Tuesday, August 03, 2010


ABOVE: this is the start of the first block in 'Noah's Ark' and I'm already thinking... it's going to be huge? And maybe I will make it a bit smaller? Not sure yet... it is a bit daunting seeing just how much I have to do... and will I be able to do it?

Today I HAVE TO go grocery shopping! Unless we are to starve... I think I must! *sigh*... and I hate.. hate... hate grocery shopping! Maybe if I do a bit of 'retail therapy' first I will feel better? LOL....

ONWARD... Where do I start? Hmmm... took my gorgeous Toyota Highlander into the Panel Beaters this morning, and they gave me this to use in the meantime:

It's a Nissan something or other... the only redeeming feature is that's it's BLUE... otherwise it's ummmm.... crappy. But, it will get me from 'A' to 'B' I suppose... just not very fast or comfortably!

I did the grocery shopping, Stew.. hold your breath, it was EXPENSIVE...!

When I got home... OOOOHHHH (CLAPPING MY HANDS) !!! Parcels from England AND America!!!!

ABOVE: this parcel came from 'C' in England.. lots of lovely wee gifts for the kids and me!!! AND the money owed... THANK YOU 'C'.

NEXT was two parcels containing the fabric I had ordered from the USA... talk about FAST DELIVERY!!!

ABOVE: the two shell fabrics.. I am positively DROOLING!!! And...

ABOVE: this fabric, which is going to be fantastic for my cards!!! (Froggy, I am thinking a card for your daughter with the VW van!)

Gawd, who needs to go shopping out in the mall when it can come to your door! I am so wrapt ! LOL... I know, I'm quite easy to please eh?

so... I unpack all the groceries... well all the frozen and fridge stuff anyway... and think... shit I'm hungry! And make myself a sandwich and sit down to enjoy it in front of the TV and I glance at the clock... bugger me! It's 10 to 3 and I have to go and pick up the kids as it's raining... NO WONDER I was hungry!

After 'lunch' I was hit with the "blah's" Just had no energy at all. Have not even thought about dinner for the family yet and it's 5.44pm! YIKES.... better pull finger and get on to it eh?

End of Day: almost forgot to do this last bit! Made 4 cards tonight with the new shell fabric... will show ya tomorrow. It's 11pm, time for this Tart to hit the sack. nite nite.


  1. I hear you about the grocery shopping, I actually couldn't sleep so got up and did my online food shop for the week LOL now I'm STILL not tired :(


  2. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Your Noah & Friends are just DARLING!! How do you ever think of such cute things?! I love it!...debbie

  3. erm and you do realise that IF its for a baby cot HOW will they see all of the pattern most would be TUCKED under? hell a tribe of babies could fit under there (is there more than one baby? perhaps triplets?) now that would be news...

  4. We went to Atlanta Georgia this weekend to look at Emory University for my son. It was so nice not having to cook. I really wanted to go out or call in dinner tonight, but I felt guilty. So, I went to the store and food shopped, and made turkey chili over rice with a salad. Everyone appreciated it and said that they liked when I cooked. So, I guess going out all the time isn't going to happen.

  5. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Nah, I'd get the grocery shopping done first, drop it home, then reward yourself with retail therapy! WOMBAT

  6. That quilt is going to be very special. Do you think I could learn to quilt and make one in the next 2 months....hahahaha. Oh well, I can dream and I will love seeing yours coming together.

  7. Keep it huge so it can be used as a cot blanket or floor play rug! Looks great! xx

  8. Hey - grocery shopping isn't too bad. Well, maybe that is just because I walk around talking to myself and other people get out of my way! Of course, the talking to myself is part of my speech therapy but . . . THEY don't know that, do they?

    That quilt is going to be adorable. I think it won't be too big since the top and bottom blocks are smaller.

  9. Noah and friends is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!

    Great job! :)

  10. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Glad you got the money - is that the money that was owed for months? Perhaps a message that she has redeemed herself but also in future you will wait for payment before sending your creations. Quilt will be awesome.


  11. Anonymous4:02 PM

    I absolutely love the top shell fabric. I would love to stretch some over a canvas and hang it on the wall. That is great you have finally been paid for the duck plus pressies as a bonus! WOMBAT

  12. Online shopping rocks..love the fabric :)

  13. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Chris,seeing as how you like things delivered, do you have on line grocery shopping in NZ. I use it everyweek, I don't have to pay if I use certain times of the day.


  14. Love the fabric, particularly the beach huts in a row.
    Got my order of cards last week,they are better in reality than their pics...so pretty and I just love the little spot of sparkle as well as the pieces of shell.

    Thanks for the little giftie of a full size card. Are you going to be making these as well?? its always nice to get a freebie but this one is just the ants pants. Gonna use it this weekend for the youngest Grandie. He loves bees...

    Thanks again Chris, a pleasure doing business with you.

  15. Hey!
    The Noahs ark quilt is going to be fantastic!
    It's always exciting to get parcels in the mail :o)

  16. The quilt is looking great! It's such a fun piece too!

    You sure have a great stash of fabrics and goodies that came in the mail. Very nice!

  17. LOL! I was scrolling down the picture, saw the kombi and went WOW! then read your comment underneath. I have to tell you, Dobby would LOVE that!

    You are a legend, girl! xx

  18. I'm so glad things worked out between you and "C" - whew!

  19. Oooh Mail is exciting, especially packages. I got one today and I was so excited to open it! :)

  20. Noah's Ark is going to be beautiful and I reckon bigger is easier. It will be an heirloom. Love the fabrics too.


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