Friday, August 20, 2010


ABOVE: I have a new boat! Isn't it lovely? Chris D brought it back from England for me.... even Stew thinks it's neat. THANK YOU Chris D! She also bought some cute wee salt and pepper shakers in the shape of little policemen... very cute.

Today: well I'm not going to the Hospice Shop today... I need to stay home and catch up on some jobs... and go out and post a few things, pay a bill or two.... things I just havn't gotten around to this week that NEED to be done.

Good grief! I have been slack today on here! I've been busy....went out and paid a bill... posted some stuff... talked to a lady about her stocking my cards in her shop here in Auckland... am going to hold off talking to the lady in Hamilton for now... cos IF I get the shop here I think I will be busy enough just stocking it and the other two I already have!

It's a crap day here, has hardly stopped raining all day... totally dismal. Thank god it's friday.. I can indulge in a tipple tonight and wind down a bit.

End of Day: getting tired.... drunk two glasses of Totara Cafe tonight and I'm now feeling so, so tired! might call it an early night again. Will spend several hours dedicated to reading blogs tomorrow, catch up on what you have all been doing. nite nite.


  1. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Yes, it's a cute little ship. Is it made of metal? I am watching Reilly today. She's had no melt downs yet. lol She wants candy for lunch. I said no...Aren't kids silly!! ...debbie

  2. I love the little boat, Chris D knows your taste:-)

  3. I love your little ship - now you can sail away anywhere you want your mind to go to! We all need breaks.
    That is so neat because it fits right in with your nautical theme.

    How kind to be remembered. !Have a wonderful week-end!

  4. Isnt it going to sink the next time you put it in water? :D

  5. I love your new boat! Very cool!

  6. Love the boat and lets hope the totara cafe helps you sleep through the night...Was a wet afternoon here and bitterly cold went from 11 down to 9! feels like 6 degrees now!

  7. The boat is very cool. Reminds me of a boat here, like a monument to the seamen. I'll have to post a picture of it. I was really tired last night too. Must be the weather

  8. I love your boat and good luck with selling your cards!

  9. That's a great little boat! Chris D has great taste!

    Hope you get the shop in Auckland. You should stay quite busy with three shops to stock!

    Get some good rest!



  10. What a lovely new boat! I say that three shops is quite enough for the cards unless you hire some help to make them! You don't want to get TOO busy!


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