Friday, March 14, 2014


That means NEXT WEEK is almost here... which means my new machine is going to be here soon.

OMGosh I am so excited.  I am already starting to make 'blanks' for the new stitches 'library'.

Don't know what I'm talking about?  Let me explain.

When I get a new machine, I make what I call 'blank pages'... and then I sew each and every stitch that machine can do onto them.

Like this:

 ABOVE:  these are all the stitches Lemony could do... without changing any of the machine's settings, so they are in the 'Default' sizes.
It is very helpful when you want to know how the stitch will look on fabric.  

And you can then adjust the size/length of the stitch to suit what you are doing.  I have found it very handy to have them up on my wall.

ABOVE:  I am now going to take them down and pass them on to the new owner of Lemony... I hope they find them helpful.   I said yesterday I was going to pass on Lemony's pretty lemon cover too.  OH, and the 25 bobbins that only fit a Husqvarna machine!  No point keeping them.

I finished Rena's Ballerina.  Got the label on last night... DONE!


I'm hoping Griffin is feeling better.   He started vomiting last night after dinner, then continued into the small hours of the night.  Luckily he made it to the bathroom, or was sick into a bucket in his bedroom... cos I can't cope with cleaning up vomit!  Stew does it for me.  Cos... well if I have to clean it up, I vomit too.  

I wasn't feel too flash last night either.  My tummy was rumbling something shocking.  And I was rather scared to 'pass wind'.... !

Time will tell if I have caught the bug, I hope not!

AND I'm hoping LIKE HELL Brylee doesn't get it!
She NEVER EVER even tries to make it to the bathroom when she's sick.  She just lies on her back and spews all over herself and her bed/bedding.   It does my head in when she does that!  She better not do it again or I will make her sleep in the bath.

Shit... that's a bloody good idea!  It would serve her right too.  

I'm not a very nice mother sometimes.  But, can you imagine the mess she makes?  Massive Ikkkk.

Fingers crossed she stays well.  lol


A classic kiwi favourite using Griffin's Malt biscuits

Lolly Cake.jpg


Warm butter and condensed milk in microwave.
Cut up Eskimo lollies into bite sized chunks.
Mix butter, condensed milk, crushed Malt biscuits and lollies together.
Form into a log shape. Roll in coconut.
Chill in fridge for 4 hours.
When set, cut into slices and serve.
  • 120g Butter
  • 1 Packet (250g) of Griffin's Malt Biscuits - crushed
  • 1/2 a tin (200g) of Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 1 Packet (190g) of Eskimo lollies or Fruit Puffs
  • Dessicated Coconut

Oh and Kym, be careful, it's addictive as hell!  We usually double the quantities, cos well... it goes fast.

Righty ho... off to do something productive... like make those blanks.


Griffin has been sick all night.
I have been sick all night.
Stew is feeling crappy too, but has gone to work.

I am going back to bed.  Actually, scrap that, I'm going back to the bathroom.

Feeling very spoilt right now. Bex is looking after me.  She's brought me water and diet coke. .. and turned on my tv so I can listen to music. 

I am feeling much better as long as I keep still!  My tummy keeps cramping, which hurts like hell. But at least the feeling of needing to throw up is gone, for now at least. 

Well, just as well Steve ISN'T afraid of heigjts!  He's abseiling down a huge building today!  Something to do with tightening bolts.  Rather  him than me. 

JEANIE: he used the camera on his phone. 

FROGGY:  The shop gave me a loaner machine.  First time they have done that, so I can still sew.FROGGY...  the loaner is the same as my old machine

I am only going to make the blank 'pages' with it.  I will have to wait for the new machine before I can sew the stitches.  

I'm happy to say Griffin is feeling quite a bit better.  He's even  had a few crackers.
Me?  Still feel dreadful.  Moving from a sitting or lying position makes me get waves of nausea and faint headed.  Not nice.

So... a quiet evening.  I am now up in the lounge with the land of the living.  Hoping to watch Coronation Street... which means kicking Stew off the big telly, but we will see.

End of Day: well today didn't go how I expected for sure.  I don't get sick very often thank goodness.
nite nite


  1. They used to make countertops that look sorta like those cookies... GL with your new machine! Bet you can't wait!

  2. Oh mum and Griffin hope you are feeling better soon i have heard it a 48 hour thing . Can't wait to see the new machine

  3. Oh bugga chris hope you feel better soon !!!

  4. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Hey Chris, I'm excited for you getting a new machine. Seriously, I would look at selling your bobbins on trade me rather than giving them away - worth a small fortune aren't they?

  5. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Thanks so much for the recipe Chris, can't wait to try it :) Lovely picture of Steve so high up!

  6. Wow, would love to see a pic of Eskimo lollies so I can find the Aussie equivalent. Might have a go at that myself. How do you make blanks for your machine without the machine? Does this new one have over 300 stitches? you'll need a bigger wall! lol! Great idea! Shame you have to part with lemony's cover - you'll need to make something else for your new baby :-) How exciting!

  7. I hope you an Griffin both feel better soon
    Yea! for the new machine.
    How did you get that picture of Steve way up there?

  8. Awww man that means everyone is going to get it ((hugs))

  9. Thanks! I knew you had a loaner machine but I didn't think it was the same as the new one, I thought it was like the old one, so I was confused about how you could recreate the new stitches if it was a different type of machine :-D

  10. *FACEPALM* Duh! Of course! Sorry, brain fart! lol!!

  11. OHHHHHHH no eeekkkk I do hope no EXTRA washing from spewing and sickly people and I know the weather isn't going to help this weekend I bet you CAN'T wait for said machine.....
    STAY warm and SAFE this wild weekend... and tie everything down or shift everything that can fly away!

  12. Hope you feel better tomorrow Chris

  13. Wow I would love to be were Steve is I love heights its such a for you and griffin not feeling very well I hope you feel better in the morning

  14. I hope you're feeling better soon Chris. Take care.


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