Wednesday, March 19, 2014


After feeling so happy the past couple of days, something always comes along and drags me down again.  So over shit.

One thing... fairly BIG is going down.  Can't really talk about it for now, cos we just don't know how it's going to pan out.
Let's just say, we are MEGA STRESSED OUT right now.

While Stew and I are trying to be optimistic, it's hard when it could have far reaching consequences for us.  I'm so worried.  Being in this bloody position AGAIN, so soon after the same situation played out over several months last year/early this year.   Grrrrrr. 

I know I'm not being very open about things here today, but I just wanted you to know I'm DISTRACTED, and feeling very down. *** edited below.

I doubt I will get much done in the sewing room today.  I'm just not feeling in the mood.

Maybe I shall read some blogs today and just reach out and say 'Hi' !

Here's that photo of the 'new to me' wingback chair:

ABOVE:  Steve thinks I paid too much for it.  It cost me $30.  I don't agree.  It's cute.  It just needs a good clean for now.

NOW.  Steve wants me to tell you all WHY I love Rhinos.
So, here goes:

I was visiting the Auckland Zoo a few years ago, and while watching the 3 rhinos, one of them decided to have a poop.  So, out it's rear end came what honestly looked like a perfect 'log'... and as it grew longer out of the rhino's butt, it got heavier one presumes, and a big log would fall off the end of the poop.
It looked so funny!  I laughed my head off.

THEN the other 2 rhinos came over to sniff the steaming pile of poop, but the 'owner' of the poop didn't like that so he charged at them to make them leave his pile alone.  He stood over it and guarded it from them!  That amused me even more.

So, there you have it.  I love Rhino's pooping!  
I've been back a couple of times since then and never witnessed that 'event' again.  Sad.

I. KNOW.... I'M. WEIRD. 


Shelved the blog reading idea.  My house needs some serious cleaning/tidying up... and that will keep me mind busy one hopes.

*** Special update with Stew's blessing:

Stew's job is on the line.  His company is Restructuring AGAIN... and his job has been on the line for over 6 months now.  We thought it finally wasn't in February,  when the company said they were NOT going to do the restructure.  So we could finally relax.

But NO.  Monday he got told his job was again on the line due to restructuring... so we are left feeling like our necks are on the chopping block AGAIN.

So damn ANGRY right now.  They have dicked us (and many others in the company) around for 6 months!  6 months of worry and stress.  And now... it all starts again. 

I am so fickle today!  Seriously.  I want to do housework.  But just don't feel like it.  I want to read blogs.  Just don't feel like it.
So, maybe I shall sit quietly and watch some mindless TV instead!

I've been down to the sewing room, and done a bit of re-arranging, tidying up.  Looked at me Dresden Plate Quilt which is patiently waiting to be worked on.
BUT... I think I need to practice using the new machine before I attempt such a big and heavy quilt on it.

So, I am going to make a few mug rugs, or placemats or anything smallish for now.

But not right now.  Maybe if me mood picks up later I will.

FROGGY:  {{{HUGS}}} 

Been having a very quiet afternoon, doing bugger all in fact.  Watched the TV, had a nap... and now I'm going to make dinner.

I made meatballs and cranberry sauce over rice tonight.  The meatballs were just lovely!  I just dashed a bit of this and that in the mix and baked them in the oven, then drizzled the cranberry sauce over them.  I fully expected them to be tasteless and dry, but they were so moist!  Very happy how they turned out.

End of Day:  a funny old day.  Felt a bit better about things tonight, what will be will be, and nothing I do will change that.  So I'm going to try not to worry myself sick.
nite nite


  1. "Hugs". I am sure everything will be fine.

    Love the Rhino story :-)

  2. Smile mum tomorrow is another day. And with all your family around you you will pull out of your funk. Lots of love and support for you and dad in your current situation...

  3. Things always seem to have a way of working out. Life may take you on a different path than you were expecting, but that's not always a bad thing. You have so much love and support around you. X

  4. Oh no and so soon after getting on the right track another bomb hits I do hope Stews job situation improves immediately. Clean clean that's always therapeutic and can let repressed aggression and tension out! I have been meaning to ask for awhile HOW is the hole by the fence saga going? AND how is your shoulder? do you get anymore pain niggles?

  5. Anonymous8:53 AM

    The rhino story is very amusing lol, good little giggle for the start of the day. As for your current situation i hope you it will subside and wont cause to much stress and turmoil in your life. as i can see by reasing your blog today its already causing enough stress that anyone or family can take for now.
    Hope yopur day finishes off better then it started.

  6. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Oh come on Chris!! You've got everyone wondering. Pls tell us so that we can help you. Chances are, it won't happen, what ever it is! A problem shared is as problem halved!
    Georgina, Scotland

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  8. Anne has left a new comment on your post "FEELING A BIT BLAH":

    Chris, as you know, always here supporting you, Stew and family and as we previously said, focus on what you can control while you're feeling like everything else is out of your control, otherwise you will go crazy or make yourself sick if you try to "fix" or control what you can't... God, hope that makes sense and oh btw, no, didn't lose any crackers, though round two is about to happen, gotta run!

    ANNE: I edited out a certain part of your comment as I'm not discussing that issue on my blog. Thanks for understanding, as I'm sure you will. *smiles*

    1. Definitely understand :)

  9. What a worry, but hang in there Chris… xx

  10. My Husband has been made redundant twice, once when the children were at primary school, and again when the first went off to University. It is hard, it does workout eventually, but I felt like punching people when they told me it would all be OK. It is very difficult and stressful, I had part time jobs both times so that kept me sane, as I would have gone mental without some escape from it all.

  11. I so honestly know how you feel Chris. I hope it gets resolved quickly and the best outcome.

  12. Anonymous1:07 PM

    I know just what you are going through Chris as I have just watched Rose and Gus go thru the same thing. Its the not knowing too that is so unsettling. My thoughts are with you. Love Lois

  13. Hard - and scary - fingers crossed for you all!

  14. Fingers crossed for Stew. And as for that chair - it's gorgeous. Steve is wrong. $30 is an absolute bargain.

  15. We are in a similar situation in that Stu is actually closing his business. No job... he is going to have some time "off" and after that not sure! I feel for you though as your circumstances are different. Worse case scenario get out of Aukland... everywhere is cheaper :)

  16. Love the chair, I think $30 was a good price.
    Fingers crossed on the job situation, we seem to go through the same thing every couple of years. Seniority doesn't count in hubby's job any more

  17. Anonymous1:18 AM

    Think Id be looking for another job instead of waiting for the axe to fall....


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