Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I have an uncertain day ahead of me.
I might just be staying home.
Or I might be going to Hamilton... it all depends on if Stew can take half the day off work to be home with the kids.
I won't know until he's gone to work and checked his appointments. Fingers crossed... cos if I can go to Hamilton I will be thrilled to bits.
I can't say WHY I might be going to Hamilton... except it's to see someone. LOL

Now for my latest 'treasures' from the Hospice Shop:

ABOVE: I am gathering a lot of Booties! There better be lots more Grand babies in my future me thinks! I got three more pairs yesterday.

ABOVE: This freaking cute wee glass bowl... I have NO USE FOR IT... but I just had to buy it! 5o cents.. it was hardly going to bankrupt me!

ABOVE: A Hangman Game... I thought the kids would love playing this, and what an excuse to practise their spelling!

ABOVE: this gorgeous hand crocheted shawl ( $2 !), which looks so lovely over the back of this couch in the lounge. ... shaking my head, such a bargain.

ABOVE: OK.... so I didn't get him at the Hospice Shop (I picked him up at the Whitianga Rugby Club... ha ha ha!).. but he's my BIGGEST Treasure... I adore him.

ONWARD... let's see what the day brings....

Yaaa.. I am going to Hamilton. Stew is coming home at lunchtime so I can go!

I'm taking some of my cards with me too... to try and find a shop in Hamilton to stock them.. fingers crossed!

I'm home again! Saw the 'someone'... which was lovely. Then I stopped in at a shop I would love to have my cards in... but the owner wasn't in so I have to make an appointment to see her. Will do that tomorrow.

It has rained almost non-stop today... talk about depressing! But... I'm quite happy again... some days I just have a really 'BLAH' day... I'm sure lots of people do eh?

My niece in Australia rang me too.. and she managed to make me cry a few times ... the TART! But her call cheered me up actually!

Wonder what Stew has on for dinner? Must go see....

End of Day: and I'm tired. Not sleeping well at night... getting a few hot flushes again... might have to visit me Dr again soon I think. Not enough hours in the day... am not reading blogs at the moment... just too busy! sorry. nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Awwwwwwwww... How SWEET!!! And that is a fabulous picture of your Stew!

  2. My kids had one or have one of those hangmans they are cool..... Hope you get to Hamilton, I am wedding dress shopping today :-)

  3. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Had to chuckle at all your "just have to have it's"!! You are so funny. The tiny bowl is cute. Also like the fella you picked up! and yes, he's the best treasure of the day!!!! ...debbie

  4. Well here's hoping that Stew's schedule is clear and you can visit this mysterious person :)

  5. Aww thats so sweet!

  6. You just can't resist a bargain can you!! (and I can't talk as neither can I although mine is usually clothes, shoes or bags). Hope your plans for today work out. Zxx

  7. Theres something about booties that are so darn cute and have that awwwwwww factor, fingers crossed for half a day off for Stew and travel to secret liasons for you.

  8. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Oooh that's lovely... so nice.

    Kate (

  9. You could always send some of those booties *this* way! ;-)

  10. Just kidding Chris, but thanks!... I'm sure they'll come in very handy for your future grandbabies! xxx

  11. Have fun in Hamilton x

  12. How sweet you are, Chris! That is a great photo of Stew. And have fun with the "mystery" visit. I see absolutely no reason why that shop in Hamilton wouldn't want to stock your cards....they are fabulous! Good luck!



  13. hope you're feeling happier! you're not alone, i feel blah too some days and it's been a bit more often lately with my job status being all over the place and having gained a few kgs but hey, i'm still blessed and know enough to appreciate what i do have! thank God!!!

    take care

  14. My MIL has a similar hand crocheted thingy which she uses to cover her piano which no one plays.

  15. Glad to hear your plans worked out and you had a good day away.

  16. A good man is worth any price . . .

    Glad that you and Stew found each other!

  17. I have to agree with Trisha about a good man! and being glad you two found each other.

    To me -that is one of the greatest gifts that a man can have - is to treat his wife and kids with love.Sounds like Stew wins on all the awards.

    You are right - that we all have those "bla" days. I call them my "unbalanced " days because that is what they feel like to me.

  18. You find the best bargains!

  19. love the shawl!hopefully coco doesnt like it lol


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