Tuesday, August 24, 2010


ABOVE: this is the Zebra block I did last night.... I don't really like it... but maybe it will look alright mixed up with the other blocks on the quilt. The nostrils and eyes are paper.... as I don't have any black fabric... will be getting some today!

I am going out today... want to post some booties to a girl in Aussy (*waves*, Hi Christy!) She is having her second wee son soon! And get said black fabric, maybe some more fat quarters to make more of the Baby Quilt blocks... Not sure what else...

OH and I have decided... NO MORE CARBS. I did really well doing that... so I'm going back to it. It was really easy to follow... very simple plan. NO bread, No pasta, No rice, NO starchy veges, NO cakes or biscuits. I HAVE TO DO THIS... or I will have to buy ANOTHER new wardrobe of clothes.. in XL! My jeans are almost cutting me in half... Not a good look or feeling.

ONWARD...Yaaa... I got the fabric for three more blocks. While at the shop (where I go for the Patchwork Classes) I got talking with one of the tutors about the Baby Quilt... and she has made if before and said it was MURDER to quilt as it was so thick in places... and my idea to turn each block into a wall picture was great... so am almost 100% convinced that's what I will do now.

Also went to Spotlight for some more double sided tape and came out with all sorts of shit... SOoooo should not go in there!

ABOVE: The new fabrics for three more blocks. I actually got enough for 4 blocks, one block I am doing twice in different fabrics... cos I can.

After lunch I went mad (Yes, shoot me now)... and took all my fabric out of the linen cupboard in the hallway and put it on the old TV Cabinet now in my sewing room. I can now see at one glance just what I have in my 'stash'. I don't have much eh? But one day I hope to have masses more!

So.. now I'm going to sit down and sew buttons onto ribbon for cards. Kids just got home too... and I really must remember to get the chook in the oven too!

End of Day: roast chicken for dinner... with veges... and gravy... so yum! Cut out a lion block too... hope to have it ready for sewing by the morning. Stew has gone to do a small grocery shop tonight... I was supposed to but have a bloody horrid headache... had it for three days! Eye strain I reckon. nite nite.


  1. I tried skipping carbs once when I tried the Atkins diet. It was a complete nightmare and it gave me an awful headache after two days. Never again :)

  2. I love the zebra block its very kitch and zany YOU have no black fabric in ALL your hordings of fabric? WOW, oh well shopping it is ANOTHER sunny day here BUT cold AND POLLEN season has hit us full force!!!!

  3. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Hey Chris

    Whatever works for you and makes you feel better within yourself.
    I know some people who do no or minimal carbs and they are fine


  4. I keep saying I'm going to try no carbs, but so far it has been much more saying than doing. I know how well you have said it has worked for you, so that in encouraging.

  5. *waving* !!

    Hi Chris, can't wait to get the booties, so kind of you!

  6. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Do you have the Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Program in NZ? It involves shakes and protein, no carbs. I lost 25 Kg in 4 months. It is very easy and simple to follow, but unfortunately I love my carbs too much and put it back on! You have to stay on a low carb maintenance plan eventually, to keep it off. I am thinking of going back on it to lose weight for a tropical holiday next year, then learn to try and behave myself with carbs! WOMBAT

  7. If it is any consolation I am in the same boat, have contemplated this for a few weeks. Take care and hugs to my mate Teddy (and of course Coco). MARTINE

  8. Good luck with the no carbs. At least you are not giving up!! I found some low carb bars at the supermarket in the Health section and wondered if they could be an idea for a treat or quick meal replacement from time to time.

  9. Anonymous12:34 PM

    The little Zebra is cute. Can't wait to see the finished product. The Adkins diet after 2 months had my blood work all screwed up and my doctor was furious. I became dizzy, nausious, and had chest pains. He told me to get off of it immediately and that's when I had to start on Blood pressure medicine. Just go on a 1500 cal. diet like me. I've lost 17 pounds since July 6 th. You have to watch carbos but you can have them. It's the portions that count too...debbie

  10. I love carbs so much I don't think I can do without them. I am in the same boat! I have 3 pairs of pants to wear (that fit) and there are 5 days in a work week!! I have to do something soon. All these clothes in my closet that don't fit:(

  11. I would die without carbs. I have to eat noodles or rice every day. It's a Chinese thing. We have Spotlight in Singapore. Very expensive store. I only go during the 20% storewide sale. The store assistants are one of the surliest folks I've ever seen.

  12. Anonymous2:32 PM

    I wish I could stick to no carbs... even LOW carbs.. Just seem to have no willpower lately. Story of my life...

    Damn Spotlight and they're enticing stuff... I have to ban myself from going in there. Do you go to the supa centre one? Oooh I might go after work - just up the road you see.. DANGEROUS!!!

    Oh well.. back to work for me... sitting on my arse at my desk but don't have a rash!! Haaa!! Sorry... must need a coffee.. starting to go a bit stoopid.

    Have a goodie...

    Kate (kittie444)

  13. Chris that's a really small stash. I think you'd better go back to Spotlight tomorrow. *giggle*

    I'm not being firm with myself.

    Low Carbs is easy-peasy if you only can stick with the decision.

    Catch up next week. Maybe we can check up on each other and swap meal ideas.

    See you.

  14. I've got to get back off my butt with the food thing too Chris. I ate WAY to much in Las Vegas this past weekend.

    I sure wished you lived closer, I could sure use some inspiration with how well you have everything organized! I am envious! (Again!)

    You Rock. Simple as that.

  15. Hi Mate, I'm back after my hiatus.

    Thanks for dropping by and checking in on me, it gave me the kick in the butt to post again.

    I'm sure the Zebra will look ok once everything is done.

  16. hey am on day two of no carbs, it's the only thing that really works for me, i eat whatever i want on Sunday but til then it's protein and vege!!!

    btw i really love the zebra, so cute!!!

  17. Your stash is so organized! Great job! I must agree that the zebra isn't my favorite . . . at first glance it sort of looks like a pig. Weird.

  18. You know yourself when you go from dark to bright light it takes your eyes a bit to adjust? It might scare her a bit also suddenly being thrown into the spotlight so to speak. I had that trouble with Scarlett for a while a few years back. Because she has wonky knees and getting out the dog door was a bit of a production and it wasn't until she was OUT that the light turned on. So, we put one of those yellow insect repellant globes in outside the backdoor and left it on all night. It is just a soft yellow light and not glary.....so she went from dark to constant light she was used to outside to pee etc. It seemed to work. I put a little plug-in night light in the passage way that lit up her path to the dog door a little bit....then she could see to get out and outside didn't " change and light up suddenly" when she got out....since then we have always put a yellow globe at the back door and just switch it on as we go to bed...and Scarlett goes out no problems during the night. Hope this helps :) Or......send her to Tasmania!!

  19. Awww I think the zebra is cute!

    Did I tell you I used to work in a fabric store? I used to have SO MUCH fabric lol.


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