Monday, March 31, 2014


I must do the grocery shopping this morning.  *sigh*

Once that is done I will be off to Hospice for my shift this afternoon.

Until then... how about a few photos?

 ABOVE: Last night's dinner, cooked by Steve.  Homemade butter chicken and homemade Naan Garlic Bread.  So YUM!   Well the bread was, the butter chicken was too hot for me, so I only ate a bit of the rice.

 ABOVE:  this kid needs a haircut!  He might get one today, if one of Bex's friends at Playcenter brings her scissors.

 ABOVE:  Dante is rather taken with me new cushions... he really likes them!  

 Ooooo ... wool !

 Ahhh, what do ya think you are doing?

 Come on now... let ... it... go!

 NO Mum!   I wanna play with it!

 Not happy now.
Though, I do still have it!

Yeah!  I still got it.

Right, I better get moving.  Grocery shopping awaits.  It will probably go well cos there will be a lot less people to move around in the supermarket today eh?
Well.. I hope so.


Well... the groceries are in da house.  All frozen and fridge stuff is away.  The rest is gunna have to wait.  I'm KNACKERED.  We only have 11 steps into the house... and I've gone up and down then at least a dozen times!  Carrying heavy groceries I might add.  

Exercise done for the day.  For sure.

*SNORT*  heard a snippet of news this morning... might just have to put it on PEPSI.

Such a cute cat.

Righty ho... lunch then Hospice duty for me.

Oh and Dante did get his haircut, I will get a photo of him when I get home from 'work'.

Home again.  And... I came home with NOTHING!!!  That is  a very rare event.
But... I simply didn't see a single thing I wanted to buy.

We have a new computer/till/scanner at the shop.  It's a nightmare.  Well... it is when you have only used it once last week!

I scanned and keyed in a few items and it came up with a total of $100,588.00!   YIKES!
We had to ring the "back-up, fix it guy"... and he got it sorted out in a few minutes.
I'm still at a loss to explain HOW I did that!

I'm happy to be home.  No scary tills to work with.

Bex is cooking dinner tonight, so I'm going to sit down and just relax for a while.

MICHELLE:  thanks for that lovely comment.  Yes,  I have heard of online shopping, and it is something I would do if I was only getting a small grocery shop.  Ours is never SMALL.  And when it comes to choosing one's fresh fruit etc, I think choosing my own is better than leaving it to some random person who doesn't know what I like. 

Also, Stew works right across the road from Countdown (your Woolworths I think), and he always picks up fresh fruit and veges as we need them ... and sour cream tonight, cos I didn't get any for our wedges tonight.

I look forward to more comments from you.  *smiles*

Comments are lovely.  

LACY:  I think putting such information 'out there' on a public blog could land me in serious trouble!  So, my lips are sealed.  FOR NOW.

End of Day:  well I'm overtired and ready to throttle Griffin.  He's just getting on my wick tonight.  He's not being 'naughty', just annoying. I think I should go downstairs and sew, to stop me getting really angry.
nite nite


  1. Dante is so gorgeous and the facials priceless, I have 16 steps to carry groceries up I hate it too!!!

  2. Dante is so cute.
    Now that's not fair to tease us non pepsi people.
    What news?

  3. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Go on ma....give DCR land a bit of info...I'm holding back on Facebook but f*** the c****

  4. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Hi Chris - I am a long time reader from Australia who is incredibly slack and rarely comments but I just wanted to let you know of the best luxury that I have discovered. Woolworths online grocery shopping! I am sure it wouldn't matter which chain you used but I only got onto this about a month ago and it saves me so much time and money. Also takes away the issue of "not going shopping while you are hungry". Have you ever thought about it?I really enjoy your blog and your pics - There is nothing I like more than down to earth people mwho say it how it is :-) I promise to comment more regularly. Cheers Michelle

  5. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Yea sorry ma I'm just on a name and f**** shame the c*** buz
    It just makes me sick.....I hope we are kind of kept go to date with anything.

  6. Anonymous6:34 PM

    I'm with you about the fresh fruit and vegetables, but what about doing the online shop for the cupboard staples (where you don't mind, and can get the best deal online) and then shopping separately for the other things you want control over (which I get completely - why I never did online shopping). The delivery people might even carry it to your kitchen :-)

    Also, I don't know what is local to you but when we lived in Auckland, we got fresher fruit and veges from a market on Dominion Road for just over half the price at the supermarket. I'm trying to find something similar and convenient in Melbourne. Of course, nothing beats the convenience of having it near Stew's work though. Whatever works for you.

    Well done on your restraint at the Hospice Shop!

    Penny xo

  7. Home made butter chicken and naan? That man of yours is a keeper! And Dante is super adorable with his hair:) I'm sure he looks totally different with his new cut!!!!

  8. I actually don't mind grocery shopping. I do most of mine in a Saturday and go to Nosh,Farro & the local fruit & veg shops for - well fruit & vg. Then I go to Reduced to Clear & then the supermarket. Finally the Mad Butcher depending on what he has on special.

  9. Dante is adorable. Hope you find sometime to relax. All the best.

  10. So nice to have someone else do some cooking for you! I did the big grocery shop this weekend, glad that's done for a week or so!

  11. Dante is looking way too cute! -


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