Friday, March 07, 2014


Last night, for all of about 2 minutes, I deleted my blog.  


I just get so angry with things that I can't change.

You can thank Steve, Bex and Stew for my blog still being here.  I really was going to stop blogging.  

Sometimes I think my life would be so much easier without having a blog.  Without worrying about who is reading it, or who is getting all crabby about stuff on it.

BUT...  As Steve and Stew said, I should not let the few ruin what the majority enjoy.  So... I'm still here.

There IS going to be a few 'noticeable changes' on my blog though.   I will not say what they are, I will wait and see how long it takes to be obvious.  In the next few weeks I'm sure it will be noticed.

TODAY?  I'm going to the mall.  I am posting a CD to Sandra down in Palmy of her 50th Birthday party.
Not sure what else I shall get up to, but fabric might just feature.  Fabric is like chocolate to me now.

I love it.  And it doesn't have any calories at all!

Before that, a couple of photos: 

 ABOVE:  My friend Sandra, she who just turned 50, loves bears.  She collects them.  I'm not sure how many she has, maybe she doesn't know either, but it's well over a thousand for sure!
Let me assure you, there's more in boxes in the wardrobes... poor things.

But, they are getting a new home built for them very soon.  Then Sandra and Neil will actually have a lounge. 

 ABOVE:  my lunches will consist of rice and meat, with fresh veges added on the day.  I love Rice Risotto.  We hadn't had any in YEARS, but I tried some about a month or so ago and yep, it's lovely.  I add a few more herbs/spices, onions and meat, and it's just delicious.
Clearly I'm not doing 'low/no carb'.  This is what works for me. 

ABOVE:  Last night Dante tried his first ever baby Hot Dog.  I think he liked it once it had cooled down.

ABOVE:  progress on the Ballerina for Rena.
What do you think Kelly?

Last time I was grocery shopping with Stew I spotted these delicious looking bagged Brussel Sprouts.  I ♥LOVE♥ Brussel Sprouts!
This is how Stew sees them:

ABOVE:  Yep, those were his exact words!  Pffffft.

Right... time to bugger off and do something productive... or go shopping.


Well... I haven't been to the mall yet.  I decided to bath the dogs.  It's a beautiful sunshiny day, so they will dry fast.

Now I have to clean 'dog' off me before I go out.

Our son Mike is up here in Auckland with his Netball team, they are playing in the National Competition.  He text me at lunchtime, and told me he had 'fucked his ankle' and wouldn't be playing any more!!!

I've not been able to contact him since then, so I don't know how bad his injury is.   I just hope like hell he's not in hospital getting his ankle set in a cast again.

He's had a broken ankle before, and it took months to heal.  I hope he's ok.

So... I rang around all over the city, trying to track down Mike.  I rang both Indoor Netball venues, the motel and Mikes Team Captain?  Left messages everywhere.
And finally Jade, Mike's team captain rang me back.  Apparently Mike's rolled his ankle, it's not broken.

Huge relief there.  But I was mad as that Mike had not elaborated when he text me, and told me more.  I was worried sick.  So... I told Jade to give Mike a slap around the ears for me.

When Jade caught up with Mike, he told him he had to RING HIS MOTHER! (I wonder if he slapped him for me?)  lol  

Mike was like "How the hell do you know my Mother?" and Jade said "Your Mum and I go waaaaay back!".  

So funny, Mike was like "Really?  How?".

So... all is OK.  Mike probably can't play for the rest of the weekend, which is a shame after coming all the way up here from Palmerston North.

Dinner tonight is courtesy of Bex, mince/bacon/tomato stew with fresh breads.

End of Day:  best evening in a while I must say.
More about that tomorrow, though it wasn't anything earth shattering ... just nice.
nite nite


  1. Hugs Chris! - The ballerina is looking amazing - you are so talented! - Have a great day

  2. I'm glad you didn't delete your blog, I would miss you!

  3. Maria8:40 AM

    Ballerina's eye look cross eyed to me. I know your picture has the eyes like that but I think she would look better if the white glints were both on the right side (or left) not opposites.

    re other stuff, I do love your blog but maybe you should take a wee break from doing it to see how you really feel about it. It should be about what is best for you, not just that people like me like looking at your blog.
    So I would be sorry to see your blog go, but if it is adding too much stress to you life maybe it should go. Try a 'blog holiday' and give yourself a break.

  4. Don't stop blogging. Your blog is pure medicine to me and I am sure many. It makes me laugh and cry. I like most of your family and their part in your life. So don't you dare stop, I need to read about your day.
    It's a ritual, my husband brings me a morning cuppa in bed and I read your blog and check in on FB.
    You are multi talented with words, people and craft.

  5. Anonymous10:28 AM

    I visited your blog when it was "deleted" and thought OH NO!!!!!!! Then it came back so I was very pleased. you're going through a crap time (as always) but good on you - look out for #1 as life is too short. It'll be over before we know it and none of us want to look back and have regrets. I hope other members of your family have a look at themselves and hopefully come to the same realisation. Words hurt. Treat others as you would like to be treated. (That's my mantra and I'm sticking to it!!)
    Have a super duper day.

  6. There will be NO DELETING your blog. I am sooo glad I did not log on during those two minutes. Really though - that choice is up to you. But I would miss you! And how would I know what to get Mother in Law for Christmas??!! She would miss you too!

  7. I see one change already, but that change could have happened months ago LOL

  8. I'm glad you're getting the message that family stuff is just that... you've got to let a lot of it go. Once kids grow up they are adults and entitled to stuff their own life up. I know it is hard to watch - especially where kids are involved. Obviously that's where you need to step in but you need to just look after those in your home.

    Regarding food? I think it's great that you add fresh veges each day. Eat what works for you, just make sure it works :) Brussel spouts? I'll leave them to you!!

  9. So glad you're still here!

  10. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Oh, I hated Brussel Sprouts until I made this recipe -
    SO GOOD!!!!


  11. I'm glad you decided not to quit blogging. You would be missed.
    Your rice and veggies lunch looks yummy.
    Changes, hmm? I'll have to watch for them.

  12. Glad your still here....... What's best for you chick that's what counts !!! Love the ballerina quilt.......deleted side bar !! Sometimes changes are a good thing ....have a great day hugs from meeeeeee...

  13. OK so I'm noticing a thing on the side bar called "words" - is that new? Also I notice the change to "immediate" family... I hope Mike's OK :)

  14. I thinly slice brussel sprouts lightly fry off onion garlic bacon add brussel sprouts black pepper small squeeze lemon DELICIOUS! Hope Mike ankle not too bad, Try to have a relaxing weekend.

  15. Please don't delete your blog... I would have serious withdrawal symptoms!!! I love reading your blog everyday.. 1st thing I do. Love the ballerina quilt... And love the photos xx

  16. You are lucky if you can lose weight and still eat rice!!! I only have to look at rice and I bloat and gain weight..and I love it too!!!
    Bummer about Mikes ankle and how dare he not elaborate and stop you from stressing!! Bloody kids!!

  17. Get well soon, Mike! I am glad to see you doing WHATEVER works for you! Don't put yourself last! :)


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