Saturday, March 29, 2014


1/  I will be getting back to my Dresden Plate Quilt just as soon as I feel confident I know what I'm doing with my new sewing machine.

2/ Lacy would never need to 'steal' photos of Keera off my blog.  She is welcome to any photos I take.  She is family.

3/ I can think of NO reason Amanda would want to steal photos from my blog, let alone even look at my blog. 

4/  Yes, my photos are hopefully protected from downloading and using elsewhere by WADE.  EDIT:  I will NOT be putting photos of Keera on my blog, because that piece of shit will download them anyway, altered or not.  

5/ PEPSI has gone into hibernation.  If I activate it again, you will have to email me for an invite as I had started deleting readers before I decided to just make it Private, with only ME able to read it.  BELLA, I will let you know on diet-coke-rocks if I open it up again.

 Right, I think that addresses those few things.

Today... I will be sewing.  Housework.  Maybe grocery shopping... knowing me I will put THAT off till tomorrow.

Below are a few things I saw on Facebook and thought, Yep,  I shall put them on me blog:


Well so far today I've done NOTHING.  I haven't even made my bed!
Time to pull finger I think.

ABOVE:  Keera had so much fun at the rock climbing place ... sitting in one of those car booth things, steering her 'car'.

RIGHT, Pepsi updated.  If you used to be able to read it and now can't... email me for an invite.

I am loving today.  There is bugger all to do around the house, the kids are quiet, and I can sew to my heart's content.

I'm making another cushion cover:

ABOVE:  I've been working on Alphabets.  I'll explain the above later... UNLESS some clever cookie (outside the family) can guess what that lot means?  *smiles*

So, the first couple of cushion covers I made were very 'plain', I didn't do much fancy shit on them.

I have just finished cushion cover No#4... and it is by far the best one yet in my opinion:

ABOVE:  it took over 5 hours to make!  Lots of fancy stitching, that takes quite a lot of time!
And choosing buttons!  OMG that took half an hour.  lol  It's hard to tell, but the 4th button from the top has an anchor on it, and the other buttons are lovely too, but ya can't tell in a photo really.

ABOVE:  the words...  Vitamin C 1, 2, 3 & 4. & Merc Cat.   

They were the names of my Dad's boats.  So, there were 4 Vitamin C's, and my Dad's last boat before he died was Merc Cat.

Vitamin C?  The boats were painted ORANGE, and my Dad asked us what was a different sort of name for an orange boat?  I came up with Vitamin C.  DONE.

Merc Cat was named such because it was a Catamaran, and Dad put two huge Mercury Motors on it.  It was also berthed in Mercury Bay, Whitianga.

So, there ya go.  Some history for ya.

It's nearly dinnertime here.  Stew has had a curry cooking in the crock pot all day... it smells divine.

KELLY:  Hell no!  It is the only place I can let off steam and not upset ANY FAMILY members!  I call it my rant blog, and it's PRIVATE for a reason. 

End of Day:  I've had a really lovely day.  Sewing is such a good way for me to relax, AND be creative, which I love.
Stew has kept himself busy in between watching rugby/sport on the telly.
His curry was nice over rice, but gave me shocking heartburn!  I can usually eat rice no problem at all.  Maybe just not in the evening?
nite nite


  1. This is a free Photo Shop - works just like the normal Photo shop.

  2. You did say some of the stitches may be close to what you had done before hopefully they will match up, all pointers dually noted and sorry Lacy for you in the list. I do like the quotes shown the camera one very cleverly done.

  3. Do i get an invite to Pepsi

  4. Anonymous5:56 PM

    kewl loving the cushion ma epic and the history behind it....miss you grandad and your boats xoxoxoxo
    Lacy Mother of Keera

  5. Oh I especially love that first quote ... I might have to save that one for later. Your new cushion looks great. :)

  6. I thought the other cushions were nice, but the new one is stunning.
    I love the story behind the boat names.

  7. Cushion # 4 is really gorgeous. I love the detail and the family history you included.

  8. Probably the curry?

    Your cushion is so beautiful!

  9. Great looking Cushions Chris - you are so clever! -


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