Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Thankfully, Stew is back here in Auckland for the rest of the week.
I can keep a closer eye on him.  

Me?  STILL coughing.  Probably will be for weeks to come knowing my luck.

Griffin and Brylee are both well.  Looks like Brylee dodged that bullet.  Amazing considering we all got it except her.

Not sure if I feel like going to Weight Watchers this morning.  All I feel like doing is staying in bed.
Going out and about yesterday tired me out.

The scales are showing a small (SMALL!!!) loss.  Nuts that is.  Utterly not fair.  I starved for a week, literally throwing up any food I did eat and Pffffft.  A piddly arse loss!

So, not that interested in going to WW.

I will think about it a bit later.  Right now, I'm staying in bed.  The kids can get themselves off to school, they don't need me for any reason.  Which is nice.


I've decided to go to WW.  I'm taking me new boots.  Surely I've lost enough to wear them now? 

12.14 pm:  I'm so glad I went to WW's!  It was neat to see the ladies, and I even got cuddled!
THAT was really weird, but nice *smiles*

I LOST 1.3 kilos, so I could put these on:

 ABOVE:  I wore them all morning.  They are so lovely!  Slightly higher heel than I'm used to, but I'll get used to them.

After WW, I went down to the mall and bought one of these:
 ABOVE:  Several ladies at WW have them and reckon they are good, so I'm giving it a go.  Nothing like a tracker that tells you how much ya sit on ya bum I suppose.  
I'm hoping it will motivate me to get moving more.  
Not cheap .... so I better use it!   I will probably spend the rest of the day reading up on how to use it.

Stew and I have a party to attend at the end of the month, for friends who eloped to Las Vegas, so it's a 'We Got Married' party.
But... it's a DRESS UP Party.  *sigh*
I hate dress up parties.

The 'theme' is J & T, you have to dress up in something beginning with J or T.  
I found these at the mall:

 ABOVE:  An exercise outfit.  I'm going as a JOGGER.  !  I've already got bright pink sneakers, so I'm set.  Now to think of something for Stew?
Maybe he can be the 'Trainer'?

OH, best thing about that outfit?  Both items are 'only' XL... not 2XL or 3XL.  Rather chuffed about that.

Now, how about a photo of the girls?

ABOVE:   They are both nuts.  They love their crate!  If I close the door so they can't get in it during the day they cry!  
They are both looking great after their haircuts.

2pm: And the power has gone out here. So... my house alarm has activated and I can't turn it off.  Luckily its not going full tilt... only about half volume. It's still annoying though. The dogs are perplexed, running around looking for the noise. 

4.11 pm:  The power has finally come back on, and the infernal alarm has shut up at last!
I ended up sitting in my car to get away from the noise... and to charge my phone.

The Fitbit installation was mucked up, so I'm having to do it all again.  Still have no idea how to use it of course.  Everything you need to know is on the computer.... which one can't see if there's no power.  Grrrrr.

Finally though, might get it done now.

5.11 pm:  Yaaaa, I've finally got the Fitbit working and sync'd with my computer.  
Also just now, I changed the old heating controller with the new one ... ON MY OWN.  I asked the electrician to come back and do it and he told me he was sure I could do it myself! So I did.  

AND it's going!  I'm rather chuffed.  Now lets see how long it takes for the plumber to come and get his faulty controller!  I have no intention of driving it over there that's for sure.

I let the plumber know he could pick up his faulty heat controller.  His response?  You know my address, you drop it off.
WELL.  He must have forgotten, possession is 9/10ths of the law... and he will now have to WAIT until I am good and ready to return it.  ARESHOLE.

End of Day:  I've had a good day... still coughing but I've not thrown up anything today!
nite nite


  1. Sounds like a good day to be still!

  2. Dam hope everyone gets better soon. up mum.. all the hard work you have done the past month you deserve a rest.

  3. Anonymous9:39 AM

    I had the flu bout 3 weeks ago, and still have the lingering coughing. I hope you and stew get some well deserved rest this weekend or at least a sleep in.

  4. Good luck with WW. You might show a bigger loss next week because this week your body has been holding onto everything it can to help you get better.

  5. Rhonda12:32 PM

    Congratulations on your loss! Love the boots. I have a fitbit and really like it - it makes me challenge myself to move.

  6. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Congratulations on the weight loss. I am also on a weight loss journey apart from less carbs and smaller meals I also use a vibroslim, it helps with circulation and I'm loosing more weight since using it. There are different brands on the market, would be interested in your thought after using one. Can use while watching TV so no need to be in the garage on exercise equipment on your own. Love the Boots. Anne.

  7. Well done on the weight loss and dropping your clothing size. Love the boots and now you can just keep wearing them. My boss wears a Fitbit-we were just talking about it this week and she said as she is in an office it motivates her to get out and do some walking in the day. She said she will get me to wear it one day just to see how many steps we do in our job.

  8. Love the boots mum.

  9. Those boots are great!!! About your cough please go to the doctor. Pneumonia is a real concern at the moment so just be safe.

  10. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Congrats on achieving your mini goal and getting your boots! Maybe I should do that - set a goal and have a "prize" at the end when I get there!!! Keep well you guys - there are so many yukky bugs around at the moment.

  11. Woohoo!!! Well done you :-). Love the boots.

  12. Great result Chris, I'm happy for you

  13. Awesome boots! Good job! You can't put your pin into the key pad to disable the alarm? Or phone the alarm company? That's gotta suck!!

  14. Does your alarm not have battery back up? You should be able to input the code (ours you had to do it twice) and it would turn off. How annoying for you. Good luck with the Fitbit.

  15. An alarm to go off during a power cut mens it needs a new battery. During a power cut it should go to battery power - we just replaced ours recently.

    1. Blimey... that should read: For an alarm to go off during a power cut it means it needs a new battery.

  16. Congrats on your awesome loss....I love my fitbit

  17. Hold the old controller to ransom so Troy HAS to actually see you to get it - feel free to tape that conversation for our amusement :-)

  18. Congratulations on the loss, I do love those boots very nice... Gee that plumber cheeky much, stuff em keep it and take it to Hamilton then courier charge it back to THEM!! What a cool fit bit hmmmm I left home at 8am got home 9pm I think I DID LOTS today.

  19. Well done on the loss .... your boots look fantastic! You must be super happy that you can now wear them :) I loved seeing pics of your two gorgeous dogs today too :)

  20. I use a free app on my phone to track how many steps I take a day. The goal is 8,000 steps. I try very very hard to reach this goal every day. I'm looking around for something similar to fit bit but cheaper that I can carry around in my pocket or clip on somewhere.

  21. Anonymous1:06 AM

    Congrats on your loss! Love your boots! And as for the plumber-what a rude, ignorant pick, don't you dare take it to him, arsehole!
    Sharnee, Melbourne

  22. Wonderful weigh in. Congrats! Enjoy the fitbit.

  23. YEAH for the new boots! I want to get a fitbit but haven't bit the bullet yet. That plumber sure is a jerk.

  24. Congrats on wearing the boots! They're nice! Hope you enjoy the fitbit. I've heard they can be really helpful. The doggies look really nice too. :)


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