Sunday, August 09, 2015


We really don't want it to rain today!
Steve is coming over to take the glass out of Griffin's window so he can reseal it.

*sigh*  It rained a lot overnight.  So hopefully it stays dry for a while at some point today.

Hopefully Bex and the boys come over during the day too.
Though I am expecting them for dinner.  Stew's sister Khady is coming for dinner too.

I'm going to make a chicken stir fry with Udon noodles.  That should suit everyone, and it's not to fussy to make.

Nothing worse than being stuck in the kitchen when you have visitors.

My plans for the day are just to get some blasted washing dry!  I think it's rained on/off for over a week now.  Rather over it.

Yeah... and do some housework.  Nothing riveting at all sadly.

Anyone doing anything exciting?  Make me jealous, tell me!  lol


We are so lucky!  It's a stunning day.  Steve and Dante rocked up at 8.30 am ... and the glass is now out.  All  we have to do is put silicone in the corners and then put the glass back in.

Like I said, a quick  fix.

Yaaa... the building inspector has been and said it's all good,  so now we can put the new gib board on, gib stop it, sand and paint it.  It should be all done in a few days.  I'm so relieved ... you have no idea how stressful this situation has been for me.

Bring on next Sunday for our next Open Home!

The guys have gone out to get stuff to gib stop the wall and they are going to pick up hot chips and bread for lunch too.  Nice.  Perfect for a chilly sunday lunch!  We have been so lucky today, the rain held off long enough for the window repair.

8.00 pm:   and all our visitors have left.  We had a lovely visit with Steve, Bex, the boys and Khady.
It was neat that Khady got to meet Archer for the first time.  She thought he was gorgeous.  Of course we agreed.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Khady with Archer.  He was quite 'spilly' today and went through several outfits and LOTS of bibs! 

 ABOVE: cuddles on Griffin's bed while Steve did the window repair... which involved taking the glass out and running silicone into the corners and outer edges.

Now we just have to wait for the gibstop to dry then I can paint the wall and it will be done.

End of day:  and end of the house issue dramas hopefully!

nite nite


  1. Right, I'll make you jealous! I'm going to a party. A kid's Frozen party. And I'm really hung over. :D

  2. Yeah for the stunning day - you'll be so pleased to be able to tick that window off your to do list. Nothing exciting planned here - was hoping for a sleep-in and a lazy day at home, but by 8.15am this morning we'd had my husband's boss ring to summon him into work for an extra shift on his day off and a caregiver from a nursing agency banging on our door looking for a neighbour who lives two doors down - we're number 56B (clearly marked on our letterbox) and he's 56 - she thought she was at 56! I gave up on the sleep-in at that point, so have been up since making banana loaves, making husband his lunch (just so he could sleep a bit longer. He doesn't get much sleep during the week as he's up at 4.15am for work - so I felt a bit sorry for him being called into work today on the one day he can sleep in) and doing dishes. Think it will be a relatively quiet day here today - weather is supposed to turn icky.

  3. Lazy arse day here. I had breakfast with a friend then came home & put a load if washing out. Catching up on stuff I have recorded & sized on the couch. Gary watching tv& playing computer games, he did cook breakfast for him, Sio, Samyson & Nik. Sio been in bed all day watching you tube & sleeping. Samyson & Nik arrived home hungover & tired, had breakfast, Nik went to rehearsal & Samyson finished a uni assignment & is now asleep.

  4. Awesome jobs ticked off and yay for washing done its a bugger hanging washing out and it gettingvrained I hate that after this weekend or next open home would you consider Auction too?

  5. Shopping in Melbourne (even iin a moonboot! )It's cold here tho . Didn't think I'd get here as Jetstar cancelled the flight Friday night! Hope your day is good . Hot chip butties sound good xx


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