Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I had intended to attempt making a slip cover for the 'new' lounge chair.  I've changed me mind.
I don't want to even try it.  I'm not that confident, so I'm just going to have a strip of the blue/white fabric running down the middle of the chair, and start saving to get it recovered professionally.  It's worth it, as it's a super comfy chair.

Stew bought home upholstery cleaner last night, so today I'm going to clean it.

I have tracked down fabric that matches the little footstool cover and the head rest already made... and I'm going to make more like them for the rest of the lounge furniture.  All 'matchy matchy'.   *smiles*

So, after breakfast Bex and I are going down to Manukau to do a few odd jobs and pick up said fabric.

Then home to do some sewing I suppose.

Until then... I have these:

 ABOVE:  if you can't find Dante... just look for his Granddad.  He's sure to be with him.

ABOVE:  Teddy... a month out of his cone now... fingers crossed he stays that way.

Coco has come into 'season' again, so she has to spend her days confined to the hallway and laundry.  She will be confined for the next 14 days or so.  Teddy will keep her company most of the time.

No puppies this time around.  I'm still a bit undecided about IF she will have a fourth litter or not.  I think the only reason I'd let her have another litter would be so we could FINALLY keep one of the girls, to continue the 'breeding' side of things, which mostly we enjoy.

Oh I almost forgot!  Dante smacked Griffin in the mouth with a tupperware shaker last night.  Broke the top off one of his lower front teeth!
Griffin is going to see the Dental nurse at school about it today.  It may need filing so it doesn't feel so jagged.  
If I remember, I'll take a photo and show you once he's out of bed.


BUGGER, I forgot to take a photo of Griffin's tooth and he's gone to school now.  

ABOVE:  Yaaa!  I couldn't get the fabric with the small blocks (bottom right), but the shop had the bigger pattern, so I got some of that.  And at Spotlight they had a perfect match for the plain fabric to go with the nautical fabric.  A very successful morning's shopping.  

Lunch time, watch Home and Away (Australian Soap Opera type programme), then sewing this afternoon.  

My day is sorted. *smiles*

WHOOPS!  I forgot to say 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' to Kelly on me blog today.  She's 32.  

I have been busy:

ABOVE:  two cushions for the lounge, I just recovered the cushions I already had.

ABOVE:  Dante loves the new chair... and playing with fabric mug rugs.  He even noticed the new cushions.  Observant wee man.

End of Day:  feeling a bit blah tonight.  Tired I think... or just feeling a bit down.
Who knows.  I sure don't.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous9:59 AM

    oh hope dude's tooth is going to be ok

  2. Little feet in big shoes gorgeous! How are Brylee teeth going ? Griffin could get a GOLD cap!!!! Hope Teddy behaves himself and doesn't get reconed...

  3. The new fabric and cushions looks GREAT

  4. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Love the new chair decorations~ We all have blaah days....I'm having one because I can't seem to feel better from a virus~ hugs~


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