Thursday, March 20, 2014


Spotlight has a sale on today and Bex wants me to go and get her a King Size Mink Blanket.  She has a Playcenter meeting, so she can't go herself.

I don't mind as I want to pick up a blue seersucker tablecloth I saw there yesterday.  I'm going to use it to cover that cute little wingback chair.

It will only be a throw over cover of course.  I am in the process of making  head and arm rests cloths for it too...

ABOVE:  of course, I found some gorgeous nautical fabric in my stash to use.  The flip side fabric is lovely too.

ABOVE:  there ya go... now it's clear McDreamy is bigger than Lemony.  And so much cuter too.

Right, I better pull finger and get into gear.  Don't want to miss out on one of those Mink Blankets for Bex...


ABOVE:  the tablecloth I just got.  I have just draped it over the chair for now... I will have a go at making it 'fit' on better after I've done the housework.

Question:  If you were in a carpark, let's say at Spotlight this morning, and you watched a man drive into the Disabled Carpark right beside the door, get out with his wife, and see them both WALK with no obvious disability at all, into the shop ... what would you do?

I kinda walked up to them and said "Just where is your wheelchair?  You are parked in the Disabled Carpark you wanker!"

He totally ignored me, like I wasn't there at all.   I was so angry I wanted to hit him.  What a jerk.

We do have Disabled Permits that are issued to people who need them, and they did not have one.  

These two people CLEARLY had NOTHING wrong with them.  If they were disabled, it was in their heads.

I did walk around their car before saying something, as did a couple of other people. 
I was not the only person there who was annoyed with them.

Their 'attitude' was obviously screaming 'Whatever' as they sauntered into the shop.

OK... MAYBE the driver was disabled IN SOME WAY... but he didn't display a Disabled Permit, he was ignorant and arrogant when confronted about parking there, and Dee, if I'd thought of that, I would have done it.

Lesson Learnt?  Don't post about this sort of stuff again.  


So, I've just completed cleaning the kitchen bench and the extractor fan.  It took me 2.5 hours!  In between, I did 3 loads of washing, hung it out, and ate about 30 jelly beans.

*sigh*  Stress does nasty things to my head.

Funny how one ill advised thing I did can cause so many haters to crawl out of the woodwork!  I have never said or implied that I was PERFECT.  Of course I make mistakes and when I do... I acknowledge them.

ANON:  I'm not going publish your comment, as I consider what I posted was probably not a good idea, and have drawn a line under it, and it is done.  Maybe I was in the wrong, but at least I tried to stand up for what I believed was right.

BLOODY HELL!  I've been sitting here pondering that unpublished Anonymous comment, where he/she said they got a Disability Permit because he/she had two broken toes.

Hmmm... I know for a fact that :

A) You would not be ALLOWED to drive if you had two broken toes, and...

B) You would not be granted a Disability Permit to cover the 6-8 weeks you were unable to walk properly.

How do I know this?  Because I TOO HAVE HAD TWO BROKEN TOES!!!  AND I was banned from driving for 6 weeks.  So clearly,  it would have been pointless applying for a Disability Permit. 

(I had surgery to break and straighten two Hammer Lock Toes)... in case you were wondering.  I still have the two metal rods they shoved down the middle of each toe to keep them straight.  Ikkkk.  Wanna see them? ...

ABOVE:  they don't look that big, but OMG, I'd rather give birth to a baby than have those shoved down the middle of me toes for 6 weeks!  Every time I knocked them I was instantly in AGONY.   I shudder remembering how awful it felt, and that is easily 14 years ago now.

JUDITH:  thanks, I will.

AND I have copied and published the Anon comment as I think it came from the same person who left a disparaging comment this morning too.

LYNDA:  good points, I did not know you could get a short term D/Permit.  But back to today, the male driver of that car had no physical disability that I or the other people near me could see.  We were ALL annoyed at his bloody arrogance.

End of Day:  well today's post got a bit side tracked from the 'norm'.  Sorry about that.
I will be a bit more circumspect with what I divulge I think!
Anyway, not too bad a day here in the house.  I got carried away with housework, but that's not a bad thing really.
nite nite


  1. Love that nautical fabric OH and Mcdreamy is BLUE too so there ya go HAPPY shopping and sewing today.

  2. Check the car not the driver. Sometimes, even though they can walk, there may be other not so obvious reasons for the disability. If there is no permit on the windscreen, feel free to let rip :-)

  3. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Do you have to have disabled parking permits in NZ? A lot of disabilities aren't visible!

  4. Anonymous11:13 AM

    What would I do? I would not ASS ume that because I could not see a wheelchair, that there was no disability requiring a disabled car park. Does NZ have disabled car parking permits? If so, and if they had one, it's absolutely nothing to do with you, it's up to the office issuing them to know about that person's disability. I think they did well to ignore you, your utter rudeness could have attracted a very different response.

    1. I think you're the one making ASSumptions, Anon. Chris did absolutely the right thing. No permit, no park.

  5. Better to say "OH You forgot to put your card in the window". As there are a lot of people who are disabled but you can't tell looking at them. eg brain injury, that makes you tire very easily and you can appear OK till you literally drop.

    check this story out.

  6. Take photos of the car in the parking spot, ideally ( if possible) one that includes the Disabled Parking sign and the windscreen where the ticket/sticker should be and print them out and take them to council.

    1. Sorry if that came across wrong. It just annoys me a lot . My sil use to think that it was good when she borrowed her fathers disabled sticker because that meant she didn't have to walk so far.

  7. If the car didn't display a disabled permit you had every right to be suspicious and they were just rude. A few years back when my best friend was dying from cancer she had a disabled permit. She looked just fine but couldn't breathe well enough to walk any distance at all.

  8. I have a disabled sticker / permit and yeah it frustrates me no end when we've driven round and round trying to find a spot, have to get one far away that's not disabled friendly, then to go past these cars and find them there without permits? Yes there are "invisible" disabilities etc but to be honest, no matter the disability, if you want to park there legitimately, then get a permit, simple. So, doesn't matter if we can or can't see / tell if someone's disabled, if they have a permit great, if they don't then "photo & shame" :)

    There are websites where you can go and post photos of the cars parked clearly in the disabled spot AND with no permit..

    Our local centre will go and check then report which is great plus they've told me that if there are no disabled spots available, I can park in the "Parent's with Prams" spots as they see it, (and my daughter laughs all the time bout it, she's pushing me, so I'm like a child in a pram sigh) lol

    As for approaching ppl, I tend not to do that anymore as it can become nasty, people that park illegally get very defensive and it's a dangerous combination, so .. long winded answer is, if there's no permit then they can't park there even if they are legitimately disabled, do the right thing and get a permit then park, simple

    Anne (and yes it's a very controversial topic)

  9. Hmmm it gets my goat too when people park in disabled parks without their permits on the dash boards (as they should in Aus anyway). Why should my MIL have to park miles away because someone else is using disabled parks they don't have permits for. She is required to display the permit & have her walker in the car if she wishes to use a disabled park.

    Liking the new machine!!

  10. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Good on you Chris, glad to see someone sticking up for those the parks are designed for. No permit showing, no parking. Simple. And you don't have to publish this, but I just wanted to pat you on the back. All the others can just go jump. Remember, tuck your chin in, poke your butt out and extend your middle finger to them all :-) Hugs, Michele

  11. My son rang the council when he saw a similar situation. They came out straight away and booked the person.

    And why do nasty people hide behind anonymity? If you haven't got the guts to own your comments, keep them to yourself! Not just here, but all over the internet. Gutless bullies.

  12. Hey Chris, you should visit this page on Facebook. It is a NZ page that has some naming and shaming....worth having a look at.

  13. Onya, Chris. Next time (and there will be a next time, sadly) whip out your phone, take a pic, and post it on this FB page You've got my carpark, want my disability too? : Too many entitled wankers parking where they shouldn't.

  14. I have just realised that the Anonymous comment left at 11.13 am would appear to be the same person who left the Anonymous comment at 2.46, cos they both used the word "ASS ume". so... I will publish the 2nd one, cos, well... I can.

    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "SPOTLIGHT!":

    Unless someone made you the parking police, why put your sticky nose into a situation that clearly isn't any of your business. Totally disagree with ^^ (Jeanie) the person being rude was Chris, the other people did well to ignore her. Personally I would have felt like socking her in the gob and told her to mind her own friggin business. I've used a disability spot while my permit application was being applied for (after having an accident and breaking two toes). I was told that if anyone made a complaint then my vehicle rego was on the local council file and it would be fine. I didn't have an obvious disability and could walk reasonably well for a short distance (slowly on my heel). Unless you know the full situation (which you don't) then as someone else has said, don't (be an) ASS ume you know everything when you don't. There could have been any number of problems with their health yet you decide to make everything your business when its simply not. No wonder you have so many problems within your own family. People like you will ALWAYS be at war with someone, as you live life hell bent and determined to have conflict.

  15. Two points Chris a) yes you can get a temporary permit for three months and b) if the toes are on the left foot and you drive an automatic you would be able to drive. I mean people drive cars with false legs or even no legs. A left leg does nothing in an auto. Just a thought :)

  16. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Gee... another can of worms opened! The long and the short of it is that REGARDLESS of if his disability was hidden etc. he didn't display his permit. Therefore, as far as I see it, you were well within your moral ground to give him what for. Good on you for saying something. Kate444

  17. Anonymous4:55 PM

    What a load of crock, I drive my grandmother around and can never find parking as she cannot walk long distances. She has a permit I use only when driving her to do her shopping, doctor appointments and hospital visits. Like you all have said no permit no parking. Anon you're just an ASS I would like to punch your goblins for being plain bloody ignorant and rude. You sound like your some kind of cyber bully.

  18. Well Done Chris I too HAVE no problem in telling gormless twits off for parking in the disabled carparks AND ANON ASS off....

  19. Anonymous7:22 PM

    I"m the person who left the first comment with ASS ume. I didn't leave the second.

  20. Being a cleaner in a shopper centre, we see this all the time….people using the disabled parking bays….and we get abused when we remind them what the bays are for!!
    Good on you Chris...

  21. Go Chris! If they were entitled to the park surely they would have told you, the fact they didn't to me means they shouldn't have been there. Wish I had your guts!

  22. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Good on you Chris I take pics and send to the police who I understand send out letters and or issue tickets Get the number plate and no sticker displayed time and location Done
    Mary H

  23. Anonymous9:51 PM

    oh my goodness really, of all the things wrong in this world to bitch about.
    *shaking my head* this is rather pathetic.
    and i am a completely different annon thanks.

  24. Anonymous11:09 PM

    So Anonymous 9.51 ... why are you reading this blog when there is so much more important in the world for you to comment on? Shaking MY head now.

  25. Hahaha this is comical... How sad that some people have nothing better to do than have a go at you Chris! Its simple... don't read. Little red "x" in the top RH corner... *shaking head* Gotta love the internet... ;) Dont even think about letting those comments stop you from posting about thinigs like this Chris... this is you. This is what you believe in... This is what 95% of your readers love about you :) The other 5% obviously just trawl about looking to try and bring people down. You are better than that Chris :) We love ya lots!!!
    oh... I thought about signing this anon too.. just so I felt I fitted in... but thought nah... stuff it... ;) I am me :)

  26. I totally agree with the comment above about saying 'did you forget to display your permit' People who do this without a disability don't care what people think. So I agree Chris, they probably didn't have a disability.

  27. I agree with Wannabe up there, this is YOUR blog say what you want. I admire your bravery in blogging the way you do. Must admit I do enjoy the trolls as well, nice to know there are people out there who are more stupid than I am.


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