Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Picture this: Every day... ALL day long... Coco comes and goes through the laundry door to go pee/poo outside. NOT A PROBLEM.
But as soon as it's dark.. she piddles on the carpet in the hallway!
She knows as soon as she sees me she's in trouble, and runs outside!
It's driving me nuts.
Stew and I think she's scared of the dark... but there is a security light out there for her.... in fact there's two! They come on the instant she goes out there.... but she won't.

I don't know what to do. Should I barr her from coming into the house 'proper' at night until she stops doing it? If I lock her in the laundry at night... when will I know she is 'safe' to come back in again? If ever!

I am over puppy piddle on my carpet. OVER IT. I get so mad with her when she piddles right outside my sewing room EVERY BLOODY NIGHT.

*sigh* Rant over. Today I am back making cards. This afternoon I have a meeting with the owner of a string of shops here in Auckland with a view to her buying my cards. I am apprehensive... what if she doesn't like my cards? What if she does love them and wants heaps of them? I can't make up my mind which scenario would be the best! I'm a twit.

ABOVE: the lion block, all ready for me to do the blanket stitch around every colour... and yep... it doesn't have a mouth yet... that is hand stitched on later. In the pattern the bird was just the same as the one on the zebra, so I made a Pukeko instead, cos that's one of our native birds. Neat eh? lol (gotta pat me own back sometimes) Oh yeah, made a start on the Kangaroo block too... this is one of two Kangaroo blocks I'm making.

ABOVE: the 2nd Kangaroo block.... totally different type of colourways... but still neat! These three blocks (and any others I get cut out) will be sewn at Patchwork Class next monday.

Cos now I really do have to get back to card making! And vacuming. GREAT. Sooooo... I did some vacuming, I cleaned a bathroom... then:

ABOVE: hee hee.. I got another block ready for sewing! This one I changed the little fat bird for our National KIWI Bird! Ain't he cute!

FROGGY: don't worry mate.. I already spend time getting things 'lined up' ready to go! Like a production line! I pace myself.. but do get tired... so I will just have to wait and see how I go... AND if I get another order from this new lady.

KATE: thanks for the kind offer! LOL... can't imagine getting so busy that I need an 'assistant'... but I will keep you in mind!

I have nice clean floors now.. how much fun is that? The freakin mop head fell off the handle so I had to tie it back on with string... the HIGHLIGHT of my day so far!

Starting to get nervous about this meeting! ... just over an hour to go. Probably all for nothing anyway... just think she won't want them... they are not dead cheap for a shop to buy, then add their % on top of, makes them very expensive cards!. Wait and see I suppose.

The meeting: Went something like this... "Lets see your cards... Oh very nice... how much? ... far too expensive for us... thanks for coming in to show us." I felt a bit crushed... so said "Thank You", walked out and the kids and I had an ice cream to console one's self. It only took me about 5 minutes to realise that SECRETLY I was RELIEVED! Yaaaa... now I will have time to do EVERYTHING I want and not be a slave to my card making!

Much as I love making the cards... I want time to do other things too. So... all's good. Not upset at all. Won't have to give up patchwork and shopping after all! lol

Better get on with dinner now... something easy tonight... sausages and something.... probably chips! More 'consolation' eating eh! ha ha ha.

End of Day: and it's been a nice evening. I made two more blocks... and will spend the next few days doing the blanket stitch around them all. Now the pressure is off re: the cards.. almost done the big order now. nite nite.


  1. Hi, back from vacay. Caught up on your most recent blogs - I just can't go too far back or I'll be sitting at the computer all day catching up on people. Anyway, no advice on the piddling problem, but I am curious to find out what works. The cards look great!

  2. Good morning mate,

    Maybe the problem is the security lights. The sudden onset of them may be scaring her as oppossed to being on as she walks out.

    Dogs are funny little buggars they have their own little quirks and insecurities. To someone who dosen't know my fellow he comes across very aggressive ( and he's a pug) but really he's only all "piss and wind" as my dad calls it.

    I call it "short man syndrome" - ha! seriously though he is just fearful.

  3. Anonymous8:55 AM

    I used to train dogs in my former life in the 80's for something to do. I suggest that you put her on a leash at night, and stay out with her until she pees. No matter how long. so you have to be patient. Eventually she will get the idea that she has to pee or she can't go back in. Then bring her back in a give her a treat.

    The blocks are just darling. can't wait till you get it done and show us a picture....debbie

  4. Perhaps leave the light ON fully before it gets dark and then when it is settle to bed time turn it off so its not annoying you or neighbours other than that smack on nose(can you do that to a puppy) or a growling and or grrrrrrr bad puppy or a squirt with a water bottle don't know otherwise, chain of shops with your cards well may be just maybe YOU could recruit people to help you AND MEET others and everyone can earn money a little cottage industry perhaps.

  5. Hey Chris! I think celtic_girl may be right. Instead of being afraid of the dark, she may just be afraid of the light coming on so suddenly. Can you leave the light on until you all go to bed at night and see if that works?

    Those quilt blocks are adorable. You do such nice, neat work! And your cards are all wonderful - what's not for the lady to like? You might just want to tell her that you are a one-person operation and that you can only provide X amount of cards at a time!



  6. Anonymous10:31 AM

    I can help if you get shitloads of orders for cards!! oooh I'd love it....

    Just a thought...

    Kate (

  7. Good morning, mate.

    Whatever you choose to do, be careful. The last thing you need to do is heap more stress on yourself. If you do choose to put your cards into another store(s) it will mean a lot more work. More materials, more cost, more time, more wear and tear on your machine.

    You may have to change a few things, like gluing your material and buttons etc, making a whole heap of pieces up at one time, so you can just choose them and glue/sew them in one hit.

    That is, spend a day or two making patchwork pieces for your cards, then another day assembling them, then another putting them all together.

    So long as you love doing it, go ahead, but you may have to increase your price a little.

    good luck! xx

  8. Does your dog not go out at all when it's dark, or just to pee?

    I say that because peeing, like eating and drinking, is an activity that increased vulnerability. Animals are reluctant to do things unless they feel safe. Just like us.

    Have you tried leaving the security lights off? I say this because they can be very bright and actually make it harder to see beyond the light's reach. If you have areas of your yard that are not illuminated by the lights, they may seem like really dark voids when the lights are on (much like someone on stage in a spotlight can struggle to see an audience that isn't illuminated).

    If Coco is nervous, or feeling vulnerable, she'll want to do her business where she feels safe. Go outside with her one night and watch her mood. She may feel comfortable with you around, so try playing fetch by throwing something away from you and into the darkness. If the dark is a problem, she won't retrieve it.

  9. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Oooh please think of me when the time comes for an assistant.. I'd love to get my hands in your cupboard and your nick nacks... so to speak!! ha ha ha!!

    Next year when my daughter goes to school and I work less hours (YAY! GO ME!!) then I will have more time - hopefully - to do some crafty things... I am bursting to do some more things and I have orders for all sorts of things I've done in the past (coasters etc) but no time to do them!

    I could be your P.A. - I'm qualified!

    Kate (kittie444)

  10. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Oooh and I'm going to Spotlight after work. You've once again given me the craft bug... my husband is going to kill me if I bring more "crap" home but I can't resist!! Plus, I need some glue (my excuse anyway)...

    I should really go and do some work!

    Kate (kittie444)

  11. Good luck with your meeting this afternoon, hope all goes well. Can't wait to hear the outcome.

    Still loving your work :)

  12. O my dear Chris,

    Congratulations on the "excitement" of a new venture! Doesn't matter what you decide - just so you are happy with the decision??? You are SO talented and put so much love in your creations that IF you do decide on the cards , I believe that whoever buys your cards will receive those "Good- Vibrations" too!

    Absolutely adore your little kangroo and kiwi bird! The colors are so beautiful !

    I think your poor little Coco has just rubbed shoulders with my little Mocha. I told Dh that I thought that Mocha believes that the rugs are a substitute for Grass! :)

  13. It sounds like the only reason they did not want your cards is the price. Your cards are not cheap as you say, you put a HUGE effort into each one and it shows.

    I would hate to see you get too many orders & stop enjoying making them.

  14. Anonymous7:52 PM

    I'd love to see a block with the kangaroo and the croc head sticking out of the pouch! That would scream Aussie! Kanga's and crocs! Are you going to make Christmas cards? WOMBAT

  15. I put my comment on Coco in the wrong spot....but you will get it. I just want to add that you should clean where she pees with white vinegar. Other cleaning agents usually have amonia based ingredients, which, to an animal, smell like urine,.... so they continue to go there because they smell urine and think it is a good spot/ OK to go. White vinegar kills the urine smell and rids it of their smell also. Then, each day for a little while, probably just before dark so it is fresh to Coco...spray white vinegar (get a little cheap plastic spray bottle) around the area she tends to pee. It isn't too bad a smell and disappears really quickly...but she will still smell it and avoid the area. That should help also. If you catch her in the act, put her straight out the dog door before you clean up so she can associate what she just did with getting her fluffy little arse out the door!!! lol

  16. Those birds that you changed on the blocks are wonderful! I think it is only right that you show some national pride with local birds!

    As for Coco - maybe if you or Stew took her out each night before you went to bed? Maybe being with one of you would help her not be afraid?

  17. Love the projects and the woman who thinks the cards are too expensive must want you to work for pocket change.
    Thanks a lot China.

    It sounds like Coco is scared. How about puppy piddle pads? Does she pee in exactly the same place? You can get enzyme cleaners that dissolve the stains and odors to get rid of the urine. Since she does know better there is a reason why she does this. Dogs don't think like us and be "bad" she is having issues with something.

    I sure understand though. I keep Roman in an area at night that is on lineoleum. He hasn't had an accident now for about a week so I am almost ready to relax and trust him.

  18. No idea on the potty training. Love love love the wall hanging! Wish quilting wasn't so expensive I'd get into it.

    That's a good idea going around to shops. I should try that with some of my bookmarks.

  19. Reminds me of my youngest girl. She's good during the day, but sometimes she still wets the bed at night. Other times she runs into our room to tell us she has to go even though she passed the bathroom on the way to our room.


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