Wednesday, March 05, 2014


I just had the most lovely time away!
And I'm going to be doing it a darn sight more often.  I missed my girlfriends so much, and it was WONDERFUL to spend time with them all again.

I didn't tell you how I 'sprung' myself on them on Saturday did I?

I spent Friday night with my girlfriend Michele, she was very kind offering me a bed for the night... AND the use of her car even.
I needed to spend my first night with her so my arrival in town was a surprise for my other girlfriends.

It worked!

Sandra, Chris Davies and Anne almost always have morning tea together at The Coffee Club on a Saturday morning.

So... I got Mike to drop me off down the road from the coffee shop on Saturday morning... so I could walk in and surprise the girls.

Before that though, I had set the scene by sending my Birthday Present for Sandra to Chris Davies, for her to give to Sandra at the Coffee shop in the morning.

So, my timing was PERFECT!   Sandra apparently had been secretly expecting me to arrive, but when she got my present from Chris Davies, her heart sank... cos she 'realised' I was not going to arrive for her birthday after all.  *snigger*

I had even expressed my sadness at not being able to be there for her big 50th.  She bought it hook, line and sinker.

Ha ha!

Right, back to me walking down the street, about to surprise her and Chris.  ***Anne knew all about me being there, she was my 'accomplice'... her job was to make sure they WERE there.
So, as I walked up to the coffee shop door, I could see them all sitting at a table, just starting to enjoy their brunch... thank goodness they didn't see ME as I walked to the door!

I stood in the door way, peeked around the glass and kinda yelled 'WHERE'S MINE???" !!!

Chris D looked up and kinda squealed, went bright red and shoved her chair backwards in shock... and shoved the table in front of her!  Anne was scared she was going to wear Chris's food!

SANDRA... well she screamed, covered her face and was shaking, went bright red like Chris (impressive both of you I might add), and I do believe she shed a few tears!   

Awwwwww.  I felt very loved, as did they I think.   *smiles*

It really was perfect.  All those bloody hours on a freakin bus were WORTH IT.  

And I would do it all again just to see my girlfriends again.

So... clearly it was just wonderful.  After the first night with Michele, I spread myself around and stayed with me other 3 girlfriends too.

My whole visit consisted of yakking, eating and shopping... pretty much in that order!

Before I forget... I also wanted to catch up with our son Mike too... OF COURSE!  And I did manage to see him a couple of times, which was lovely.  We miss him heaps, and look forward to the day he MOVES NORTH, so we can see him all the time.  HURRY UP MIKE.  We miss you dreadfully.

Also, I had three shops I really wanted to visit in Palmerston North, and I did.  AND I bought a little something from each of them.

Ya gotta shop on holiday eh?

Well... I do.

Now... I am going to bugger off, unpack, get me washing on, spend some time with Master Dante, then upload some photos!

I hope you come back later to see if any of me photos are good!  I can't even remember what I've taken with me camera.  Hmmmm....

Whoops,  I forgot I had a doctor appointment!  So right now I'm sitting waiting to get me blood pressure checked.  My appointment wad for 10 am...  but he's running late, no surprises there.   *sigh*

Fingers crossed me b.pressure is down.

Dumm dee dooo.....

Yaaaa!  My blood pressure is back to within 'normal', so I'm happy and so it the Doc.

After seeing him, I went to the mall to do a few things, check out a few things, and just wander for a while.

It was lovely.

Then I came home and cooked myself lunch... onion/peas/brussell sprouts and gravy.  So yum.

Then Bex and I watched a few taped Home and Away episodes.  And then I hopped on here to update.


ABOVE:  Sandra's reaction to me arriving at the coffee shop.  LOL

ABOVE:  Blowing out her birthday candle.  The wee girl is her granddaughter Ella.  She's the wee girl who jumped into bed with me on the Saturday night.

Unbeknownst to me, the family were frantically searching for her the following morning... scared shitless she had been abducted!   The last place they looked?  In the bedroom I was in... and of course she was with me... sound asleep we both were.

 ABOVE:  Sandra's little girl Honey, begging for tid bits.  She got heaps!

ABOVE:  somewhere under all that fluff is my girlfriend Chris D!   Harley on the left and Buddy on the right.

ABOVE: I have always loved this art work ... and yaaa, I spotted a Mini!  
Spotting minis is a 'family thing'... usually whoever spots the most when we are out and about kinda 'wins'... but we don't win anything tangible, just kudos.

ABOVE:  a lovely view of the Manawatu from the bus.  
 ABOVE:  Hey Chris D ! ... look who I spotted in the Square while I was waiting for my bus yesterday morning.  None other than your Mum, busily striding home.
Chris D's Mum walks for MILES every single day... more often than not with the dogs, Buddy and Harley! 
For a woman of her age, she is AMAZING!

ABOVE:  A few views of the Square in Palmerston North, it's right slap bang in the middle of the city.  And is a gorgeous area.

ABOVE:  taken at Flat Hill... the place the bus driver stopped at for us to have a lunch break.  That goat was funny.  He really, really wanted that yellow plastic bag! 

ABOVE:  my girlfriend Michele and Gary, and their beautiful cats.
Ya all know I ain't a cat person eh?
Well... I actually thought her cats were lovely.  I surprised myself even!

Right, that's me for now.  I will pop back after dinner and sign off for the day... unless something happens and I have to share!

End of Day: well it was a quiet evening.  I did some sewing (at last), and then watched Hostages on the telly before bed.
nite nite


  1. Sounds like you had a great time. What 3 shops did you visit? I'm not too far from PN.

  2. Glad you had a good time mum

  3. It sounds like you had a great time!! It's always nice to get away but especially to great friends :)

  4. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Hi Chris, sorry I haven't commented much lately. I am still reading! I am very happy you had a break away and had such an excellent time. Your friendships are such good ones and it is great you get to continue to see them, even if it is not often enough. Mike being so far away must be tough. I am missing my sister in Dunedin at the moment - she just broke her ankle and she is at home with a two year old and a baby. Hope she is okay - I am glad Mum is there for her! Will be back on my own blog very soon, have been slack! Love to you all, Penny xo

  5. Yay so pleased you had a wonderful time away, lovely photos of all your travels.

  6. hey! those pix are great.... glad you had a nice break with all your girlzzzzz xxx

  7. It's good when a surprise works out!
    I like the photo of the standing dog!


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