Sunday, March 30, 2014


Same story, different week.  Needs must, we shall do the grocery shopping today.
And I'll try to go when I'm NOT hungry!
Hunger in a grocery shop = bad choices.

I'm trying to pull myself out of the diet funk I've been in lately.  I actually haven't done any damage to the numbers, but I've not lost anything either.  

PEPSI:  I didn't clarify something yesterday.  If I DO NOT KNOW YOU, and you ask for an invite to read it... I'm sorry but I have to say 'NO'.

Pepsi is only for readers I know and trust.
And no family readers either.  PEPSI is like my sound proof 'room', where I can let off steam and keep a record of stuff worth remembering one day.
Like a private diary.

So, sorry if I have said 'NO' to you.

After making that really lovely cushion cover yesterday, I looked at the ones I'd already made and decided to tart them up a bit.
I got one re-done last night:

ABOVE: what do ya think of me bows?  I ♥ love ♥ them.

Now... apart from the grocery shopping, and some more sewing, that's 'it' for the day so far.
I'll be back later, of course!


Well.... grocery shopping might just have to wait until this evening.
We are all going out for lunch, then plane watching!  It's Dante's most favourite pastime.  lol
How do we know this?  Cos he goes nuts when he sees a plane.

LYNDA:  we have it on my computer, and we have already seen that there's heaps of planes flying in/out this afternoon. is an awesome site.
Thanks for telling us about it.

Hi!  Back from our little jaunt.  We all grabbed lunch from Jesters Pies... the one I got tasted exactly like my beef & bacon stew!   It was therefore delicious.  

We saw heaps of planes landing, I will only show you a few... cos it could get a bit boring.  Ya had to be there... lots of people like us were... enjoying having a picnic and seeing all the planes:

ABOVE:  We hadn't long been there when two of my most favourite planes flew in.  Air New Zealand BLACK planes.  Love them.  

ABOVE:  a few others too.  
It was a lovely way to spend an hour or so.

Once home I fell asleep on the couch!  *smiles*

Now:  off to do some sewing, then dinner and freakin grocery shopping, I've done rather well putting it off so far.

End of Day:  well... who ever feels like going grocery shopping after dinner really?  Not me.
So, grocery shopping will have to be done tomorrow morning.
nite nite


  1. Love them Chris, You are so clever. Have an awesome day.

  2. Love the cushions Chris, you have such a talent. Have an awesome Sunday.

  3. If you have that flight radar app on your phone you can see what planes are coming and going - makes it more fun!! We love plane watching :)

  4. The cushions are great love the bows, and the stitching on the other one too. Enjoy plane watching.

  5. Yes, I know you have it on your computer - it's just that if you have it on your phone at the airport you can point it at the sky and see what's coming... it tells you. Have fun.

  6. Hey Chris, Have sent you an email re Pepsi, completely understand if you decide not to accept my request.

  7. That's so cute that he loves the planes so much! Free entertainment! When Trevor and my nephew were little I used to tell them that the crop duster (not when it was spraying though) was Stuart Little (same color plane lol). They loved it haha.


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