Saturday, August 14, 2010


Last night I tripped over the dog barrier and took a fall onto the wooded floor... and cried cos it bloody well hurt! My left knee is killing me this morning, as are the toes on my right foot!

Those toes were fused straight years ago due to me having hammer-locked toes... (google it!).. so when I fell over my toes bent backwards... I tell ya.. it was EXCRUCIATING! Grrrrrr... now I am hobbling around like a friggin cripple!

NICE ONE. (I must have looked a right twit too)

If it continues being a crappy day we will just be staying home I think... I mean... it really is awful out there!

We went out for a drive to Maraetai Beach... then had lunch at Sylvia Park... not much fun hobbling around there I can tell ya.
Home now and I'm going to put me feet up for a while and probably have a 'nana nap'....
So much for a nap! I lay on the couch in the Family Room... so did the dogs.... licked me face... wriggled around... waste of time!
So... I got up and started on cards again... and only stopped when Stew called me for dinner!
Dinner: Wedges, Eggs and bacon... YUM!
End of Day: miserable weather, hope it's nicer tomorrow! Coco does not like going outside in this weather, so has been doing piddles on the carpet again... Grrrrr! Not nice. nite nite.


  1. I am so sorry that you fell, I hope you feel better soon. What kind of weather are you all having? i'll send our right over since you love hot weather and you have the beach. Stay upright and be careful..xoxo

  2. Ouch! That sounds like it hurt a lot. Just rest it and take it easy!

  3. use ice packs to help keep the swelling down. I hope you didn't hurt yourself badly. We just don't bounce back like we used to.

  4. Indoor activities only today.

    The sea roars louder than the rain falls.

    Hope you Owies heal quickly.

  5. O Chris-

    I am so sorry that you got hurt! Sometimes for me - I think it is easier to get hurt than it is Not to get hurt. It is certainly true that: I am an Accident just waiting to Happen! Since you bent those toes - are they black and blue today?

    I just have to tell you that last night I accompanied Lynne to a Sewing Guild meeting and it was so much fun-but I got to brag about having a New Zealand friend who is so awesome in her creative endeavors! So, you poor ears should have been burning off! LOL

    Get well quick - we can't having you losing time in pain! :) I sure hope you did not break anything.

  6. O, Sorry to bug you again - but on my way out I just happened to notice where you had posted you had lost 23.9 pounds so far this year! WOW! congratulations ! That is Awesome! I think you have sent them my way because I have gained back everything I had lost last summer because DH just didn't feel like walking this summer. I think his arthritis is giving him pain in his hips and you know how that pain game is! I am so happy for you that I could almost pop! :)

  7. Oh, Chris, I'm so sorry to hear you fell. I hope you didn't bung up your knee and foot too badly and will be feeling better soon. (I bet little Coco is privately having a snicker about that!)

    Take care, my friend!



  8. Looks like your Friday 13th came one day late! Ouch...

  9. Really Ouch Chris. I hope you recover quickly. Sounds like a good day to stay home and keep it up or whatever. It's crappy here too. Roll on spring - or maybe they don't have that here in Welly??

  10. Anonymous1:10 PM

    So the friday the 13th curse got you! Ouch! Why is it when we fall over, you injure opposite limbs? It is more bearable when you hurt things on the same side of the body! It must be hard to walk with a sore left knee and sore right toes! A good excuse to put the feet up, ice pack on (bit chilly in winter!) and read some blogs and make some cards! WOMBAT

  11. hurt just reading about that fall. Keep your feet up and take it easy.

  12. Owie Chris! Sorry to hear that you hurt your knee and toes. I hope you recover quickly!

  13. Yikes! Don't do that anymore!!


  14. I hope like heck you didn't break anything! Sounds like it hurt like hell though...

    A couple of years ago I took a pretty bad tumble in my driveway. I banged up my arm, busted my finger, scraped my knees, etc. But the first thing I thought of was, "Please Lord, don't let me break a tooth, or a finger nail, I just had them done!" Thankfully all of those were just fine!

    I hope you'll be feeling better soon. Take it easy if you can.

  15. Ouch. What a way to get hurt. Hope u get better soon.

  16. An above poster commented on hurting opposite things WHEN I FALL I do damage ALL ONE SIDE majorally!!!!! so some of us can FAIL EPICLY and do a blimmin good job at it I DO hope you are feeling better soon (we got your wild wet wind weather JUST miserable too severe flooding in areas)

  17. GGGGGRRRR @ piddles on the carpet - I have that problem with my dogs too (mainly when they feel they're being neglected), little bitches that they are!

    Hope your getting around a little easier soon!

  18. Chris - so sorry to hear about your tumble! I have days when I do things like that . . . not fun!

  19. OUCH! I hope you knee and toes get better soon.

  20. Ouch is right! Hope you're feeling better.
    And Stew made my favorite dinner-- Breakfast :-)
    Cheers, jj

  21. Hope the toes get better soon. Poor lamb! xx

  22. Ouch sorry to hear you took a tumble. Hope you are ok.


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