Monday, August 16, 2010


Blogger changed a few thing over the weekend, making it easier to read/publish comments... and I found out a few interesting things about MY BLOG :

- I published my first ever blog post on Saturday, October 14, 2006. I was, to be quite truthful.... scared shitless when I did it! I had no idea if anyone would ever read it... let alone leave a comment.

At this stage I was only reading about 3 blogs myself... and I felt really nervous whenever I left a comment in case I offended someone! LOL ...

How times have changed! Now I leave comments left, right and centre and if I offend someone... I know I didn't intend to!

- I 'follow' about 290 blogs, and the number grows daily... which is quite a worry as there is no way I can keep up-to-date with everyone... and that makes me feel like a bad blogger!

- I have done (as of today) 1, 419 posts on my blog!

- There have been 23,673 comments left on my blog (why Thank YOU!)

- My blog has been VIEWED 483, 150 times (as of last night)

- I am almost at 500,000 Page Views!!!

So... I am thinking of doing 'something' for my HALF A MILLION VIEWS! Or my 4th Bloganniversary, whichever comes first! Any ideas??? A giveaway?

I will leave you all with that question for now... as I have to get the lunches made, kids out the door, and me off to Patchwork Class!


Patchwork was so-so today.. I felt 'out of it' a bit.... just didn't feel like part of the group at all today, not sure why. I'm tired. I didn't sleep well last night at all... a few hot flushes are creeping back into my day, and that is depressing.

Not sure if I even feel like making the baby quilt anymore either... there is a baby on the way, but I'm not allowed to even mention it to anyone... so how can I get excited about it? .... crabby about that.

Over my little pity party... had a nap instead of making cards... off to prepare dinner now.... Beef Stew.


Dinner was ... delicious! One of the best beef stews I have made. Had it with lots of green veges and corn kernels. YUM YUM.

End of Day: still feeling a bit down ... can't seem to snap out of it. Shit happens, just have to try and not let it bring me down eh? nite nite.


  1. Wow, talk about dedication. As a fairly new blogger, I find it inspiring to hear what you have achieved over the past 4 years.

    Plus, I am happy to add the 23,669th comment to your blog ;)

  2. Where did you find this info? Where has blogger changed because I can't find any changes!!

  3. Ooo, gotta be a giveaway! Or a blog hop! Or both! Have fun deciding what to do. :)

  4. Impressive stats.


    About the scared bit. For the first few months I made comments I always asked permission before I put a Blog on my Reader List. I think I even asked permission to comment.

    I love comments so finally I have the courage to 'go for it.' Some people respond. Others never. That's the freedom we have in Bloggieland.

    There's no way you can keep up with so many Blogs. You might have to go through and purge especially those that haven't posted in a while.

    Look who's talking. I keep adding. So many interesting people, so many great Blogs, so much support. I was thinking this morning about how my social life revolves around the people I'm meeting in Bloggieland and my other friends are being neglected. There are only so many days in an hour ....

    Oh well today I must visit a special friend but I want to bake something to take. The friend we were house sitting for came home with a broken hip. I'd cook a dinner if I had some interesting stuff in the house. We are very basic now thatI'm on track again.

  5. I wondered too - where did you find this info? I am curious about my own blog now!

    Congrats on your very healthy stats, 500,000 views not far away! Wow!

  6. WOW! That is really impressive! Glad to hear you are still up to your same tricks! :) Hope to be around a little more often from now on! Hope you are well! :)

  7. You ought to make money off your site then with ads!

  8. You are truly dedicated....posting every day would be overwhelming to me. I'm going to go and try to see what the Blogger changes are that you are talking about.

  9. Thats why I only post once a week. And because no one would read it more often than that. I only have a handful of people (about 4) read mine, and I only read a chosen few.

    I don't always leave a comment on yours, but I read it every weekday (at work, lazy tart I am).

    Keep it going for as long as you can. We love your work! xx

  10. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Take the dogs for a walk that will make you feel good.
    Mary H

  11. wow those are impressive stats dedication I would say actually. WELL done 500,000 views gee we all obviously have too much time on our hands?

  12. a give away of some of your beautiful cards!!!!

    awesome stats and i'm glad you're still blogging! i have been reading for about 3 years i think, stalking really...

  13. They are interesting Stats! You're a very dedicated blogger that's for sure :-) x

  14. My first post was april 17th 2006..I gotta check out this new stuff..tally ho!

  15. holy cow! i didnt know they made any blogger changes this weekend.

    i've gotta look into that stuff....

  16. You are such a popular blogger! Impressive stats, Chris!

  17. i am a bad blogger... i dont blog often i try to live by the if you cant say anything good say nothing... so this year not much has been said by me... GAH...
    love your blog and love the friend i have found in you!!!!!
    :) hugs laura

  18. Wow thats alot of blog followings. You are dedicated. Congrats on four years. Mmmmmm stew sounds good.

  19. Anonymous5:18 AM

    Chris, Your numbers are quite impressive!! just goes to show you we all like to read your posts!! I find you quite humerous and love reading your posts!! Keep it up! Yeah, a give away would be good!!...debbie

  20. Those were super cool stats!

    I'm sorry to hear you are feeling down.

  21. Just because you are not allowed to mention the baby to anyone (for whatever reason), you can still be excited.

  22. Just goes to show you are an awesome blogger!


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