Sunday, August 22, 2010


I read a blog yesterday where the person commented about the blog post the other day, with all my Stats info on it... and this is what she said:

More statistics.... Recently, my blogger friend, Chris H posted some amazing stats about her blog. This woman writes about nothing yet she gets a lot of traffic. I don't know the appeal of Chris H to other readers but I love to read about her day and she does not sanitise anything and that's refreshing.

Now.. to tell the truth, I was kinda of shocked by her words. Do I really write about NOTHING? Do I not have anything to write about really? God I hope not! I know my STATS show lots of people do stop by and read every day... and yes, I often wonder why.... but NOTHING? That just gets me wondering??? She did say she enjoys reading my blog... so that was nice I suppose. Maybe she didn't mean it (her remark) how I read it?
BUT... I am left wondering still... should I be putting MORE into my blog posts? What would people like me to add to my posts? I am NEVER going to give anyone blow by blow accounts of what I eat, how many calories/points are in it... bla bla bla! Nor am I going to spill me guts about really personal shit (PEPSI is for that).... so..

WHAT DO YOU THINK I SHOULD TO BLOG ABOUT that I don't already, so I'm not blogging about 'NOTHING'!

TODAY: He was supposed to sleep in, but he's up watching rugby (funny that!) .. I'm working on getting all the washing done.. it all has to go through the dryer as it's so wet here. Sooo sick of the rain. Might even get to make some more cards today too... spent all of yesterday afternoon reading and commenting on blogs.


*****OK... I 'get' it now.... saying I blog about NOTHING was a compliment! When I read it I took it in an entirely different way obviously! Shows how we can read something and mis-interpret it eh? I have to try and be more liberal in my brain obviously!
So, if nothing else, I feel good knowing that I can write a whole lot of crap about everyday things and people will still read! lol

Would you belive I slept in until 10.30! Yes I did! And Stew is a happy man cos the All Blacks won their rugby game... YAAAA.... like I care a shit! Well OK. maybe I do just a little bit. ha ha ha.

ABOVE: Stew went out to get a fresh loaf of bread for lunch... and came home with these gorgeous flowers! Awwww... what a nice hubby I have.

I am freaking out a bit..... what if the lady from the Auckland shop who I am seeing on Wednesday actually wants my cards! I have not even finished the big order for the Whitianga shop yet! Freaking out I tell ya!

I have 39 cards to go and I will have finished the Whitianga Order... so... counting on me fingers... I have 8 days until it's finished. Then maybe I can relax a bit... unless I get more orders that is!

Luckily I still love making them eh?

It is actually a sunny day out there (I should take a photo!)... so Stew is out there mowing the lawn and doing some weeding. I might go and watch him! lol

ABOVE: Me dogs, doing what they do best: Coco... chewing, chewing. And Teddy... sleeping, sleeping!

ABOVE: the 'winter' garden... slowly growing... hopefully this year we will actually get more than LEAVES!

ABOVE: See how long the grass is! This is my favourite area ... the 'morning' patio. That nikau palm is what I can see from the sewing/craft room... I love it.

ABOVE: The next 'batch' of cards waiting to be made. I NEED MORE ROOM! Sadly, that is not possible.

End of Day: and I'm crabby. Why? Cos every time I turn around somebody has made a mess... kids or dogs... it doesn't matter. It just pisses me off ... and now I have a headache to make me even crabbier. Nice one. Going to cook dinner now.. making mince and cheese pies. nite nite.


  1. I love your blog just the way it is. I've always been afraid to just tell it like it is on my blog, that's why I haven't blogged in almost two months. Just keep being yourself....

  2. I think she means that your blog isn't focused on any particular topic. You just say whatever is on your mind at the time.

    Some blogs are highly focused and each post is like an article. Others are just a place to ramble and vent. Both have their merits.

    I read blogs that inject a little personality into the posts. Some will be informative and some are just plain fun to read. Above all, it's about sharing an experience.

    This is your blog so you write about whatever you want. If you have a lot of traffic, people like you. Why change? :)

  3. Anonymous7:44 AM

    Hi Chris

    Don't go changing a thing, I visit everyday and if you wrote about nothing I wouldn't read :O)

    Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing.

    Michelle x

  4. I think she meant "nothing" in a good in you don't pick a topic and write about it, you just share what is going on day to day in your life. She did say she loved reading your blog. The bottom line is a blog is for writing what we want to write about and people read it or they don't. Your stats show that people like to read what your wirte.

  5. I don't think she meant it in a mean way. You blog about your life and your very transparent and real. That's what I love about you. You are not blogging about nothing. It was a poor choice of words. You are not writing about politics or essays on something. You are you and that's what you write about. Take a deep breath ya tart!

  6. Anonymous9:06 AM

    NO,NO,NO,NO,!!! She was complimenting you!! We all love your blog. It's the way you write Chris. Like your talking to us, which is WHY your stats are so good. It's like having a conversation with you. I read you because your funny, like your New Z-land phrases, your family life, your card business...your blog is just fun. You hear me? FUN...don't go changing anything!!!! ...debbie

  7. You crazy tart!! That was a compliment to you that you can write about "nothing" and have loads of readers. Do you not remember that Jerry Seinfield's entire show was about "nothing" and he made millions. People actually enjoy nothing... normal day to day stuff. Nothing does not mean that you do nothing, more that your blog is not focused on one thing in particular. Just stay as you are :)

  8. I think she's got it all wrong Chris. It's not that you write about nothing, you write about EVERYTHING! That's why we all love you so much! And that's why, even though I'm on vacation, I am sitting by a gorgeous pool in Las Vegas using my iPad to leave you a comment!

  9. Amanda10:33 AM

    Writing about life, family and your day is not nothing. Dont try to add more to it, you have been doing this for so long there is no point in changing the way you do it just cause one person may not have the same "ratings" as you....
    Just do what you always do, be yourself, you have loyal readers.

  10. Just blog about what ever you want. To me your blogs about life/ motherhood/ craft stuff ect, I wouldn't say you blog about nothing.

    Don't let it get to you xxxx

  11. Perhaps this blogger means that because you're not blogging on an "issue" (as, say, I blog about homeschooling or autism, or others blog about politics) that you are blogging about "nothing."

    It's really a demeaning thing to say that your family life and your hobbies are of no importance to others. And it's untrue, too. The stats tell you so, don't they?

    SO don't listen. You go on being YOU. People come here to read about what YOU have to say. I like you for who YOU are, friend. :)

  12. your blog you post what you want but I dnt think she meant it to read as a bad thing..u natter about a varity of things and I love reading how ya day has gone some days I come in am and pm to read how things have developed so there is not nothing in that

    lov ya

  13. Now listen here SEINFELD started as a show about NOTHING and look what happened A CULT started that's how your blog is and obviously WE WUV IT!!!

  14. Chris, I'm so glad u finally understood what I meant by "nothing". I thought everybody watched Seinfeld! I honestly thought I was paying you the biggest compliment in the world. On hindsight, I should have put "Nothing in particular" but I wanted a Seinfeld comparison!! I'm sorry if I caused you any self-doubt. It was a little hard to read some of the comments. I'll certainly be more aware of what I write in future. U rock, Chris.

  15. Hey Ms. Chris! I agree with most of the others...I don't think she meant to slam you, I think she was giving you a compliment. I think she just used an unfortunate choice of words. Your block rocks, chic! I love reading about your life and all the stuff you do. It's refreshing to read a blog that doesn't focus on just one thing - like mine - so don't change it one bit!



  16. Anonymous1:42 PM


    Your blog is interesting and about everyday life. I read it everyday. Some things I relate to - like having GD living with you.

    Please do not change a thing.


  17. Look at this this way, Chris H., Seinfeld was a show that was about "nothing" and look how many people loved it? I felt immediately that she was sending a compliment. I agree with everyone above, "don't change a thing!" We love you, Chris!

  18. Everyone loves your blog because it's so real Chris. It's you, totally 100% YOU. It's like watching a NICE reality TV show... warm, friendly and inspiring, colourful and REAL!! Don't change a thing. You feel so close and yet you;re so far away!
    Luv you all KJ

  19. I really enjoy reading your blog, just as is. I actually think it is quite an eclectic mix of going ons that make us what a weblog literally is.

  20. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Chris, do you wear glasses when you are making the cards, you said you had a headache, just a thought.

    Maggie (magpie) Aus.

  21. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Yes that's true, Seinfeld was a show about "nothing" but look how popular it (still) is! So you are very popular! I love reading your blog and looking at your photos and go aww over your dogs, marvel at your card creativity, wish I had your motivation to do the housework, empathising with the never-ending weight battle etc. Keep up the great work and keep on blogging! WOMBAT

  22. I have just hopped over from Joanna and what I like about new blogs is that I get to read something different with substance, and yours has that, if it hasnt I just click on by. Have a great weekend

  23. My goodness, you do have a nice hubby..and I love your blog. As a matter of fact, I wrote tomorrows post with you in mind..even before I read about the comment that the woman wrote about your blog. I hope you don't mind, I mentioned you and put a link to your blog in my post.


  24. It's not "nothing." It's definitely "something." It's YOU and I think you should blog about whatever your little heart desires. Pepsi...ick! Diet Coke Rocks! (even though I don't drink it anymore ;)

  25. I'm a "nothing" blogger most of the time too. I try to stay focused sometimes but it's hard for me lol. I'm more of a dear diary type of blogger :)

    Can your husband call mine and give him some pointers ;) Love the flowers :)


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