Wednesday, March 12, 2014


ONE month ago exactly I took 'Lemony' into the repair shop as HE was not sewing decorative stitches at all.  They 'fixed' it for free.

Well, I finally needed to sew some decorative stitches yesterday... and yep... IT WOULD NOT do it.  It's doing exactly the same thing... sewing backwards and over and over in the same place!  OMG I simply don't believe it.

WHAT ELSE CAN GO WRONG WITH THIS F***KING MACHINE?  It has been a right nightmare from the day I bought it.

I decided to enlist Stew's help with it this time around.  I want them to replace it.  How many times does it have to be taken back before they concede it is a dud?  

So... Stew rang the owner of the shop I bought the machine from... Steve N.

Stew told him I was having the same problem with the machine, and we wanted to make an appointment to sit down with him to discuss the machine ...  because I was ready to bring my machine over to his shop and throw it through their shop's front window, AND I was going to make sure there was a film crew from Fair Go filming me when I did it!  (I have threatened to do that quite a few times I might add)

Steve N. said "Aahhh NO, how about your wife brings the machine back and I will talk to Husqvarna about the machine's history, and perhaps your wife should start thinking about what NEW MACHINE she would like to replace it with!" 

Now he didn't exactly say he would replace it for no cost, but I hope so.  The amount of money I have spent taking Lemony backwards and forwards to the repair shop adds up to quite a tidy sum.  

So today, first thing, I am taking Lemony and all the paperwork pertaining to His 'history' over to New Lynn, hopefully for THE LAST TIME!
OMG I hope this is the end of it.  
I am completely and utterly over this bloody machine. 

OH... and I forgot to mention... MRS N. Senior rang me after Stew had that conversation with her son, Steve N, and we had quite a nice conversation.  She is the person who actually sold Lemony to me.  She remembers me.  Funny that.
Anyway, she is looking forward to seeing me today.  I told her I'd made Lemony a lovely new cover... and I told her she would probably laugh when she saw it!  

We will see....  WISH ME LUCK!


Before putting the machine in the car to take it over to New Lynn, I decided it might be prudent to turn it on and double check it is still not sewing properly.
HA!  Now it won't sew ANYTHING, not even straight stitch!  It does NOTHING.  WELL OK... the lights go on... but that's all.  Bloody hell.

Dante is sick.  He started throwing up last night, and Steve said he'd been dry retching on/off all night.  Poor little man.  I don't know what Bex's is doing yet as she's still asleep.  Probably take him to the doctors. 

Right... I'm back.  

I was seen by Carol N, the mother of the owner. *** She laughed her head off at Lemony's pretty cover!***
Anyway, as I expected, the machine did it's thing for her... didn't stitch the decorative stitches AT ALL.  AND she found the foot control to be faulty too, which is why is wouldn't work last night.
So two new faults.

She tried everything in her bag of tricks to make Lemony work, but he wasn't having any of it!
Thank God actually, cos I would have felt bad if Lemony decided to behave for her!

So... she has all the 'ammunition' she needs to talk to the Importer of the Husqvarna machines.  AND we talked about what sort of machine I'd like to replace Lemony with too!
She is trying to get me to take the Husqvarna Demo machine they have there in the shop, it's the newest model and hasn't been used "too much" yet.

But I'm just not sure.  She said the Brother Dreamweaver is a beautiful machine too... so I might think about it.

FIRST time ever, they gave me a loaner machine, the Husqvarna she would like me to take as a replacement.  I'm finally impressed with their service and attitude.  

DANTE: is feeling much better.  Tired but getting more chipper and happy, back to his talkative self.  Bex is slowly easing him back into having food and milk.  There are about 4 other toddlers from their Playcentre group also sick.  Tummy bugs are so infectious, I hope we don't all come down with it.

ABOVE:  the loaner, it's almost identical to Lemony.  
Right, I'm off to use their loaner machine...

Well... of course the loan machine goes like a dream!  So quiet, so smooth, no clunking!
No snagging.  Sews all the stitches as you would expect.
So... I'm now a bit torn between getting another Husqvaran, and the Brother Dreamweaver.

End of Day:  spending some time on the internet looking at the Dreamweaver.  And using the loaner.  Dante seemed to be much better this afternoon, but threw up when put to bed tonight.  Still not 100% obviously.
nite nite


  1. That bloody machine has been a pain ever since you bought it and yes stand your ground re a new machine.
    Poor master Dante hope he feeling him cheeky self again oh god hope it's not a bug and goes thru the whole house. I'm thinking how much washing that could produce. With your houseful. Doesn't bare thinking about xx

  2. Hi Chris, I know you have to take the machine to the retailer because of warranty etc and see it through.. but if (in the future) you want to check out the best sewing machine repair person I've ever come across - check out Paul Sheffield here: <thats his "Trademe" shop link.. he works out of home but has been doing repairs for all sorts of shops for over 30 years but is now semi retired.. anywho, good luck with Lemony! (I had a walk away from my machine moment last night) :) :)

  3. Don't let them fob you off to the manufacturer, the retailer is responsible for rectifying the problem and in this case you are more than within your rights to have it replaced as they have been given plenty of opportunity to repair it. Good luck.

  4. OMG i would definitely be demanding a new machine at no cost the amount of shit that machine has put you through. Good thing you didn't put it through the Window. Or you would have to pay for the Window.....what did you break yesterday

  5. Agree NO more and nope you don't have to let them have the manufacturer look it over! Just plonk it on counter and say right which machine am I replacing this piece of shyte with!!!!! lol Hope Dante feels better soon and hope your household doesn't get too sick, perhaps Keera was passing it on over the weekend? Maybe she should have stayed home with mother?

  6. I had a feeling that your "lemon" had more dramas left in her yet ... I wish that feeling had been wrong! Maybe you should use google maps to work out the number of return kms you have done taking the machine to the shop and picking it up - then times it out by the current Government mileage rate of 77 cents per kilometre - to add to your ammo for the discussions with the shop. I hope you get a new machine - you seriously deserve it after all you've been through! Make sure they know it was your old machine that sewed the beautiful lemon cover!!

    I hope Dante is feeling better soon.

  7. OMG, that Lemon must be THE most frustrating thing!!!! Does it play up in the shop or does it behave when you take it in? xxxxxx

  8. You absolutely should be offered a new machine. And extras for all the hassle and travel etc. Enough is enough. Can't wait to hear the outcome.

  9. I hope the machine acts really crappy for the repair guy. Nothing more frustrating than living through repair hell only to have it work like a dream for the fixit guy.

    ((Dante)) poor baby. :(

  10. I love the cover! I hope it fits your NEW machine!!!

  11. You have had more than enough frustration with that lemon of a machine. I get the idea that there had better be a resolution when you take it in or there will be an "or else" they won't want to deal with.
    I hope little Dante is feeling better fast.

  12. love the lemon cover!! hope you get a new machine, you deserve one...Sorry Donet is sick. Hope he gets better quickly...debbie

  13. Poor Dante…hope he better soon.

    Lover the cover….hope its goodbye to the lemon !!

  14. Maria2:32 PM

    Do they have Janomes? As they have a very good rep for being trouble free

  15. Oh I hope you enjoy the machine! How wonderful that FINALLY they are doing something on this. Only think if you were less persistent.

  16. I'm glad they are finally taking you seriously! Poor Dante, hope no one else gets it!

  17. I love my Bernina. Jermone have a good rep. Not keen on brother.
    Too exciting to be getting a new one. About time they did right by you.

  18. Good news about the machine, it sounds like you will be sorted.

    I hope poor Dante feels better soon.


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