Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Today I'm babysitting Dante for Bex for a while this morning.
She's got an appointment and doesn't want to take his nibs.... and I sure don't mind watching him.

I'm looking forward to it, just him and me... we don't get to spend one on one time together very often.

After Bex gets back I'm sure we will spend a bit of time yakking... as ya do.

I will be getting on the treadmill and exercycle again today too.  I only did about 6,000 yesterday, and I'm trying to up the total to at least 7,000 today.

Stew is off to Hamilton today, but he's coming back tonight.  

Right, that's all I've got for now... catch ya later.


1.05 pm:

Babysitting Dante went well... he was happy to stay with his Grandma for a couple of hours. Bex got back just as Dante was starting to fret for his Mum though.  
Bex stayed for an hour or so, then took the boys home for their midday naps.

I'm spending the rest of the day quietly.  
Just killing time really till I have to cook dinner.
Here's a few photos of the boy(s) visit today:

 ABOVE:  This is his "I'm an imp" face.  Such a cutie.

 ABOVE:  Stalking Coco... and hogging Tallulah's toys.

 ABOVE:  trying to entice Tallulah to play with him.  She loves to run around the house with Dante, but she won't jump on him, which is good.

ABOVE:  Archer getting grumpy, just before Bex put him in his carseat to go home.  Archer does not like being in his carseat at all.

End of Day: well... another day where I did bugger all.... just the usual sort of day.  Only 5,600+ steps today.  Just didn't feel like getting on the treadmill or exercycle.  
Off to bed.  
nite nite


  1. That'll keep you busy for the day. He's so cute and we all know they grow up too fast! Hugz

  2. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Man hes a weirdo kid lol just like his daddy. were off to the doc to get dantes ear checked out poor wee archer out in the car again. Xx bex

  3. love the IMP photo so cute

  4. Loving the matching tops Bex & Archer :-). Those boys are so totally cute.

  5. Such a pair of cutie, love that Bex and Archer are matching!

  6. What a nice day for you 2 he Dante has grown so much just gorgeous little Archer still cute even under duress...

  7. Nice time with the boys if nothing else :)


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