Saturday, August 29, 2015


I've had a couple of lovely girls suggest I join the online FitBit community and 'friend' them.
Sorry, but I fail at online communities... I started a Weight Loss support group through Facebook... and haven't been on it in weeks!

I suck at online groups.  So, NOPE, I won't be joining the FitBit communities either.  Sorry girls, I just don't want to disappoint anyone again.  

It's a time thing really.  I just don't have the time!  Keeping my blog updated is enough for me.  And sometimes I even manage to read some blogs, and check out a few friends on Facebook.  But that's it.

On to today.  I would like to do something nice today... maybe a walk ?
But I know how tired Stew is, so it might just be a stay at home day so he can relax.
We will see.

Catch ya later.


10.25 am: 

Someone said recently that my home was too PERSONALISED and there were a lot of BIG STATEMENTS.
I stewed on this for a while, and thought "Nah, I don't need to de-clutter anymore".  
But the doubt festered.
So, last night while in bed,  I decided to de-clutter some more after all.... it may make no difference what so ever, but I will do everything I can to effect a sale.

So today, I've taken 75% of 'stuff' off the lounge walls, taken away all the flowers, half the candles, most of the ornaments and filled all the little picture hook holes, ready for painting tonight.

I also did that in all the bedrooms, the family room, and some pictures came off the hallway walls too.

This means I have quite a lot of painting to do tonight!

But, I'd rather be busy and doing something that MIGHT help sell the house, than have it fester in me head.

Now... I just have to wait for the polyfilla to set.  We are going out to the mall soon, Stew has made a little grocery list of stuff I forgot the other day.  I can't remember what else we are going out for... just to get out of the house I think.

11.15 am:

And we still have not gone out.  Been fluffing around, moving a bit of furniture in the lounge.... took down the net curtains (what a difference THAT made!)... so much more light in the room.  Amazing.  Might have to rethink my love of net curtains.  *smiles*

I'm really happy with the changes we have made, and am anxious to see what the Real Estate guys think of it tomorrow.

ABOVE:  See, most of the pictures etc on the walls are gone.  I've just finished painting the picture hook holes so the walls are looking a bit 'patchy' right now.  I might need to go over a couple of the walls totally yet,  as they might still look patchy when dry.   I'll have to wait and see.

Now I better have a shower and wash/dry my hair before we go out this evening to the 'fancy dress' post wedding party.

11.35 pm: 

Well... we got the the party venue at 7.30 pm, had a relatively nice time till 10.30 then left in time to pick up the kids and get home.
I have to say it, I'm just NOT a loud pub type person at all.
It was too loud, conversation was virtually impossible, but the food and company was lovely.
I didn't take photos, as posting them on here would have involved explaining to everyone about the blog and getting their permission to post their faces.   Too much trouble.

There were some really good costumes I must say.  Judges, Jail Birds, The Joker, Transvestite, Queen Tut, Tina Turner, Tinkerbell, Jogger, Jem, Tigger, Tea Ladies, Truant, and so on.

Once we got home I immediately got changed and painted one wall in the lounge that really needed a 2nd coat.  Now Stew is watching rugby (shock horror! What a surprise!) and I'm about to go to bed.
End of Day:  a busy day I must say.  Got a lot done, went out to a party for the first time in years and ... I did 14,021 STEPS today!
That sure makes up for the dismal amount I did yesterday.
nite nite


  1. I'm like you - I don't do online communities either :) I think that fitbit is great to motivate you and you can keep challenging yourself, that's enough for now. Have a nice relaxing day... both of you :)

  2. Have a great night out. House looks good but kinda weird - not you being so bare.

  3. Agree with Tracey. Will be interesting to see what the agents think-difference or not to people viewing. Have a great night out-wearing the Fit bit to complete the outfit?

    1. TOTALLY! I've done over 10,000 steps so far today!

    2. Fantastic. Adding more tonite with a bit of dancing??

  4. I think you've done the right thing Chris - we were always given the advice to minimise personal effects and non essential furniture. People want to be able to visualise their furniture in the space and that's difficult when there's a lot of items in the room. We were advised to clear bench tops - keep everything in the cupboards - gives the impression of bit, roomy and spacious - what everyone wants in a house. Remember one house where we took the boys pool table out and stacked it in the garage so the room would seem bigger. Hope it works for you xx

  5. Oh and way to go with the 10,000 steps. And you don't have to do much in the online community if you accept friend requests. What often happens is someone sets up a daily or a weekly challenge - you just click the button on your phone to join in - but it sometimes makes you walk a few more steps just to get in front of someone in the challenge. Anyway you're going great guns - well done you :-)

  6. The house looks so much more sellable. As others have said, buyers like to see themselves in the property. Fingers crossed it will have the desired result.

    Looking forward to photos of the party xxx

  7. The lounge doesn't look like you but I hope that it makes a difference at your next open house. Well done on all of your steps

  8. woohooo on the fitbit….mine is all fired up again, need to start challenging myself again.

  9. Good job on the decluttering. Also maybe you could take out some of the extra furniture? I know they always say that on the house selling shows. It makes things look more spacious. Since you are planning on moving it eventually anyways?

  10. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Well, I'm the bigmouth who cost you some sleep. I have to say, I think your streamlined rooms look wonderful. Bright, big, and inviting. So airy. Now I'll shove my oar in again. The other huge thing I've learned about real estate is that people couldn't care less what you want, dollar wise, for your property. Selling a house isn't about how much money you want. It's about how much money people are prepared to pay. So, as awful as it sounds, you can't factor in what you want/need when pricing a property. You need to listen to your agent (who wants the sale as much as you do) and price the property in line with what the market has already decided is a fair value, based on similar properties in your area. If you insist on pricing your house based on what you want/need, ignoring the market trends, you won't win. Buyers just don't factor in the vendor's personal circumstances. All that matters is their personal circumstances. Which sucks. But it's just the way it is. I really do wish you truckloads of luck.

    1. We will be prici g our home around tbe two offers we have already had... plus of course what similar homes in our area are/have sold for. We are not unrealistic vendors and in fact are prepared to negotiate fairly to sell.

  11. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Then you are the perfect vendors. You've had such a stressful time through this. I so hope it all falls into place for you soon.


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