Monday, March 03, 2014


Good morning!
Today my girlfriends are all back to work, so I am going to visit a few shops that I used to love when we lived here.

Anne has very kindly given me the use of her car for the day! 

I don't have any photos to share until I can download them tonight at Chris D's... sorry. 

Right, better get my butt into gear.


ABOVE: My darling Mike... sporting a full on mo and beard!!!

I wonder how long it will last?  lol

SHOPPING... *drool*... couldn't resist. 

I never knew how much I relied on a computer with a mouse and separate keyboard before!

I am now at Chris Davies home for the night... she's still at work, poor Chick.

Shopping and morning tea/lunch/afternoon tea:

Sandra and I had morning tea together, then I went to a fabric shop and got some fabric... I couldn't just LOOK !

Then I met Janene for lunch... it was wonderful to see how happy she was.  She is expecting a wee baby boy with her Partner Andrew... very soon.
Very exciting.  I can't wait to see photos of him.
I'm a sucker for babies... we all know this !

AFTER lunch, I went to another favourite shop and browsed... and then I bought three gorgeous tea-towels.  I was going to give them to my Mum for her birthday....  BUT... we will see!  I rather like them myself.  *smiles*

LOL... after THAT... I met up with Chris Davies for afternoon tea (her lunch).  Then I went to another of my favourite shops just out of the town centre (Something Different), and OMG!!!

They sell the Polish Pottery I love so much!!!
I looked, drooled, took photos, and ended up buying ONE PIECE for my teeny, tiny 'collection'.

I took photos so I can order another piece at some point.  Something Different does NOT have an email address, they don't have a website or NOTHING, so if I want more I will have to send them a photo of what I want and pay via direct debit I suppose?  Shit, maybe they don't do that either?

Oh well... I will sort it out somehow.  She did have a couple of pieces I would love... dummm deee doooo. 

Right, I'm going to have a go at downloading some photos now... wish me luck.  I have been having trouble doing that on other people's computers.


 ABOVE:  Mike's rat tail is getting VERY long!
 ABOVE: Anne cooking Mike's dinner last night on her nifty BBQ.  Proving us girls can BBQ... lol.
ABOVE:  Polish Pottery.  They have started adding more green into their pottery, and some more patterns.... none of which I like at all.  I love the blue and spots the most.
I am just so thrilled to find ANOTHER shop that sells it here in New Zealand.
End of Day:  early... as I want to spend the night yakking!   I mean, that's what I came down to do pretty much, catch up with my girlfriends and yak myself silly until I can come down again.
So... nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:44 AM

    Chris, get Mike to shave it off!! Not only is it scary but it doesn't suit him. Mike what ever possessed you to sport a dead cat on your chin?
    Regards Angela Angelou

  2. Nice photo mike. cave man style

  3. Looks like you've had a lovely weekend away!!! Quite deserved :0)

  4. Sounds like you are enjoying a lovely weekend. I really like todays fabrics. I am glad you bought yourself a wee pottery memento.

  5. Looks like you are having a great time! Mike's beard sure got full quick!

  6. Sounds like a lovely time. So glad you had a chance to do this.

  7. How lovely a day of mooching CHRIS our Bric a Brac shop here in TAUPO I'm sure they sell that line of pottery DO YOU stop over text me the shop is near the bus stop I come get you!!!!!........ Mike looks so much older furry faced lol.

  8. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Rats tail - eeeewww you should have bitten it off lol. Glad you are having a lovely time, Bec

  9. Was great to see you today Chris, you are looking fantastic, and I'm sure the break away will have done you the world of good.


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