Thursday, March 06, 2014


Here's a photo of the two gorgeous tea towels I bought while in Palmerston North...

ABOVE:  I'm not that fussed on the cats, but my Mum will love it.  The other one is gorgeous.  It's given me ideas ... pretty tea towels might be the 'theme' for Christmas Presents this year.

ABOVE:  I made some good progress on Rena's Ballerina... it's for her Birthday, which is on the 22nd of March.  I should get it finished by then.

ABOVE:  his nibs locked out of the kitchen.  I really don't like toddlers under foot in the kitchen when the oven is on, or when there's pots on the stove.  So... needs must.

ABOVE:  Sadly, Master Dante didn't think much of my idea.  

ABOVE:  he just wanted his Mummy.  Awwww.

ABOVE:  this was him before his bath... chillin' out on the couch... trying to change the TV channels.  

In the 5 days I was away, he learnt how to climb on and off the couches.

ABOVE: AND reach the door handles.  Sheesh, we will need to latch it soon.

Soooo... plans for today?  Sewing.  Housework.
All the usual stuff.  Might even go for a walk with the dogs if it's not too hot.
We will see.

What are YOU doing today?  Anything exciting?


Just in... photos of darling Paisley!

ABOVE:  she looks like a little ratbag... but adorable.

There is one thing I hate more than anything else in life.


Being LIED about  ("She is such a bitch!") comes to mind... 

Being LIED to.... and my god do I have a few amazing LIARS in my family!

Also... something else comes to mind:

"I will NEVER stop you seeing ***** Mum"


Now I have to wonder if your behaviour in the future will be blamed ON ME... because I won't play the game how you want me to play it?

GUESS WHAT? I am finally doing what is best for me.

I am not going to be screamed at, lied to or about, and have grandchildren withheld to hurt me.

It is not going to hurt me anymore, because I am now taking care of ME.  I have learnt how to live with the hurt, but still enjoy my life, and those who choose to be in it, without having to be lied to.

YOU want to do something I might not necessarily like, tell me anyway, then at least YOU are being honest with me.
It's not like I can't take what you throw at me!
I'm used to it.  TOO USED TO IT.

Now put that in ya pipe and smoke it... or have a drink and blame me for driving you to it.  I'm sure any excuse will do.

Clearly it didn't take long after getting home for shit to hit the fan.

ABOVE: our neighbours have painted their house and deck/fence... so now it looks PINK from the sunlight bounching off the deck onto the house!  Pretty.

ABOVE:  nope, not dog food.  Lunches.
For me.  I am going to be having my 'main' meal at lunchtime from now on.  It's just a better option for me. 

It's been a good afternoon, I've got a bit more done on Rena's Ballerina.  Still got heaps to do to it... but I'm confident I shall have it finished on time.

It's 'takeaway' night tonight... and I am going to enjoy it!

I'm starving, and from now on ... Thursday night is my 'day off' being careful with what I eat.   And that is ONE MEAL off, not the whole day!

I stood on the scales this morning expecting a gain after my gluttony during my Palmerston North trip, and I had stayed the same.  Score!

Maybe not having alcohol helped?  I just don't do alcohol much now, only the odd glass of wine once in a blue moon.  I just don't like it anymore.

HEADS UP: I won't be revolving my life around anyone ever again.
You only get one time on earth, and from now on, I am going to be putting Stew, Brylee, Griffin and ME first.

It's long overdue.  I know we are still limited in what we can do for ourselves, because Brylee and Griffin's needs come first.  But I am on the 'countdown' to when they leave home.

It's just a shame I will be almost be bloody pensioner by then!  Not quite how I thought my life would end up like.

I just hope when Stew and I are old and wrinkly, one of my kids steps up and takes care of us.  Nicely.

End of Day:  well it's been another beautiful day weather-wise, I'm happy to have got some sewing done.  No dog walk, it was too hot.
nite nite


  1. I am loving the tea towels that is a good xmas idea, Master Dante you are clever oh the joy of wandering toddlers..

  2. What in the world do you have in all those containers that would be for lunch? noodles? Oh my! who were you having a conversation with? Things never change no matter where you go or how far you's the same ole' same ole'...Paisley is a really cute little pup!! I'm with you! no small kiddos can be in the kitchen when I'm cookin" Too dangerous!! I love the kitty tea towels! ...debbie

  3. OH DEAR do you know what I AM CONVINCED your children or family members have NO DESIRE AT ALL to see you live a happy life/retirement, their adults GROW UP and move on.....

  4. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Woohoo!!! Love your comments! Stay true to yourself and you will be happier! Everyone who doesn't respect you can take a flying leap.

    "What we do matters. Our behaviors, beliefs and actions affect the people around us, just as what others do or have done impacts us. Never for one minute think that people "get away" with the harm they have caused us. You may not see the whiplash come back on them, but every action has a consequence so there is ultimately no need for revenge. If you want someone's actions to come around on them and you provoke it, all that will happen is more whiplash to come your way. Stay out of it.

    Most of the time when people hurt us, they aren't thinking of hurting us, they just simply aren't thinking of us at all. They are thinking of themselves.

    When seen from this place, it is clear you just need to let go, take care of the hurt they deposited in your life and move on. Just move on. If you stay in revenge you are looking back putting all your energy into someone who doesn't think about you. What a waste of your invaluable time.

    You have to remind yourself that you are a precious person. Take care of you. Let the law of cause and effect take care of those who have hurt you. When you let go, commit to your own path and your own happiness that is when you will see things come around because part of things coming around is you committing to being happy with or without people and their approval.

    Mark your path. Make it happen. Be a stellar person, do what you need to do and move on. Life will gift you because you have acted with integrity."

    Hang in there :)

  5. Good for you standing up for yourself. Nicole's comments are spot on. Big hugs. Xxxx

  6. Oh hell just reread my comment I meant THEM GROW UP and move on not you BTW.......

  7. No doubt there will be CCTV footage to prove where said person was or wasn't!!

  8. Good news about no weight gain. I know I would have had trouble watching what I ate during a catch up like you have just had.

  9. Some people just thrive on drama. Let them. Get on with your life and enjoy it. We only get one go at it and time goes way too fast.

  10. For every thing you and dad have done for me and my little family we will look after you when you are older and have wrinkles no old folks home for you only the best 8 star all the way. One stair for each kid you and dad have raised

  11. You don't have to wait til Brylee & Griffin leave home, you have Steve & Bex living there and the kids are growing up. You two can have nights out & weekends away.

  12. You must have a really big fridge? Or an extra? Great going on the meal prep!

  13. Anonymous10:15 AM

    So what have the kids been up to now Chris? I'll come round and wring their neck!!


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