Friday, August 07, 2015


Yaaa... the end of a shitty week ... here's hoping the weekend is a good one.
We won't be having an Open Home this weekend as the repairs around the house are not finished yet.

I've got a plumber coming this morning to fix the leaking kitchen tap and install a new water filter cartridge.  Remember our last little flood in the kitchen was caused by the water filter... we didn't bother getting a new cartridge after that.

Now... we shall as it's mentioned on the builder's report.  Anything mentioned in that bloody report is being FIXED.

Once he's been I'm going down to the mall to buy a small suitcase for Stew to use next week.  He's flying to Wellington for a couple of days and Ooops!  I have put all our suitcases into storage in Hamilton.  So, I'll get him a nice new one. 

My Sister in Law's home goes to Auction today.  Here's hoping she gets a sale and can move on to her new home.  She's leaving Auckland too. 

That's about all I have for now.  Have a nice Friday/Thursday depending on where ya live... catch ya later.


Well I don't need to buy a new suitcase after all  Bex has a small one I'd given her which we can 'borrow' back.  Cool.

Griffin is home today with sore throat.  I was going to take him to the doctor, but on a scale of 1-10, his throat is only a 5.  He doesn't seem to have any problem eating/swallowing!  I'm quite sure it's just viral as he has a cold.

11.05 am:  Bright shiny new kitchen tap - TICK.
Water filter fixed - NOPE. He's coming back early next week with a new tap for that too.

The dogs thought he was rather nice... they had a massive sniff-fest.  *smiles*

Now on with my day.  

3.50 pm:  What a lovely, lazy day I'm having!
Just sitting watching TV!  Reading a few things on me computer, answering a few emails.  Normal stuff for a Stay at home, Kept Woman.  *smiles*

edit:  took out some content.  Wasn't necessary really.

WHOOPS... that was NOT where this update was supposed to go!  lol

It's a weird sort of day here... one minute pissing down with rain and freezing cold, the next the sun comes out and it's lovely!  Like I said, weird.

The only constant is the wind.  It won't let up.

Far out these fingernails are pissing me off... I might have to cut them off soon!

End of Day:  just what I needed.  A do nothing day!
nite nite


  1. Leigh8:32 AM

    I have a water filter and when the cartridge was changed last time, the man who did it put in a thing on it that was supposed to reduce/stop flooding - I think it restricts the pressure if there is a brake maybe. Anyway it was only $25 I think, so I got him to add it. He said that the insurance industry wanted them now, as they were getting sick of paying out for flooded kitchens!

  2. Sounds like a bloody good idea Leigh. I will ask him to put it on ours too.

  3. I mentioned this to you when you had the last leak - it's very important to have a pressure reducer on your filter. I used to work for a water company and we'd only install filters with these (due to filters bursting as yours did).

  4. The weird thing I found when I had acrylic nails was that I couldn't pick stuff up! With my thin normal nails I could pick up a needle or coin etc but with the acrylics (which are thicker) it was like I was disabled!! They look nice but no good if you can't do your normal stuff :)

  5. Your entitled to a catch up lazy day you have been super uber busy! Why is it you always need stuff once it packed lol.


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