Sunday, August 15, 2010


Sssshhhh... Stew is sleeping in this morning.

The kids, dogs and I are confined to the Family Room so he can't hear us, and wake up. He needs the sleep, poor bugger is knackered from work stress.

I would rather be making some cards... but that would mean leaving the kids and dogs alone... and they have NO IDEA how to be quiet.

There is a high probability that we will be staying home today... there is nowhere better than home on a shitty day like today!

So... I might just fluff around the house, get some housework done, read some blogs.... then make more cards! I can almost see the finish line with the Big Whitianga Order! Yaaaa.

ABOVE: first card of the day... and it's a funky one. I wanted to do something different... so what do ya think?

ABOVE: let me bore you shitless... here's the 2nd one of the day. *sigh*

Dull, overcast, windy afternoon... and Stew has taken the kids to a park in Botany. I thought about going, then said "Nah"... I'd rather stay home and make cards. Boring Tart I am.

While they were out... did I enjoy the peace and quiet? Nope, I vacumed then washed all the floors. *pfffffft*... one less thing for me to do tomorrow I suppose?

At least HE is making dinner tonight!

End of Day: and I spent the entire evening on me butt watching telly with Stew! No card making. First time in weeks I've done that. Off to bed now.. nite nite.


  1. You have done great getting the cards done for that big order. Way to go.
    Good luck on keeping things quiet for stew.

  2. I'm glad your card business is going so well!

    Have fund with all of the quiet kids!

  3. Poor Stew. I hope he gets caught up on his sleep and you're able to get the cards done. :)

  4. Cute card! I love love love it. Hope you have a good day despite the crap Auckland weather

  5. Oh girlfriend, you do make me laugh! Hope Stew gets all the rest he needs. My hubby has a stressful job, too, and likes to sleep in on the weekend!

    Those cards are awesome, like always. You do make the best cards!



  6. Lovely cards very funky indeed, PERHAPS on weekends like this A COMPLETE PJ day with picnic inside (oh yeah dogs would LOVE THAT) and a slob day for all to recharge their batteries.

  7. Why do you ask about your cards girl. They are always awesome. YOu are very talented. Can't imagine you ever making a card that's not got the oomph!!!

  8. The cards are nice and bright fro a drab day. They look great.
    Happy weekend, jj

  9. You're cards are good. They will be proud to have them at Mosaic.

    I'm a sad case. I've just added another Blog to my reader.

  10. I LOVE rainy days at home on the weekend, especially when I get a nana nap on both days ... lol

    Great cards you talented girl you! Put your creativity to use and invent a mop that cleans the floor by itself ... lol ... if only it were possible!

  11. Greetings from Austria. We are traveling and just left Munich and are now in Going, Austria. No time to write, but time to visit my favorite blogs. Your cards are really something. Good for you keeping up with that big order. The weather here has been sunny, rainy and cool.... it's 7:30 am and I'm up looking at the overcast sky. Lucky they have indoor tennis courts. Lucky Stew got to sleep in...maybe I'll climb back into bed.

  12. It was a rainy humid day here! More torrential rains this morning.


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