Wednesday, August 04, 2010


WHAT do you get a puppy who's teething?
ABOVE: A Baby's Teething Toy eh! It says it's for 3+ months, well Coco is 5 months old...

And she loves it, Teddy... not so much. lol
ABOVE: two of the cards I made last night using the new shell fabric..It took me a while to figure out what colour combo's worked! Time consuming, I only got 4 made yesterday... and today I probably won't even get that many done.
Griffin's school class is going on a day outing to the Waitakere Ranges, it is on tomorrow, the day he is usually at his SPELD lesson. So he's going to Speld today... which means I get to go to Pukekohe to have a look-see what else is out there. Yaaaa.
Not much else to yabber on about right now... gotta get the kids ready for school....
I have to make this quick, my internet connection keeps dropping off... so I can't get on the 'net for long... today it's raining and blowing a gale... hence the internet problems.
All good otherwise, Griffin has been to his lesson, I've been 'shopping' in Pukekohe... now off to pick up the kids from school... as it's still pissing down out there... totally foul weather!
End of Day: gawd I could scream! I wanted to read blogs/comment this afternoon/evening and my internet has been so on/off it's been impossible! Grrrrr... hope to catch up tomorrow! nite nite.


  1. the main thing is something they can't chew up and swallow. My puppy can do some serious chewing. Rope toys, bull sticks, kongs....
    She is so cute!!!!

  2. luv the teething toy very cute..

  3. I like those colour combinations and the shell fabric is neat, NOW COCO I do hope she doesn't choke on said SMALL PIECES!! you can get $2 shop tightly wound and plaited balls that are fabric? or rope and take the dogs ages to dismanle and destroy OUR med size dalmatian puppy takes him 2 weeks to annihilate it

  4. Anonymous10:24 AM

    That is a very cute idea for Coco!

  5. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Gee, CoCo's little chewie looks like it'd make a colorful necklace! Your cards, as usual, are so bright and cheerful! I love them!! Hope all the kids have fun at Waitakere tomorrow! ...debbie

  6. Anonymous4:56 PM

    I was thinking bonjela for the teething!
    Mary H

  7. What a cute idea for Coco! I hope it helps! Teething puppies are no fun!

  8. My poor 10 year old daughter had to play netball in this yucky weather. Lucky for me it was an early game do her Dad had to go & watch.

    I love the 2 cards you made, that fabric just epitomises NZ doesn't it?


  10. Congratulations on the loss. I'd happily take half a kilo!

  11. Be careful what you give pup to chew. My old dog chewed a doggy approved toy that got stuck in his intestine. It ended up costing me well over $1000.00 at the vet. Its been pouring down here as well. Hot and muggy, ewwwwww! Good luck getting your cards ready for the order. Keep warm.

  12. What a wonderful and brilliant idea to get a puppy a teething ring! I could have used a few of those when Noah was a puppy and chewed up two sofas! :o(

    Hope the weather is better for you now!



    P.S. Those cards look awesome!

  13. Your cards are great! Do you collect your dog's teeth as they fall out? I still have a few of my first dog's baby teeth that I would found scattered around my apartment.

  14. You are a genius! I was wondering about a teething ring too for Pablo. I want to buy toys for him like I used to buy toys for the kids - LOL. Love your cards. Hope your computer woes end soon. I usually just want to throw the darn thing at the wall when that stuff happens to me...
    Best from NY,

  15. I'm feeling your frustration with the internet. My desktop computer lost internet access so I'm working on my laptop which is slow as molassas. Hope your connection comes back soon.

  16. My toddler is always chewing on things too. If only he would chew food. That would be really helpful.

  17. I need those chewing things in jumbo size. I swear the dog eats EVERYTHING. He especially loves flip flops and underwear.


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