Friday, August 06, 2010


NO... not that sort of Deforestation... my sort!
I shaved me legs... (and a few other places)... the other night. I am SURE I lost a kilo! I hadn't shaved me legs since summer! OMG, I was tempted to get the tape measure and see just how long the hair on me legs was! I'm sure I could plait it.... well OK, maybe not, but you get the drift!

I'm sure Stew is ever so pleased not having to sleep next to a wooly woman anymore! LOL

Today: Hospice Shop... looking forward to it too. Time to get out and talk with other adult humans.

ABOVE: two of the cards I made last night... the photo is a bit dark... well I did take it at 11.20pm last night! lol I used ribbon and buttons on these ones, I think it rocks! I know I put far, far too much onto my cards (cost wise)... but I just want them to be as gorgeous as possible!

Work today was on/off busy and slow... but still great to be out and about. I scored this today:

ABOVE: a BRAND NEW cot mattress, which I can use for littlies when they come to stay, might get Stew to make a small bed base for it... it was only $20! AND....

ABOVE: all this patchwork fabric for only $3.... what a buy! So in all ... a sucessful but not too expensive day! lol... Stew will be pleased.

Kids are due home shortly, and I need to get some lunch! ....

End of Day: and Stew came home with chips, I made some dip ... so it was a nice way to end the week... I even had some of my 'tipple'... and made 9 more cards while watching tv. It's now 11.11pm, time to go nite nite.


  1. and gorgeous they are hilarious you beast!

  2. yes it is leg shaving time again we need that extra fuzz over the colder months to keep out the cold.
    i love the pink card Chris

  3. hey LOVE the cards - nothing better than a quality card and espeically when you can see the effort that's gone into it.

  4. Hi Chris. Glad to see all going well for you. Will be looking for more bits for you when we really hit the markets and shops next week. Love to all.
    Chris D

  5. The cards are gorgeous as always and WHAT a bargain score that mattress was, and I don't know that you could have resisted that cheap material that was a TRUE SCORE!. Have a nice weekend.

  6. Have a great weekend. You're too funny.

  7. Thanks for the visual image!! Now I know what the "H" in Chris H stands for.

  8. I love your cards! They are so pretty!
    What a great buy on that fabric!

  9. Great deal on the fabric!


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