Friday, August 13, 2010


While I'm around and able to watch them, they are allowed in the lounge/family room/kitchen ....

But... when I'm busy and not able to keep an eye on our little Coco...

ABOVE: the little Tart is not allowed past the hallway! She chews EVERYTHING! Even the furniture... and as we are expecting a new lounge suite in the near future ( possibly another 4 weeks yet)... I am NOT having her gnaw on it when it does get here! NO WAY....

ABOVE: POOR GIRL... she has a sore ear and won't stop scratching it..... so I spent ages yesterday chasing her around and trying to keep her still long enough to get the cone on her! Man did she hate that! Now she's pissed off at me. Too bad.

ABOVE: Isn't Teddy looking good now! So bright and happy again.... though I can't wait for his ear hair to grow longer... let's not tell him he looks like a Dork eh?

ABOVE: the 'Guard Dog'... it would be cute... really... if only he didn't bark and bark like a mad thing when he sees someone on the street! It can drive me nuts! Oh well... he's still gorgeous!

Today: of to the Hospice Shop for my 'regular' stint... hoping I don't see anything I JUST HAVE TO BUY.... *sigh*.... cos I'm broke AGAIN....

ONWARD..... OH... do we like the new header?????? .... and it's Friday the 13th... lucky I'm not superstitious eh? lol

I'm back from work.. which was quite slow for a Friday... but still good to be doing something out of the house.. and for a good cause.

Friday the 13th.. has been nice to me so far.. but not to two of our sons (Steve and Mike).. who live in Palmerston North... they got pulled over by the Police for having no Rego or WOF... $400 ...thank. you. very. much... then they got a flat battery and had to push start the car... Mike hit his teeth while doing that and had broken one of his front I've told him to get to a dentist and claim on ACC.... hopefully that is all that goes bad for THEM today! Poor guys... but really have no sympathy re: the Rego and Warrant... they knew it should have been done.

I'm off to have my lunch now...

End of Day: quite a normal afternoon/evening... the weather is getting quite wild out there.. we are in for a very wet and stormy weekend! nite nite.


  1. Do love the picture.... the heading is a huge though lol..... and have a happy weekend :-)

  2. hey Chris love seeing and hearing about your dogggies so cute
    love the new header big as it is cuts you off the side
    as for black friday-my grandfather was very superstious would NEVER travel on a friday watever me I am going to timaru today no worries friday tuesday 3rd 13th watever hehehe have a great family weekend read wat u been up to when I return

  3. Oh my god, Teddy looks fantastic. Coco is a cutie too, she's adorable actually. I can't blame her for being mad about the e-collar. How has Friday the 13th been going so far? It's still Thursday here, so I might need a heads up. To bad you don't live here..i could use a yard sale buddy. Talk to ya soon..xoxo

  4. Where's the photo of you and baby? I thought it was very nice one and looked good up there on your header.

    Otherwise it's just right and shows some of the detail in the picture.

  5. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Love it :O)

    Michelle x

  6. Loving the new header! Love the new picture too, I don't blame you for wanting it on you blog... xxx

  7. Beautiful header! I had to read further down to see that it's actually a new painting in your home. Absolutely gorgeous!

    Poor Coco and her ear. I hope it gets better soon. I'm glad to see Teddy doing much better after his neck wound from the previous groomers. Looks like the new groomer(s) did a nice job!

  8. Chris, I LOVE your new header! It ROCKS!!!

    Aw, Coco is such a cutie...but I know what you mean about the chewing. Noah was really bad to do that, too, and we had to resort to putting him in a crate when we were away. But he's four now and seems to have outgrown the "eating furniture" stage! Thank Goodness! And yes, Teddy is looking very dapper!



  9. as above I too love the header the detail in the picture as a close up is very cool. Friday the 13th has been alright here too WHO knows what FRIDAY the night 13th will bring though!

  10. Just starting my Friday keeping my fingers crossed. Hope you have a great weekend.

  11. My little shit is going to get locked up outside pretty soon here!


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