Friday, March 28, 2014



Yaaa, today the only thing I have on me agenda is ...

SEWING this morning, then picking Griffin up and taking him to another Dentist for a 2nd opinion.

I am hoping they DON'T confirm what the 1st dentist said.

It will be really sad if Griffin does indeed have 2 dead front teeth.

As for the sewing, well I did get to finish the 3rd cushion cover last night, while the guys were watching the TV.

ABOVE:  I like this cushion cover very much. The next one is a block with an anchor on it.  Can't wait to make it.  

After that, I can start on the headrest covers for the couches and chairs in the lounge, AND maybe even a tablecloth for the dining table too.  Maybe I shall quilt it?

Hopefully it doesn't look too 'MATCHY MATCHY'.

And of course, it's Friday.  Stew will be hanging out for today to be over.  He's tired.  Lots going on at work.  He really looks forward to the end of the week nowdays.

Lacy and Keera will be going home at some point today too.  Probably on the bus/train.


WHY do some people lose weight when they are stressed out, while people like me just dive head first into the hot bread shop?
Oh... AND I have a friggin whopping big pimple on me chin too.  First pimple in YEARS. 

Sure, I could say (in me head) NO to stupid food choices.  But,  it is almost a compulsion/urge I simply cannot resist.
Like a drug to dull the stress. 

I'm sure I will have put on at least 2 kilos in the past week.

They look like this:

ABOVE:  Ummmm... maybe I should say 3 KILOS!

There is a plus side ... lots of housework is getting done!  I'm going to be getting more furniture polish after Griffin's been to the dentist.

Well... I'm so happy I questioned the Dentist on Wednesday's prognosis for Griffin's teeth!
The Dentist we went to today said there is only ONE tooth dead, the one that is broken.
So, I have let the other dentist know we won't be coming back for the TWO root canals, and possibly 4!  

Now we wait for ACC acceptance, then he can get the tooth fixed.

ABOVE: his broken tooth, the top of it is totally gone.  At least it's not hurting any more.

While we were out I decided to go and get a small tablecloth like the one I bought the other day... and to my surprise they were all MASSIVELY REDUCED in price.
I had a brain spark (opposite to fade!), and thought, HEY?  These are discounted in the sale that's been ongoing for a week or so now, and I only bought the large tablecloth a week ago?
(it cost $44.95).

So anyway, I grab three... cos they are so cheap now and take them up to the counter to pay.

But before paying I asked James, Salesman (but he looks like a boy), how come I paid so much for the one a week ago when it is included in the current sale?

Luckily I had the receipt... and could show him... though he remembered me (as he should, I'm unforgettable after all!). lol

The upshot was, I got refunded for the incorrectly priced one I got last week, and ended up only paying $6 for the three new ones!  SCORE!!!

ABOVE:  now I'm not going to run out of the fabric when I make more cushion covers and headrest cloths.  Rather happy with myself.  And isn't our Dante just so cute?

I am so sad I can't post photos of our darling Keera on here anymore.  (cos they get stolen and put on other social media sites without my permission).   Grrrrr.

CHRISTINE:  much as I like your idea... it's a no to that.  I will put some up on Facebook soon.  edit:  Actually, I will investigate how to do those ideas Christine... and we will see.

End of Day:  well a nice day all round.  Got the boy's tooth sorted.  Got a good buy at Spotlight and just spent a lovely evening sipping me 'tipple' for the first time in well over a year!
It made the soles of my feet itch!
Weird that.
nite nite


  1. So have we put a hold on the other quilt then.

  2. Ohhhh Chris. I can just imagine the stress eating you've been doing. I know you will be back kicking butt soon. Already this load is lifting.

  3. ohhh what a bargain !!

    And yes…Dante is just too gorgeous. Miss seeing little Miss Keera, she is just too cute.

  4. Hey you finish your blardy Dresden quilt ya tart!!!! Even though you got a bargain finish your other stuff first. I thought you had copyrighted your pictures? And who is steling them Lacy? Wade? Amanda surely not....... Amanda? lol

    1. Anonymous5:21 PM

      excuse me ^^^^ sorry Keera's mother here...why would i even be in that line up of names.....I am her Mother, I don't need to 'steal' pictures of my own daughter off my mother's blog, I have the living child live with my 24/7 and if I saw a nice pic of Keera all i'd have to do is ask my mum to email it to me, I no mum and i have had our spats but please don't ever put me in a line up with those names when it concernes my daughter.
      thank you
      Mother of Keera

  5. Maybe it's time to have a Pepsi????

  6. Poor Griffin!

    I DARE You to post pics of Keera anyway. Doodle HUUUUGE Groucho Marx eyebrows, glasses and mustache. Or the next time doodle a newspaper hat with a feather in it. Photoshop a Napoleon costume. Take requests for "what should Keera look like next." Might as well have fun with it. We're gonna miss her if she can't be a regular feature.

    1. Anonymous6:10 PM

      Lacy here ^^^^^ I'm loving your idea lol...and i think mum will to I hope lol....i think ma would have a lot of fun editing pics of Keera.... :)
      thank you for the neat idea Happy Elf Mum.
      Lacy Mother of Keera

  7. Good move getting the second opinion!! My son did a similar thing when he was 12, broke both his top front teeth in half falling over at school. Had them both filled and was told they couldn't be sure how long they would last... well he just had to have one root canal last month, he's now nearly 23, but the other one's hanging in there!! (just as well as it cost $1800!) :-)

  8. Loving your new project and SCORE on the new material!

    My brother had a dead tooth like that too. You can't even tell now that he's got it capped. I think that is the one my other brother did the karate kid kick to when they were little lol.


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