Wednesday, March 26, 2014


What's the hap's here?

Bugger all.

I'm going to continue sewing cushions today.
I started the 3rd one last night, and so far, it looks like this:

ABOVE: I've introduced a different fabric in this one... That's the ship's wheel block.  See the gorgeous spiral stitch pointed at?  That is one of the 'decorative' stitches my McDreamy does.

He is still going like a 'DREAM', not one hiccup at all.  So thankful.

ABOVE:  Master Laid-Back, enjoying popcorn while watching the TV.

So, that's me for now... nothing new to report.
Lacy and Keera are coming over later on this afternoon.  They are staying the night too.


Bugger.  Griffin's tooth is hurting now.  He thought the mobile Dental Clinic was at his school yesterday, so I didn't make him an appointment anywhere for the tooth to be looked at.
Now I will have to, as the mobile clinic had left his school by yesterday.
I'm a bit worried that it's hurting him now.  

Once I've done that, I am popping down to Spotlight to get a few patterns.  I saw some neat home decor patterns when I flicked through the pattern books yesterday, but couldn't sit and browse as Bex and Dante were with me, and I could have looked for ages.

SO... I drive down to Spotlight to look at patterns.
The sign says "Buy three for $12 from Simplicity or New Look patterns"... so I happily browse for about 3/4 of an hour, choose three and then set out to find them in the pattern drawers.  NONE of the 3 I wanted were there, so I go and ask a Sales Lady if they have them?

She said no, and the sale price is only for patterns they have IN STOCK... and she points out where it says that on the sign ... in the small print.   So then I ask her how much would they be to order in? 

She told me they were various prices... and I would have to go back to the books, find the patterns and their Price Brand, then she could order them in.

By then I was feeling really CRABBY, so I said, NO thanks... and left.

What a wasted hour and a half, though I am going to ring around and see if any of the other Spotlight stores have the patterns I want. 

Home now, and sorting out Griffin's tooth.
He has an appointment this afternoon at a school in Manukau (that has a dental clinic).

Not long until I have to pick up Griffin.  I've got a really nasty headache, one that is making me feel like throwing up.  Ugh just what I need.  I've not even done any sewing, I just lay down for a couple of hours and ... didn't help.

Well.. the dental nurse has told me Griffin has to be seen by a Dentist.  So, luckily our local dentist can see him at 5 pm tonight.  So we will be going out again in just a mo...

UPDATE on the tooth:  The dentist took and x-ray and told me BOTH Griffin's two front bottom teeth are DEAD!!!

Now how that happens and shows up in 48 hours is beyond me.

The dentist started talking about two root canals, which will take 6-8 months work to complete and I said :  

"WHOOOO... stop right there!  I will need to get a 2nd opinion before anyone starts doing root canals on my 12 year olds two front teeth!"

He said OK, so we are going to another Dentist of Friday for a 2nd opinion.

End of Day:  felt really ill after dinner.  Ugh.
Don't know why ... maybe remnant of headache still affecting me?
Oh well... I'm going to sew for a little while and just chill out.
nite nite


  1. Oh no not a toothache :(

  2. Poor Griffin. Hope they get him all sorted. Bugger about your wasted time in Spotlight - got to love the small print :-)

  3. Maybe the teeth were already dead and that's why it broke so easily?

  4. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Oh my, diffinately need a 2nd opinion root canal for a 12year old. Poor Griffin hope your head ache ease's. Have a good rest tonignt.

  5. A good idea to get a second opinion in a situation like this... PS: belated WOW on Rena's quilt and pillow-case. I know first-hand how amazing your personalised kids items are xxxxx

  6. Agree 2nd opinion then I would be asking Why did they die? etc, I really like those cushions they are bright and the stitching so cool.

  7. So sorry I haven't checked in for so long. I've missed you and your family:( I am really sorry to hear about Griffin's teeth. There is nothing worse than tooth problems, especially on such a young man. Best wishes for positive results on Friday:) Dante is just as adorable as ever and those cushions are going to be gorgeous:)


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