of the window repair:

ABOVE:  Identity the 'problem area'... cut out the wall... take a look.  Virtually no damp ... wood not rotten AT ALL....  plaster system intact and sound.  Tiny amount of water has come in from leaking window in corner.

ABOVE:  Take out the glass, put silicone all around the window...

ABOVE:  silicone in the corners  and the window track, then put the glass back in.  Done.

I am waiting for the gibstop to dry before I can repaint the wall.

I can't wait till Griffn's room is all back to normal and we can move on.

I'm getting me boobies squished this morning.  Mammogram... just what ya feel like to start the week off right... I'm sure!  *smiles*

Griffin is still sick, I think I will have to take him to the doctor today.  He's been running a  temperature since Friday... not too high, but it is probably prudent to take him now.

I think the plumber is coming back today with the new water filter tap too.  Hope he doesn't want to come while I'm at the clinic getting the 'squish' ! lol


10.38 am:  Well that was a shit experience!
The radiographer was a nice lady, but she managed to manhandle me boobies in such a way that I ended up with both boobs getting bleeding splits on the underside of each boob!  
I have fairly thin, sensitive skin under me boobs... and splits can happen if I'm not careful.  So, now I've got two stinging damaged boobs.
It will probably take a week for them to heal.

Almost makes me think I'll not be having a mammogram again!  But then... they are a necessary evil eh?


Moving on, the plumber was just leaving when I got home, he has installed a new water filter tap.. so now that's another thing off the list.

If fact, everything is now done except for painting the bedroom wall under the window.


I've been pretty slack with the housework this past week, knowing we were not having an Open Home yesterday.  Now I have quite a bit to do... so I'm off to do it.

Well... STEVE... we have till Friday to get that wall done!   We have a couple coming for a viewing on Friday.  Exciting.... I better get the cleaning done pronto.

4.59 pm:  And while Griffin seems to have turned a corner and is eating again (A VERY GOOD SIGN) ... I on the other hand?

Feel sick as a dog.  Headache.  Temperature.  Freezing cold ... can't get warm.  Even with my cuddly blanket turned up to the highest heat.  Did I mention headache?  I'm taking Codral Cold & Flu, same as what Griffin's been taking. It's not working.

WORSE... Stew feels the same too... and has to drive back from Hamilton tonight, and go back again tomorrow.  AND then he is also in Wellington on Thursday and Friday.  Shit I hope he isn't feeling quite as bad as me.

I am fearful we may have passed it on to Dante and Archer. 

End of Day:  going to bed early... feeling dreadful.  Poor Stew feels the same.

nite nite


  1. I'm getting squished this afternoon! Mine is being done at Mercy Breast Clinic and it's like going to a spa - you sit around in white robes in a posh sunroom/lounge while they wait to give you the results!! Very nice way to get a yukky thing done. Hopefully we are both all good :) Glad that window is sorted and it's great that you now know there are no surprises with builder's reports.

  2. You shouldn't end up bleeding from a mammogram! If it's likely to happen again ask your doctor if you can have an alternate test like an ultrasound.

    Fingers crossed for Friday. xx

    1. Now that's a good idea mate! I have never had it happen before during a mammogram and I don't fancy it happening again either.

  3. You can ultrasound or even better thermal imaging WHERE NOTHING AT ALL touches you I'm going for that option... Jobs getting ticked off yay great did you take photos of window hole in wall before repatching so you can prove no damage, or did inspector see it before the new bit went back in?

  4. Inspector checked it Sunday afternoon

  5. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Wot you lot down under have to go through to sell your houses is ridiculous!! Heading for heart attacks darlin. Having builders come round inspecting this and that and telling you lot wot to do to sell your houses is a fast. We don't have this pavala here in the UK. Thank goodness for that!

    Sue Parks, North Yorkshire, UK

    PS I apologise if I have upset you Chris.I am speechless at your country's regulations on selling houses.

  6. Rest up, stay in bed & dose up on vitamin C & eccihecea(sp). If Stew is still feeling crap tomorrow he needs to stay home because driving would be dangerous.

  7. Hi Sue, I can't comment on Chris's situation of course, but it is not quite at the "have to satisfy the inspectors or not allowed to sell at all" level, as far as I know? For example - we bought our first house when it was structurally unsound - but the owner was upfront about it, it was fully in the builder's report, and I got my dad (an engineer) to assess it (which he then got a friend to peer review, as he is not a structural engineer). Upshot: we got a cheap first house which Dad then helped us design a good, up to building code fix for for $1,500 (we got a steel beam put through under the floor to make it up to code). As far as I am aware, the seller has to be up front, and my impression is Chris and Stew are fixing small things to give future buyers no room for second guessing their offers. Please correct me if I am wrong Chris, Steve, or anyone else with more experience in the NZ property market!

    So yes, compliance costs, some would say over-regulated but if it is full disclosure and up to buyers to take on the risk/problem, less of an issue than it sounds. What would be worse is buying a house unaware of major problems, such as leaky building syndrome, which has been rife in NZ.

    I hope that clarifies things a little! Penny xo

    PS Chris, Stew and Griffin, fingers crossed you all make a speedy recovery! xo

    1. You are pretty much right. The seller & agent must disclose anything they are aware if if asked. Therefore the buyer needs to do their due diligence by getting LIM & builders reports & anything else to make sure the house is sound & there are no hidden problems. By getting their own report, Stew & Chris can show this to potential purchasers and show any recommended work has been done & that the house is structurally sound. In NZ there has been a huge issue over leaky buildings which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix so buyers are a bit wary.

    2. Chris, I am really liking it when you include the time of day on your posts.


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