Saturday, August 01, 2015


Well... it's a new month.  And who knows what might happen this month? Maybe we will sell our house, maybe we won't.

I just hope I can get over this gut wrenching, stomach churning angst every time I think about it.

I have tried doing things to take my mind off it, but IT DOESN'T WORK.

It sucks.

We don't have any plans today, Stew did the lawns yesterday, so there isn't anything to do around here.
I don't want to go shopping, there's nothing I need.

Maybe Stew can come up with an idea?  There is no way I'm going down to Hamilton to look at any more houses until our house is SOLD.
I'm not going to set my heart on another house just to lose it.

We are bound to lose the one we fell in love with last weekend.  Gutted about that.

Anyone got any bright ideas for me?  What can I do to distract myself and Stew for the day?
Dumm dee doo...  and don't suggest any hanky panky!  I'm definitely NOT IN THE BLOODY MOOD.  *smiles*


Unfortunately for Stewie, I found a job for him to do today.
I've asked him to take the clothes dryer off the laundry wall and put it in the garage.
Two reasons.
1.  I can use it without making water run down the walls of the laundry, and putting fluff all over the walls too.
2. I can repair the wall where it's been fixed on it with big brackets.

My darling son Steve has found the PERFECT HOUSE  for me :

ABOVE:  He has quite an interesting sense of humor does our Steve.

The dryer is  off the wall.... it took some considerable effort on Stew and Griffin's part though.
They couldn't get it to disengage from the bracket, so Stew had to unscrew the bracket from the wall while Griffin stood underneath the dryer to take it's weight.   But, they did it in the end.

Now I have to clean the wall, fill the holes, wait for them to dry then paint the wall.

OH... and clean under where the washing machine was, cos we had to move it and OMG!  Disgusting mess under it.  GROSS.

3.30 pm:  Home from Sylvia Park, where we had a nice lunch and wander around.  Stew and I ended up buying a couple of little Britto figurines, a little Tinkerbell and a mid-size Mickey Mouse.  The 'mid-size' is a new size and we didn't have any, now we do.  *smiles*

On our way home we stopped in at Manukau and picked up the blanket I had in the Drycleaners, and then we went to Bunnings.   I bought my very own sander!  I loved using Steve's and vowed to get my own didn't I?

Hee hee.  Now I have one and can use it tonight on the laundry walls.

ABOVE:  For someone who needed NOTHING ... I did pretty well.  

End of Day: I've done pretty well to keep 'things' off my mind today.  There's been moments when I remember what's coming up on Monday, and the horrible possibility our next contract could fall over too... but I just have to keep my chin up and know there is NOTHING I can do about it.
Time to head off to bed, another late night.
nite nite


  1. Go sightseeing to places you always intended to go in Auckland but never got around to, or places you want to revisit.

  2. Trip to the beach and collect some shells for your soon-to-be-new-home's garden :)
    ~Nicole in CA

  3. Go to the movies and somewhere nice for lunch, oh and lol Hanky Panky!!

  4. Steve is so thoughtful and considerate, he knows that you will need a rest when all the stress is over...Pmsl Take stew for a walk in the local park. Take photos to remember the fun times you had with the grannies there

  5. Haha, that rest home is one of my clients.

  6. Steve your a classic, a real classic. Aunty is so so very proud of you for finding the ultimate house for your Mum and Dad. I could visit, or even stay there myself. LOL. Welp, heres crossing fingers toes and anything else you dont loose the house you wanted guys. If you were meant to have it then you will, if you werent then it will sell. There will be another one better you will see. HUGS AND LOVE..

  7. You only JUST put your home on the market. Sometimes it takes a few months. I know the right buyer with the right finances will come by soon b/c your house is immaculate. :)

  8. I love the new house haha! Love Tinkerbell too, ditto on dryer fluff gross for machines that clean and dry our clothes they make heaps mess!!!!!


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