Monday, March 24, 2014


Saturday night I captured a few pretty cool sunset photos, but held off showing them as there were already heaps of photos on sunday.

So, ya get them now:

ABOVE:  HOW COOL!  Sadly, the sky doesn't stay like that for long.

I'm so happy it's Monday.  It was a busy sort of weekend.  But my biggest thing is, during the weekend the house gets untidy, and the first thing I always want to do on a Monday is get it TIDY again.
Clear kitchen bench, vacumed, swept, washing out, .... you get the drift.

I have Hospice Shop this afternoon, so I better get on with said housework.


I stayed in bed till 9 am!!  The dogs got me up by kissing me and bouncing all over the bed.  NICE.  *smiles*

Well, I got up with a real mission to get the housework all done, and I feel so good doing it all too!   I wonder if I'm the only person around here who loves doing housework!

I'm sitting here with a big smile on me dial to be exact... the dogs keep lying down beside me when I stay in one place, but I'm about to get up again and attack Griffin's windows.  THEY ARE DISGUSTING!

Well... I'm home from Hospice Shop duty... and feeling really proud of myself.

We have a new till/computer system, and today was the first time I had to use it.
And I only had 2 stuff ups all afternoon... and with one of them, even the boss had to look up the instructions to work it out!  

It is going to take a while to get used to it, but I can see how awesome it is going to be in the long run.
We have had 'discrepancies' in the till totals some days, but now that should not be possible with the new system.  

Today I was very circumspect with my spending, and ended up only buying ONE thing:

ABOVE:  this darling little glass jug and dish.  It was too bloody cute to leave ... I just had to get it.  Another dust catcher.  *sigh*

Dinner tonight:  beef and bacon stew, courtesy of Bex.  Can't wait, I'm starving.

Well, dinner was just lovely.  Any meal I haven't had to cook is, let's be real.  lol

End of Day:  another lovely day done and dusted.  Looking forward to tomorrow.  I'm going have a go at cleaning that 'new to me' lounge chair.
nite nite


  1. HA! That last pic looked like a pig was flying...

  2. Rena's SIXTH birthday!?!?! Time flies. She's as gorgeous as ever and so if the fantastic quilt and pillowcase you made for her. The birthday outing looks like everyone had a blast!
    The sunsets are really beautiful.
    I'm with you on a tidy house. But window washing-- not my fav job!
    Take care,

  3. I'd rather sew than do house work.
    I hope you are going to use that cute little jug.
    Would be great for mint sauce with the Sunday roast. :)

  4. Lovely sunsets nice colours. Very good of you to only spend on one item well done.

  5. Glad to hear you had such a lovely day. What a treat to have someone else cook dinner.
    Your sunset photos are gorgeous.


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