Sunday, August 29, 2010


Today: no plans. It's supposed to piss down with rain all day. What's new about that! So over all the rain we have been getting.

Might do some more sewing today. I made up a Turtle for the duvet cover last night, must show it to ya later. I didn't have a pattern for one, so I just copied a picture off the net and made my own pattern. So simple.


ABOVE: well.. there's the Turtle I made last night...

ABOVE: the duvet cover so far... though now I am thinking of putting some Polar Fleece behind it to make it a cuddly blankie for someone? Might be an idea? I'm probably going to add a curling vine or something it's not just random animals and nothing else. Any other ideas appreciated.

We just drove out to the airport, watched planes landing/taking off, then drove home on the newly opened Southern Motorway link. 'Normally' it would take between 20-35 minutes to get home from the airport, depending on the traffic. Today, on the new motorway, it took about 6 minutes!!! It is awesome. So darn handy.

Stew is cooking dinner. I could not possibly eat ANY. I made an incredibly EVIL ginger cake this afternoon... and ate some! OMG... I feel ill. I just dropped a big chunk of it off to my Uncle and Aunt's! Let them get fat... I already am! lol

End of Day: the family had pork chops and veges.. and I sewed! I have packed me bag ready for Patchwork class tomorrow. Going to 'nut' out the sashings, borders etc for all three baby quilts I'm working on! But for now... time to relax and watch a bit of telly... hell I have hardly watched any in the past two months! Well, not in the lounge anyway! nite nite.


  1. You are soo clever.. I am hoping my crafty side starts to show once I get started with this !! :)

  2. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Hey Chris

    Here is my suggestion

    I am kinda thinking you need something between the turtle and the mouse - but not sure what

    perhaps if you knew more information and you were able to embroider a name on that would be great.


  3. Very very cute..someone is going to be a lucky baby

  4. I love the turtle, especially his eye. I bet you come up with something good to tie all the animals together.

  5. Alphabet letters randomly spaced? says she who can't sew for peanuts. We had a fineish day yesterday BUT patchy cloud rain sun today AT least its not cold.

  6. It is u blanket stitch it by hand or machine?

  7. Love the turtle--you are so clever!

  8. Anonymous8:45 AM

    turtle looks fantastic you are very clever. Can you please post your ginger cake recipe, my household loves anything ginger. Thanks Wendy


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