Saturday, March 08, 2014


Let's start with 'odds n ends'...  I went into the Warehouse yesterday to buy tester strips for the spa pool.  Came out with these:

ABOVE:  Dante is mad about planes right now, so I got him some little ones.  And his very own Nerf Gun... not that he can operate it.  But at least he has his own.  I also finally found some microfibre hair towels to try.  Been wanting some for ages.

I also found some Skip Boo cards.  We were introduced to the game of Skip Boo about 23 years ago, when we went down to Hanmer Springs to meet Stew's birth mother, and the rest of his bio family.

It's been many, many years since we have played Skip Boo... since my brother Vern died in fact (1999). Stew, Vern and I used to play it all the time together.  So, last night Steve, Bex and I played it and it was just so nice. 

First time we three have played cards in a while too.  We all thoroughly enjoyed playing it, and Stew said he would join us another night.

And yep, I got the mints too.  Nice to have in ya handbag.

Guess what?   I didn't get any tester strips for the spa after all that.  They had some, but they were for IPhone users?  Maybe I could have used them ... not sure.  I will eventually get more.  I'm pretty good at knowing what our pool needs anyway.

ABOVE:  I just love this photo!  Coco was sitting there propped up like a toy on Griffin.  So, so sweet.  Griffin takes a gorgeous photo too... very photogenic.

ABOVE:  more progress on Rena's Ballerina. This will be the last photo of it, I want to do the finishing touches and give it to Rena for her Birthday on the 22nd ... then I will post a photo of the finished project.

I hope Rena likes it!  Kelly, don't show her this photo, I'd like it to be a surprise from now on.

Today my Dad would have been 80 if he'd not died 14 years ago.  I can't imagine what he would have been like as an 80 year old!  Probably still driving a V8 Holden Ute and hanging out at the Game Fishing Club in Whitianga.  lol

Hopefully we catch up with Mike sometime today,  I doubt he will be playing netball, so we should be able to spend some time with him.

We are also picking Keera up for the weekend. Saturday and Sunday only.

Right, I'm off to wash me hair and give that Microfibre Hair Towel a whirl.  Let's see what it does to help draw the water from me mop.

P.S.  No one has yet guessed any change on my blog correctly, because nothing has changed YET.  I did say it would take a while to be noticeable.

Well... Miss Muppet has arrived for the weekend...

 ABOVE:  she is already happily playing with the toys.

ABOVE:  Teddy has his cone off.  I took it off because it was cruel keeping it on.  If he chews himself, he will have to deal with the consequences.  So far... in a period of about 24 hours, he's not done too much damage at all!
I am surprised.   

He still has an area on his hindquarters that's a bit itchy still.  But, I am TOTALLY over the cone and how it caused his ears to get infected, then making him smell DREADFUL.
Over it.

If it doesn't work.... maybe an injection IS the best thing for him, and us.

LYNDA:  Nope.


We have been out and about today.  We caught up with Mike and Joyce at the Netball venues.

 ABOVE:  Mike getting his ankle taped up in the hope he could play.  He didn't play though.  His team lost, bugger.

ABOVE:  Dante didn't like the netball.  It was too loud, and too hot. 

ABOVE: Keera on the other hand had a ball.  She loved being there.  Deceptive photo, it was actually very busy inside the venue.

ABOVE:  Steve, Mike, Joyce and Joyce's baby niece Mia. 

After Mike's team had played, we left for home. 

Did you all notice Mike trimmed his whiskers right back?  He looks like himself again now, not some bushy hobo! 

End of Day:  another really lovely day.  I even got some sewing done late this afternoon!
Score.  AND after dinner and the babes were in bed, Steve, Bex, Stew and I played Skip Boo.  It was neat.
Funny how you get the munchies when you are playing cards!
nite nite


  1. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Chris a towel would've done the mopping of ya hair girll!! Let us know if it works and I might just go to Poundland and pick one up. Cheap and cheerful, I love that store.
    Kisses, Claire from Hartlepool

  2. Oh I've noticed. No mention of certain people anymore. Just those who live with you. Yes?

  3. Change in publishing of certain peoples photos .

    1. Was going to say the same, and one in particular.

    2. Yes!! I agree :)

  4. Don't you just hate going out for one job and not getting the one thing you were out for! Rena ballerina quilt is coming along nicely....

  5. Wow it looks so good mum g haven't shown rena any of it yet want it to be a total surprise for her and her birthday starts at 2

  6. Glad you had another chance to spend time with mike and Joyce. Change is what magpie said shame tho soooo cute :)

  7. Poor Mike, I bet he was frustrated as hell having to watch & not play. Nice for you guys to spend some time with him & Joyce though.

  8. We dont get to see Keera's sweet little face? I bet Rena loves her present,it is so cute.

  9. Must be something in the air! My son has removed his bushy red beard.

  10. Anonymous10:46 PM

    No photos of Keera, that's my bet. Hope you are OK! cranks x

  11. But we shall miss the cute little lady!! :(
    You are one strong woman to deal with all that is thrown at you. Your care for your family, particularly your grandbabies is amazing. The universe will definitely repay you at some point!

  12. Skip Bo and munchies…yep they go hand in hand. Glad you enjoyed your day x

  13. Is net ball basically like indoor volleyball?


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